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Kanda paced around nervously, debating whether to open the room door and apologize, or just run away again. He began to have an inner battle as he placed his hand on the door knob: what if Allen never wanted to see him again? The raven haired man did say some horrible things, but what if the silver haired teen actually would forgive him? Then everything would be ok, right?

Kanda turned the knob slightly, but did not open the door. 'Come on! You're a man, aren't you?' he thought, while mentally slapping himself. The man finally resolved himself to actually walking in, facing his fears, and talking to Allen. Nervously, he opened the door, only to find that Allen had fallen asleep on the bed with his two little companions. Kanda slowly, and quietly, approached the sleeping teen and sat at the edge of the bed. He sighed to himself in relief, since he didn't have to face his crush just yet, but he will have to eventually. Kanda looked over at the teen, he looked so peaceful, and beautiful while he evenly breathed in and out, but then Kanda noticed his read eyes and cursed himself for causing the little one so much grief. He began running his hand through Allen's silver hair, then moved to caress his cheek. His skin was so soft. The raven haired man was surprised when Allen began to whisper something.

"Kanda..." he whispered, while bringing his own hand to cover Kanda's. The Japanese man blinked at the action. He had done such horrible things to him and he still thought about him. The raven haired man gritted his teeth. He couldn't just sit and watch Allen like this, he had to do something, but at the same time didn't want to wake the slumbering teen. He really needed the sleep. Kanda sighed in frustration as he got up off the bed, lifted the two small Allens, and placed then at the foot of the bed gently so he wouldn't wake them up. He then proceeded to crawl into Allen's bed and wrapped his arms around the silver haired teen. "This is so embarrassing" he murmured to himself, but as the teen snuggled into him he had different thoughts. "I guess it's not so bad" with that he fell asleep.


Allen moaned as he slowly came to his senses. He didn't open his eyes because he still felt awfully tiered although... his body felt strangely relaxed. The teen shifted a little, he felt something heavy on his side. 'What is this?' he thought, as he slowly opened his curious eyes. Allen twitched then blushed at the sigh in front of him. Kanda was in his bed, sleeping peacefully with his strong arms around him. The teen looked down to see his own hands on Kanda's chest and he blushed slightly. He quickly glanced up to make sure his crush was still asleep. Allen slowly lifted one of his hands to place it on Kanda's face. He looked so much more attractive when he doesn't have a scowling face. The silver haired teen used his other hand to pinch himself and make sure it wasn't a dream. He felt pain on his arm and noticed that Kanda was still there on his bed with his arms wrapped around him.

"Hmm..." Kanda grunted, shifting slightly. Allen gasped and closed his eyes pretending to be asleep, so maybe Kanda might stay with him a little longer.

The raven haired man slowly opened his eyes and looked at the clock; 7:30 pm. He growled and glanced down at Allen. "Still asleep, huh?" he whispered and sighed as he pulled the teen closer.

It took all of Allen's self-control to stay 'asleep', but his face was probably beet red and his heart was racing ten miles an hour, so he wouldn't be able to keep up the charade for long. He resigned himself in taking a risk and waking up. Allen groaned, stretched, and slowly opened his eyes. He blinked, pretending to be surprised. "Kanda?" he asked.

"Umm..." Kanda looked away with a scowling face, but Allen could've sworn there was a slight color on the man's cheeks. "Good...morning." the man forced out, trying to be nice.

The silver haired teen cocked his head to side, confused. Why was Kanda being so nice? Was he hit with a Komui experiment? Was he sick? "Are you ok?" Allen asked, reaching out to touch the Japanese man's forehead to check his temperature.

Kanda twitched at the touch but stayed still, trying to be as calm and nice as possible... Which only seemed to make him more irritable. "I'm fine" the man glanced down at Allen. There was that look again, full of worry, and concern he did not deserve, but now was no time to get into a self-loathing phase again. Slowly, Kanda leaned down and pressed his lips into Allen's. The small teen froze. What the hell just happened? Allen frowned though, when his crush pulled away. That was too short for the teen's taste.

"It was true..." Kanda whispered through gritted teeth.

Allen cocked his head to the side. "What's true Kanda? Are you sure you're ok? You're not making any sense..."

The Japanese man growled in frustration and pulled the teen in again for another kiss, but this time it was a forceful more passionate one that left Allen breathless.

