This Is Not the End

As Todd stirred back into the land of the living, the first thing he noticed was a slight throbbing in his head. "Are you all right?" Xi's voice drifted into his ears.

Todd sat up groggily. "What happened?" He asked. "Last thing I remember was Darkshadow attacking us and…ALTHEA!"

"Right beside you," Xi said, pointing to her sound asleep on the next bed. "She's fine."

Todd sat up and made his way to her bed. He sat on the edge and gently stroked her cheek. She stirred slightly. "Hmmm," She groaned. "Come on let me sleep for five more minutes." She opened her eyes slightly. "Oh it's you."

"Yeah it's me," Todd smiled. "You okay?"

"I will be as soon as that guy in my head stops playing the bongos," Althea groaned as she sat up. "What happened? The last thing I remember was Darkshadow attacking us. Something happened then we blacked out."

"I dunno," Todd sighed. "Xi what happened to Darkshadow?"

"I did," Xi said. "He won't lie to anyone ever again."

"Good," Althea nodded. "Let me guess, the Joes found us just in time right?"

"You got it," Lifeline came in. "How are you two feeling?"

"Like we went sumo wrestling with Godzilla and we lost," Althea sighed. "Otherwise, peachy keen."

"Here," Lifeline placed his hand on their foreheads one at a time and used his abilities to soothe them. "Better?"

"Much," Althea nodded. "Thanks Lifeline, we really needed that."

"Xi before I forget Stormshadow wants you to get some things from the dojo before you leave," Lifeline said. "He said you'd know what they were."

"Leave?" Todd looked at Xi.

"Where are you going?" Althea asked.

"I'm going with Stormshadow to Japan for about six weeks," Xi told them. "He has to try and put the clan's affairs in order. He wants me to help."

"That's great Xi," Althea said. "We'll miss you a lot."

"Yeah," Todd said. "Hey who's gonna be teaching us martial arts stuff while Stormshadow's away?"

"The Blind Master will stay and do that," Xi told them.

"Geeze I forgot all about him!" Todd slapped his head.

"Well Darkshadow did keep you both occupied," Xi said. "He's fine."

"I'm glad," Todd sighed with relief. "If anything happened to him…"

"Will you stop that!" Althea snapped. "I keep telling you it wasn't your fault! Will you listen to me already!"

"She's right," Xi said. "Even I know how powerful those control headbands are. It took us years to learn the secrets of overriding them. I'll teach you them when I return. I trust you two will stay out of Cobra's clutches until then?"

"Well I don't know about Todd here but I can manage," Althea smiled.

"Hey!" Todd glared.

"I'll go tell your folks you're up." Lifeline said and left.

"We're really gonna miss you Xi," Althea said.

"Yeah you sure make life interesting around here," Todd said.

"I could say the same for the two of you. Don't worry, I will be back soon," Xi got up and started to leave, then stopped and looked at them. "I didn't realize how much you two have meant to me until I thought I lost both of you." Xi admitted.

"Hey we're like family yo," Todd said.

Xi smiled lovingly. "Until we meet again," Xi said, gently kissing both Althea's and Todd's cheek. They looked at him with startled expressions as Xi left.

"Uh, did Xi just do what I think 'he' did?" Althea asked.

"Something tells me our relationship with Xi just got a lot weirder," Todd grumbled.

"Not that our relationship was in any way normal to begin with," Althea said.

"Yeah you are kinda weird," Todd smirked.

"WHAT?" Althea snapped and started whacking him with the pillow. "You take that back!"

"Hey Althea calm down!" Todd tried to shield himself from the blows. "I was just kiddin' yo!"

"Oh really? How about this for a laugh funny boy!" She whacked him with the pillow.

"Hey I don't have to take this abuse!" Todd grabbed a pillow of his own and started to fight back. "En guarde!" However it didn't take Todd long to realize that Althea was a master at pillow fighting.

"Come back here you coward!" Althea shouted chasing him down the hall with the pillow raised above her head. Feathers were flying everywhere. They nearly knocked down Roadblock, Lifeline, Stormshadow and Shipwreck as they ran outside.

"I guess they don't remember anything," Shipwreck noted as they casually followed them.

Roadblock watched the two chasing each other. "I hope we did the right thing."

"They're not ready yet," Stormshadow told him.

"They're not the only ones," Roadblock grumbled. "You know what this means Shipwreck? You and I are going to be stuck together training them."

"Aw come on," Shipwreck smirked. "It won't be so bad. After all we're going to be in-laws someday."

"Don't say that," Roadblock groaned. "Please. You don't know that!"

"Of course it's going to happen," Shipwreck said. "The stone accepted Althea, and they have a connection now so naturally…"

"Naturally once again the universe conspires to drive Roadblock crazy," Stormshadow shook his head.

"Just when I was starting to get used to the Toad," Roadblock sighed. "A whole lot of new craziness crashes my abode!"

"Did I mention that I'm going to be in Japan for a while?" Stormshadow said.

"Thanks a lot," Roadblock groaned.

"Oh come on Roadblock," Lifeline said. "It won't be that bad. You two won't be alone on this. You have General Hawk, me, Bree…heck the entire GI Joe team will help you two raise those kids!"

They watched the two mutants running around. "Come back here and fight like a man!" Althea screamed as she tossed the pillow at Todd. It missed him and hit Beach Head right in the face.

"Can't catch me!" Todd blew a raspberry and hopped over several Joes' heads. They in turn were knocked down by an angry and oblivious Althea.

"The entire GI Joe team you say?" Shipwreck blanched as the two mutant teenagers wreaked havoc all over the base, sending several Joes scurrying away for their lives.

"That's not gonna be enough," Roadblock groaned.

Even as Todd was being chased by Althea he couldn't help but laugh. He knew for the first time in a long while something wonderful had happened to him.

Todd had come home.

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