Title: Logan's Day

Summary: What happened during Logan's day? Kogan (Big Time Break)

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(Logan POV)

The only thing comfortable about this is all the stares and the dress. Your probably wondering what I mean by stares. From guys. Yup. I like those stares. I don't know why I do, but I do. Everything else about being a girl was damn right uncomfortable; the wig, the pantyhose, the shoes. All of it. And then I had to worry about my makeup being smudged or my dress being crooked. I hated this. But it was all for Phoebe Nachee. I hope it is worth it. I was heading toward the door to get to that got-to-go place, when Kendall stopped me. I was hoping he would slap some sense into me and make me stop the charade, but he didn't. He asked the one question I thought would never come from Kendall directed to me.

"You wanna go make out?" he asked, raising one of his bushy eyebrows at me. Katie was waiting in the wings, staring at Kendall like he was crazy. Oh yeah. She knew that it was me under this girl costume. She probably thought Kendall was kamikaze or something. Well, he probably WASN'T in his right mind at the moment. Then again, he would be in his left mind.

"Uhhhhhh," I said in my own voice. Then I realized two things; 1. I should be talking higher. 2. This opportunity is a once in a life time thing. Go for it, the inner girl Logan voiced. Shut up, I fought back, but say it one more time and I'll cave in. Go for it. "Sure, why not?" I replied, and Kendall's face light up. If only he knew it was me. He pulled the pair of us into the bushes that framed the Palm Woods lobby. Then he spun around and kissed my glossed lips. WOW. I was not expecting the pleasurable feel of having my best friends lips pressed to my own. I slapped the logical idea, to pull away, out of my mind and kissed back. Not many guys can say this about another guy, but Kendall was a really good kisser. I mean REALLY good. Our lips worked together in a seemingly synchronized way, and I couldn't get enough of Kendall's taste.

(Kendall POV)

As soon as I saw those scrawny hips under my mother's dress, I knew it was Logan. Who else has that shade of eye color, or those close to perfect lips? Nobody but Logan Mitchell. When I saw him, though, any living thought of Jo flew out the door. But every thought of Logan went down my pants, if you're picking up what I'm putting down. I walked up to Logan and said what I hoped was somewhat seductively,

"You wanna go make out?" raising an infamous eyebrow at him, I questioned. He seemed to be having an internal battle with himself, debating whether or not he should take this very gay opportunity. He glanced back at Katie, and then stared at me point blank. Logan answered with a nervous, 'sure why not', and I grabbed his hand and kidnapped him to a nook in the bushes. I slammed my mouth onto Logan's, and I couldn't comprehend the amazing sensation I got from that one kiss. It was as perfect as I could've hoped, not that I hoped to kiss Logan. I mean, I'm straight, right? That's why I spent my entire day with Jo? Now I'm more confused than when I'm trying to talk to Carlos, which is VERY confusing. Anyway, as Logan started to kiss back, I ran my tongue along his lower lip, enjoying the taste of my mom's lip gloss coated onto Logan's mouth. It was sensational. Logan opened his mouth slightly, and I pushed my tongue into his mouth, snaking around everywhere I could reach. All I thought about was how flawless this felt and the sweet taste resonating from my partners lips.

(Logan POV)

OH MY GOD. Kendall's tongue is in my mouth; his tongue is in my flipping mouth! I thought kissing Phoebe Nachee would be a dream come true, but I was mistaking Phoebe for Kendall. But he still thought I was a girl. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this while I can. Kendall cupping my face, his other around my waist, he slowly tangled one hand into my wig. I gripped Kendall's shoulders, hoping that if I held onto him, I would also be able to hold onto this indescribable feeling. Kendall smiled. Huh? Maybe he's just enjoying this as much as I am. Or so I thought. Being the ninja he is, Kendall slid the wig off my head and combed his fingers through my hair. Shit. My eyes fluttered open, Kendall pulled away, and I got busted Big Time. So much for him thinking I was a girl. Kendall smirked, handed over my wig, placed one last kiss on my mouth, and walked back to Katie.

(Jo POV)

"Because FRANKLY, I don't like dating girls….who lie."

"Well, I don't like dating guys who catch me in my lies and make me hire idiot actors who can't remember their names!" man, I wish that pause didn't appear between girls and who lie. It really makes me question his level of queerness. I wonder what he did while he was waiting for me and "Trixie"? Eh, couldn't have done much harm, whatever it was.

"Well then, I guess we're done here!"

"I guess we are!" I hope he comes back like I will… we both walked away, and then came back.

"So, do you wanna go to the movies sometime?"

"Yeah, I'd like that." Score. Ha-ha.

(Logan POV)

"I don't think I completely get the whole… teenage dating thing." Katie stated, hoping someone would agree.

"Neither do I, baby sister."

I don't either, I thought, pulling my head back from around the corner, sliding down the wall until my butt hit the ground. Who does?

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