"It's true that I like you, you idiot!" Kanda yelled, pulling Allen close to his chest. He couldn't get the words out if the silver haired teen was staring at him with wondering eyes. "I'm sorry I said those things, ok? I just didn't want you to settle with an asshole like me!"

Allen blinked. He couldn't believe his ears. Kanda apologizing AND calling himself and asshole all in one breath? The teen tried not to, but couldn't hold it in any longer and cracked up laughing. "Wow Kanda, just wow..." Kanda growled, signaling that he was slightly offended by Allen's laughing. "I'm sorry." the silver haired teen apologized between laughs. "It's just... I never thought this would happen, you know, you insulting yourself and telling me...that... You feel the same..."

The Japanese man was about to comment when a slight noise came from the foot of the bed. "Ngh..." the small devil and angel yawned and stretched. "I feel kinda exhausted..." the angel said.

"I... Kinda feel that way too..." the devil agreed, then he rubbed his eyes and looked up at Allen and Kanda laying on the bed together. "ohhhhh... That's why... I feel tiered."

Allen removed Kanda's arms from around him and sat up to talk to the small copies. "Are you guys ok?" he asked with concern in his voice.

The two began to glow slightly in a golden light, and started to fade. "Yeah... We're ok..." the angel said with a smile. "We just have to... Go back to you now... Because now you and Kanda are resolved and can be together... I hope you can be happy."

"Yeah, don't you hurt him anymore Bakanda." The small devil added to his twin's speech. "We'll know!" they began to fade faster.

"I'll miss you two, but I know you'll always be with me." The sliver haired teen replied, placing his hand over his heart. "you'll always be on my shoulders to guide me through things." he joked.

The two laughed and nodded in agreement before disappearing and transforming into orbs if light, flowing back into Allen's heart and merging back together with him. "It's going to be so quiet now." Allen laughed.

"That's a good thing in my mind." Kanda commented while getting up from the bed and stretching. He hated those two little monsters and that would never change... Ever.

Allen rolled his eyes. That's Kanda being Kanda. Suddenly the teen's stomach growled, he could never stop being hungry. He guessed that's just going to be part of him forever- Allen, the black hole.

Kanda sighed at the growling stomach. "Let's go." he commanded, while starting toward the door when something stopped him by grabbing his hand. The man glanced back noticing it was Allen's small hand, holding his own. "What?" Kanda asked, trying not to sound like a jerk.

The silver haired teen glanced up at Kanda, the their clasped hands, blushing, then looked down a the floor, realizing what he had just done. "Ummm... I was... Just... Ummm..." Even though Allen was hungry, he wanted to stay with Kanda. He was scared that the moment they left the room, the man would return back to his stay-the-hell-away-from-me attitude that was so typical, but the teen could say that out loud. He was terrified.

Kanda lifted an eyebrow at Allen's weird behavior, wondering what was bugging him. "What?" the Japanese man asked more forceful this time. The teen flinched slightly at his sudden slight anger, causing Kanda to feel guilty. The man looked away from Allen. "Look, I don't know what's bothering you, but after some food, I'm sure you'll feel better!" Kanda forced out, trying to reassure his crus-... Lover...

The teen tried to tilt his head and see Kanda's face, but failed. He was glad that he wasn't getting yelled at for holding his hand. Allen nodded and murmured a small yes, while giving a light smile. Kanda glanced back just in time to catch the smile, causing him to blush and growl at himself while he began walking toward the cafeteria. Although he was being a little quite and standoffish, he never released his... Lover's... hand. It felt weird to use that word to describe Allen, but it also felt right, and gave Kanda a warm feeling that had disappeared a long time ago.

The two rounded the corner toward the cafeteria when suddenly the saw it was completely decorated. "SURPRISE!" was yelled as everyone in the black order- and I do mean everyone- came out of hiding while smiles and laughter. The cafeteria had streamers cascading down, with balloons floating here and there, and Allen almost drooled when he noticed the endless amount of food and dango's place on the tables, but that's not exactly what caught the couple's real attention. It was actually the banner hanging about the party. "Congratulations of becoming a couple!"

Allen laughed but stopped when he looked over at Kanda. The man's face was red, but not from embarrassment, oh no, pure anger was radiating off of him. "Lavi... Lenalee..." he hissed through gritted teeth.

