My first fill on the Hetalia Kink Meme. It's an AU where Arthur is a seriously ill teenager with Francis as his over-protective big brother. Arthur of course stumbles upon Alfred and thing go from there.

I really love this idea and I greatly respect the person who thought it up, mainly because I had so much fun researching diseases for Arthur to have. So let the fun begin...because now I have thirty stories.

I don't own anything...except for the minds of my readers....XD

He knew he didn't like hearing the words, "you're going to be fine." He bit his lip when ever someone dare open their mouths and let those words spill out. Still he didn't blame them, Arthur was always so small and fragile, it was almost nature for the words to form in the mouths of people when something happened. Their father worked endlessly, he always wanted the best for them, even if it was just making sure Arthur would pull through another day.

Francis had lived with their father three years more than Arthur. He remembered Arthur's mother, a short little brunette woman with large eyebrows and hard green eyes. He saw her before she ran back to her car in a hurry. He was visiting his friend, Antonio's, house, when the Spanish boy had pointed out the strange woman. That was the first and only sight of Arthur's mother Francis had seen, he didn't forget, she was always present in Arthur's face.

Of course, their father was single, still suffering from Francis's mother's death just a year after he was born. His father was going to raise him to be a better man then he had been, give him a life kids would dream about. The arrival of Arthur threw a spike in everything.

Financially, they would have lived a happy comfortable life if Arthur had been blessed with a perfect body. He wasn't however, and things seemed to pile on top of each other. Arthur financially drained them, but he wasn't to blame, it's not like Arthur had asked to be imperfect. Or at least that's what Francis told himself when times got rough.

He loved his half-brother, he really did, and he worked hard to cover the dwindling money. It had been decided that Francis's pay would cover the living charges, shelter, food, electricity, water, things of that nature. Their father's pay would cover the remainder of what the insurance company agreed to pay…it wasn't much. At least they agreed to covering all the diabetes treatments and asthma.

Their family was fine though, Francis wouldn't ask for anyone different, because he did love Arthur. Arthur was stubborn and harsh, not afraid to test his limits. Arthur wasn't afraid of his diseases; he wanted to prove that he was strong, that he could be normal and go through life. He never could though, and Francis had seen thousands of dreams crushed.

Francis sighed, looking at his younger half-brother. He had been pulled out of school before the hospital had called, after Arthur had called them and just not talked. His heart was acting up again, but it was Arthur's fault this time. He had been frustrated at something, and punched a wall, no doubt destroying his right hand, but he felt the pain in his chest no doubt. The EMTs said he was smart for calling, a heart attack topped by and asthma attack.

Arthur was currently asleep on the hospital bed, every part of his systems were being watched. His soft breath had become something of a relaxing sound, and the even beep seemed to become a measure of time. Francis was waiting for their father to bargain an early leave home, of course by now everyone had heard the excuse of the sick and fragile son. Heard of, but never really seen him.

Francis sighed, his eyes inspecting the right hand; it was wrapped in a cast, but no doubt laid out and perfect. His fingers touched it gently, before trailing up Arthur's pale arm, hopping to get some reaction from the younger. Nothing moved or changed, and Francis sighed again, wishing his half-brother would at least wake up and be somewhat responsive. Francis pressed hard just above his elbow.

"What are you doing?" A British voice asked him, and he turned to see the green eyes fixed on the pressure of Francis's hand.

"Ah…nothing." Francis said with his French accent voice. Arthur intently watched Francis's hand on his elbow. "Do you feel anything?"

"Hardly," the English accent answered, leaving Francis to sigh…it was more pressure than last time. Francis withdrew his hand from Arthur elbows, smiling at his half-brother. "Where's dad?"

Francis didn't answer, the answer to the question was just known, and there was no accented "oh" to the silence. Arthur was the only one who spoke with a British accent in the whole family, everyone else was heavily French. Their father had sent Arthur to the best speech therapist he could get, meaning the only one who was willing to help a sick boy. The only one had been in England, and Arthur liked them, he wrote to them when he could. Yet it seemed as though he was an Englishman at heart. Yes, Arthur Kirkland, was a Brit at heart…and he was only Arthur Kirkland, because that what his birth certificate said.

"What happened?" Francis asked.

The answer just pissed him off.

Nye, sounds good, no. Well I think it does, and sorry for the lame title, but I kinda find it fitting. Don't worry everyone will find out what Arthur has eventually. I made them half-brothers so Arthur could be his British self...but he is part French...he's the Matthew!!!! Poor Artie being abandoned by his mother...but I don't want to many OCs to deal with.

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