"Okay, the 634th Annual Meeting of the Legends will now commence. First off is roll-call. Articuno?"



"Hi! I'm Articuno!"

"That's great. Zapdos?"

"Yo wussup?"

"Talk like that again and I will find a way to make a mountain fly at you. Moltres?"


"Yes, you're here. Mew?"


"Hey! Why did you exclude me?!"

"Because you shouldn't exist. In fact..." VOIP! "Next up, Entei?"

"I do believe I am present. Would you care for some tea and crumpits?"

"No. Suicune?"




"Okay. Ho-oh?"

"Squaaak! Ho-oh want a cracker! Squaaaaaak!'

"Eventually. Lugia?"

"Lugia says here."

"Yes you did. Celebi?"

"I've been here for ages! Do you really need to-"

"Regirock, Ice, and Steel?"

"Don't interrupt me!"

"Shut up. Regi Trio, you here?"




"Okay then. Eon twins?"

"We're here!"

"Latias, please be quiet."

"Whoops. Sorry."





"Well that answers my next two. Jira-Oh, wait. Right, he's in that hibernation thing. Or something. Deoxys?"


"That's nice. Spirit trio?"


"Here, as always!"

"No, I'm off at a strip joint."

"Any more smark-alek remarks? I could let you join Mewtwo in wherever I sent him."

"I'm good."



"I didn't call your name yet, Dialga."

"I saw the future.."

"...O...kay then. Palkia?"


"Stop yelling."








"Stop that. It's creepy."

"Aw, you never let me have any fun."

"For good reason. Cresselia?"

"Present, my lady."



"Someone give him a bottle. He's drooling again. Darkrai?"


"I'll take that as a 'here.' Shaymin?"



"Over here!"

"Dammit, why are you so small?!"

"That's what she said!"

"Ah, I see that you're in your Sky Forme today. And last but not least: Heatran." Arceus put down the paper and looked around the hall. "...Heatran?" She turned to the dragon trio. "Dia, Pal, Gira, where's Heatran?"

The three of them gave eachother a hesitant glance before shrugging. "I dunno." Giratina answered for the group.



"Hello again, Pyromaniacs Anonymous! Today we have a new member! Could you please step up on stage and introduce yourself?"

Heatran did as he was told. "Hello, my name is Heatran, and I'm a Pyromaniac."

"Hello, Heatran..."

Now every one of the legendaries has a little bit of personality. Yaaayyy. AND LOOK AT ALL THAT DIOLOUGE.

Thanks for reading!