A/N: Okie, just came back from seeing Alice in Wonderland. Wonderful movie, but it instantly made me want to write something about Alice and the Mad Hatter. Couldn't you feel the romantic tension between those two?!

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She had just left the balcony to get the rest she needed after the eventful day. After all, who could blame her? She had gone through so much for these past few days, and more was still to come. Alice needed her rest while she could still get it. However, there was one that wished that she hadn't left just yet.

Staring blankly at the forest beyond the balcony, the Mad Hatter tossed a small pebble in the palm of his hand. From behind, he seemed perfectly placid. Well, as placid as a Mad Hatter could be, that is. However, if one simply glanced at his face, they would see how his bright green eyes had now turned a furious orange. Thoughts raced through his mind as the pebble was thrown higher and higher only to land back in his hand. Many things were puzzling him lately, and not just the similarities between a raven and a writing desk. No, these questions were far more confusing.

What sort of madness caused a person's heart to start beating faster by simply looking at another person? What made his words dry up in his throat whenever Alice gave him that smile? Why did it hurt so much when she had called him a dream? The questions were growing more and more puzzling by the second.

A stormy expression clouding his face, he suddenly threw the stone with all the strength he had. He must be madder than he thought to feel such things. He was well aware of what these emotions were called, but there was the more than likely chance that she wouldn't return these feelings. After all, she didn't come from Underland. She probably had parents, friends… a husband. Someone who already occupied that space in her heart. Again that strange pang came, stabbing his heart.

In the end, he knew that he would sacrifice his life for her if the battle with the Jabberwocky turned ill. It would be the least he could do in return for her attempt to rescue him.

A slight snuffle escaped him as he turned around, exiting the balcony. No one would notice how he wiped his eyes quickly, or how they seemed to be a little red-rimmed. After all, there was a battle to prepare for.

Sparing the balcony one last glance, he let his heart give one last wrench before walking toward his room.