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Walks to Atsilusgi Danaliska become a daily thing for Arthur; somehow he had talked Francis into letting him do it. Of course Arthur had to call someone before he left if no one was home, if it was rainy he couldn't go at all, and if someone was home, they were to accompany him. Arthur could careless about the rules that had been set, he was just happy to get out and do something everyday.

Alfred seemed to greet him everyday, smiling at him once he caught sight of the sandy blonde hair. Alfred was usually tending to something outside. For the first two days of the routine, Alfred was greeting him from atop the ladder. Arthur had held something of a conversation with the American from the base of the ladder. After that however, Alfred was usually restocking the front or picking all the old wrinkly flowers from the bin, sometimes he was just sweeping the front.

The brunette woman always seemed happy to see Arthur when he stopped by. She always smiled sweetly at him, and sometimes the two would pick up conversation when she assigned Alfred to do something. Ironically she was Alfred's aunt, the two did look related, the childish features, and the blue eyes.

Arthur never really bought flowers from the shop, all he really did was visit for the most part, but no one really seemed to mind. Of course before Arthur would part, which was usually after an hour or so of merely chatting about with the two, Alfred would also give him a small parting flower. They were always wet and cool in Arthur's hands, an opposite of the warm smile Alfred usually gave him when he left.

The flowers usually ended up in a vase at the condo, another thing Arthur had picked up. He usually tented to the vase and its residence daily. It wasn't long before their father had bought Arthur a potted plant, much to the dismay of Francis. Or course, Francis had let the whole thing go, after seeing Arthur carefully tending to the duties he had at home.

"Hey, Arthur, are you doing anything this Saturday?" Alfred asked after two weeks of the daily visits to the shop.

Arthur blinked, he had announced his leave, and Alfred hadn't come darting to his side with a fresh cut flower. "Not that I can recall." Arthur stated with question.

"Great! 'Cause I was wondering if you wanted to the music fest on Saturday." Alfred said excitedly.

"Francis would never agree to something like that." Arthur informed him loosely, knowing very well Francis would drag him back home if he snuck out.

"No, I already asked him." Alfred beamed, causing Arthur's green eyes to blink in wonder. "He said it was fine, as set like a bill-zillion rules for me to follow." Alfred said as his smile grew bigger.

"You're not going to follow them are you?" Arthur asked, looking Alfred right in the eye.

"No—I mean yes—of course, why wouldn't…" Alfred trailed of as Arthur kept raising an eyebrow with every answer Alfred gave. "Okay, fine I was only going to go with some of them."

"I'll go." Arthur said, with a small smile in his voice. If Alfred wasn't going to follow all of Francis's rules, then it was worth going somewhere with him.

"Great, how about we meet here." Alfred said smiling.

It seemed like weeks had pasted before Saturday came rolling around. Francis had off that day, and Arthur was sure, his half-brother had done just about everything to get it, of course Gilbert and Antonio had crashed their place to "waste it away." Arthur was happy with the fact that they managed to talk Francis out of the endless checklist Francis had in his head.

"Francis, he's old enough to take the world on by himself." Gilbert had said before ducking back in the fridge, "Where's the beer?"

"You're underage." Antonio sounded with a smile.

"Not in Germany." Gilbert declared, as he opened a bottle, waltzing away from Antonio's attempts to stop him. Arthur knew it was all a game, they did this just about every time they came over, that or bothered him.

"Have a bloody fantastic time while I'm gone." Arthur called over his shoulder as he left for the door, hearing the curses of German, Spanish, and French as the three older boys 'argued' over the drinking age.

Arthur rolled his eyes and closed the door behind him. His eyes set on the stairs, his walks had been helping, or he hoped, but seeing as he could go farther down them without having to stop for breath. The doctors where rather thrilled with the sudden improvement of Arthur's physic, Arthur in reality could careless what the doctors thought.

Eventually Arthur came within sight of the flower shop, to find Alfred was sitting on the curb, or at least he thought it was Alfred. Arthur had only seen Alfred in his usual flower shop attire, the slick black pants, or sometimes roughed-up looking jeans, the usual white shirt and the large black apron he wore, with the grey gloves sticking out of some random pockets. The person on the curb had nothing of the sort.

They had a black shirt, the sleeves ending at their elbow, there were worn jeans, ripped and baggy, they seemed. To the side of the person was a large brown leathery lump of something. Their hair however was the same disorganized hair Alfred owned, and as Arthur neared, and the cloudless skies turned to him. Then a large blinding smile plagued the man's face and they got up, towering him over him. So they were Alfred.

Arthur blinked at him, causing Alfred to admit a soft sort of laugh. "What did you think I was going to in my work outfit or something?" Alfred chuckled.

"What do you take me for, an idiot?" Arthur said crossly, folding his arms and looking at the closed flower shop. "Git."

"Should we get going?" Alfred asked; as he reached down to pick up the leathery lump. Arthur gave a weak nod before Alfred led the way to the fest.

Upon nearing the music fest, Arthur found himself in the crowds of the city they lived in, all flocking to the center of all the sound in the area. Arthur reached for a hold on Alfred's jacket, not wanting to get lost in the large crowd of people, many of whom hadn't seen him before. There was really only one person who knew him. They were a nurse, and was happy to see Arthur out and enjoying life.

Alfred had sent him an encouraging smile when they left the nurse to their family. He walked Arthur past venues and food stands, leading him to the grassy hill. Though Arthur couldn't see exactly every detail of the stage below them, Arthur knew there was a stage with a band.

"Here we go." Alfred said suddenly before plopping down on the ground. Arthur started at him, this was really as far as they were going to go. He sat down anyway on the grass, a couple of feet from Alfred who was grinning like an idiot. "What do ya think?"

"I think we just got here." Arthur hissed sourly.

"Okay, sorry, chill." Alfred chuckled out, before suddenly tipping back into the grass with a content sigh.

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I will say one thing though, it's extremely hard to write Arthur when he's really helpless. In most stories he has a chance at actually really kicking someone ass, but he really can't here. At least he's sour and stubborn...that can easily be caused by the doctors and stuff. I have a feeling though that I'll eventually have Alfred be like a Hawk with Arthur and watching everything he does, and him and Francis kinda but heads in the process. I'm not sure though, I'm not done writing it.

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