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"'That is very true,' replied Elizabeth, 'and I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.'" ~ Jane Austen

Chapter Four: Mortified Pride

"Ah, heh…hi?" Lizzie laughed nervously, "Ok look, I swear I didn't know it was you!" she cried. Lizzie scrambled as far back as her bed would allow, and then some. Plopping onto the floor, she looked at Will with wide, slightly frightened eyes. He was furious. Even now, Lizzie couldn't help but think that he looked so handsome.

"You," he growled. Lizzie had never seen anybody so angry. "You little…"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she cried. Charlie looked blankly between Lizzie and Will. Then he burst out laughing.

"You're the girl? Oh, this is too-!" He caught the glower that Will shot him, and quickly snapped his mouth shut.

"Yes, she's the girl," he started shouting, "I can't believe I ever-" he cut himself off again. Lizzie untangled herself from her sheets, and stalked up to Will.

"You ever what?" she challenged. "C'mon, tell me!" Unnoticed by both Will and Lizzie, Charlie backed out of her room, shut the door, and crept down the stairs.

"It's none of your business!" Will cried. He took a large step so that their faces were only a couple of inches apart. Lizzie vaguely noticed that he used contractions of words now, instead of saying 'it is'.

"Oh, I certainly think it is my business!" she countered. Green eyes snapping in anger and slight amusement met blue eyes filled with anger, hurt, and…something else. What was it? Lizzie stood up on her tiptoes so she could meet his eyes, but even with that extra added height, she only came up to his nose.

Suddenly, Will grabbed Lizzie's face and brought it closer to his. "I really don't think it is," he hissed. Then he kissed her.

Elizabeth woke up with a gasp. Oh, thank goodness, it was only a bad dream, she thought, placing a hand over her heart. Lizzie glanced around the room for her clock, and her eyes landed on her bedside table. There were the books that Charlie brought, sitting where she told him to put them. Lizzie thought back to the previous day's events. Let's see… sick: belch, Charlie: nice, Will: …I'll get back to him later, books: aww; sweet, fight: ugh. Kiss: Mmm, Lizzie sighed in pleasure. Then her eyes snapped open; she was now completely awake. Wait, kiss? What kiss? Oh, fudge balls.

So it was true. Then Lizzie dived into a mental rant.

He kissed me! I can't believe he kissed me! The nerve… This went on for quite awhile. After about five minutes she reflected on the kiss itself.

After he had kissed her, Lizzie – as much as she was ashamed to admit it – melted. Why did she want more? Why did she think that he was holding her too tight, but not tight enough? Lizzie ran her fingers through her messy hair, and tried to get the memories out of her head. This is so confusing, she groaned. Lizzie decided to call Char. Never mind that it was close to one in the morning. She'd be up partying anyways, most likely.

In a place not far away from where Lizzie was trying to struggle through what had happened, a young man was also struggling.

"What the blazes were you thinking?"

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