The mischief causing team were at the centre of the room, smiling and waving at them. "Yeah! You guys worked it out!" Lavi yelled, while Lenalee giggled.

Suddenly Kanda let go of Allen's hand to go and chase Lavi. "I'm going to kill you two!" he was angry at both Lavi and Lenalee, but he valued his job and his life so he stayed away from the girl, and instead settled with the red head.

The whole room began to laugh at the display, along with Allen. The people in the room went back to having their normal conversations and munching on the food on the tables. Allen rolled his eyes at Kanda and Lavi still going at it as he walked up to Lenalee. "So, who's idea was it really to do this?" he looked at her with a suspicious smile.

"Oh, you're so perceptive, Allen. My decorating style is better than Lavi's" she said giving a proud smile in return. "Do you like it?"

Allen shook his head and laughed. "well, it's nice, but I don't think Kanda feels the same way." he said signaling at the two running through the halls.

Lenalee sighed. "What am I gonna do with those two, they are ruining the party with their playing. I really wish they would come and enjoy the party!" she pouted. Then she glanced down at her silver haired friend and smirked. "I have an idea!" she said confidently. "Hey, Allen?"

The teen blinked and looked at her. "What?" She gave him and innocent smile as she leaned down to whisper in his ear. The teen's face went from curious, to wide eyed and red. Allen backed away from her to look at her in the eye. "D-do... You-u-u re-eally thi-ink tha-at will wo-ork?" he stuttered in embarrassment.

Lenalee giggled. "I'm sure that will get Kanda to stop so the two of them can enjoy this festivity!"

"O-ok..." the teen agreed, he really didn't want to do it, but if she said it was going to work... Then... He guessed it would be ok...

The girl signaled for Lavi to start running toward the two of them so that he could get Kanda closer. "Get Back here!" they heard Kanda shout as he ran toward them after Lavi. The raven haired man was about to catch Lavi, who was right next to Lenalee, when Allen grabbed one of his arms and whirled him around to face his lover. When Kanda's face was visible to the teen, he reached up and planted a kiss on his lips. The Japanese man's face turned a slight red, eyes wide in shock, Allen's face on the other hand was beet red.

The whole room cheered at the scene, whistling and sending their approvals of the couple. Komui was making most of the noise. "Look at that! So adorable, right Reever?"

The spiky haired man rolled his eyes. "Yeah sure, you're just happy Kanda will be too focused on other things to be pissed at you..."

The man laughed gaily, and went back to cheering, knowing full well Reever was correct.

Allen released Kanda, and looked down at the floor, to embarrassed-and slightly scared- to look at his reaction. The cheering stopped quickly, the crowed wondered what the raven haired man was going to do.

"Moyashi..." was all the teen heard. It was a low growl that caused Allen to wince slightly. The teens eyes suddenly shot open as his wrist was grabbed, quite forcefully, and he was dragged away from the party.

"Kanda?" The teen asked curiously. Had he done something so horrible that he needed to be brought away so that no one would hear him scream as Kanda mutilated him?

The man glanced back at his lover, noticing the worried, yet completely adorable, face he was making. Kanda couldn't take it anymore and shoved Allen into the nearest room, not caring if it belong to anyone, and if it did, he didn't care who it belong to. He just knew he wanted Allen. Now.


Lenalee and Lavi watched in awe as Kanda forcefully dragged Allen away. Lavi glanced over at the girl. "Ummm... Do you think he's ok?"

Lenalee lifted an eyebrow. "I wonder..." she said, mostly to herself. "Hey come on! Let's go see!" she began walking and signaled for the red head to follow her, who complied.

They weren't quite sure where the couple had gone, but they had a hunch. They walked in the direction of Kanda's room, figuring that's where they went, when they heard a certain silver haired teen's voice coming from another room.

"I'm sorry I did that Kanda, but I-mpfft." Was all the two heard before they walked over and leaned up against the door to hear better. They could really make out much of the sounds coming from inside, but it became clear what was happening when they heard a moan. "Kandaaaa..." come from Allen's mouth. The two stepped back away from the door.

"Well, that worked out nicely?" Lavi said, laughing a little.

"Yeah, I'm glad they're... Ahem... Happy." She smiled. "The order is going to be a lot more fun now."

"True that!" Lavi agreed, when he suddenly realized something. "Wait a minute... That's my room!"

It was definitely going to be more fun, now.

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