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Logan wanted these thoughts out of his head. The thought of wrecking someone's night for his own personal gain was cruel. Kendall had a date. With a girl. On the same day he and Kendall had made out in the bushes of the Palm Woods. Yes, Logan did just say make out in the bushes and with Kendall. Logan had thought there was something there, something…indescribable. A spark, some people would say, but this was better. More…magical? No matter how hard Logan tried, he couldn't get the taste of his best friend out of his head, and he was on an emotional high. Until he remembered why Kendall wasn't at his side, lying sweet kisses along his jaw line. That person was on a date with Jo. All of a sudden, Logan didn't get the attraction to Jo anymore. Long ago Logan had given up on try to simply use the mind numbing technique that Carlos had used to keep entertained. He was currently listening to Super Massive Black Hole, by the band Muse, when he heard the door creek open.

(Kendall POV)

Never, and I don't use the word never lightly; EVER go on a date with Jo. You would do better off singing in the highest pitch you could reach for 5 hours straight, which I have done. First off, I guess she's sooo attractive that every boy in the restaurant has to ogle over her every movement. Second, you know how when you're eating cheesy foods and the melted cheese is hanging from your mouth? Well that happens to Jo, a LOT. And she doesn't do that cute giggle thing most girls do. No, she goes cross eyed and stares like that until she can find out what's hanging from her pie hole. And you will get sick and tired of it after the fiftieth time. And last, about every 4 minutes she would yawn and it would make a double chin appear. Well that happens to most people, but with Jo it's just extremely obvious. I decided to bail, faking out by saying my mom had called while she was in the bathroom and Katie got really sick. Hehehe.

As I crept into mine and Logan's room, I felt my heart hurt a little. I had tried to convince myself that what I felt for Logan while we were kissing was a figment of my imagination and strictly illegal. But the intense pleasure from earlier couldn't stop coming back into my head; it was like Carlos when he was bored. I sighed in relief as I saw Logan asleep, listening to his iPod. I snuck in, trying to be ninja, but apparently that wasn't working. Logan opened one eye, and sighed glumly when he saw it was me. He closed the eye again and rolled over so that he was facing the wall. I slipped out of my shoes and then slipped onto Logan's bed. My hand wrapped around his waist, his eyes bugging out of his head, it all made the moment very…special. I took one of his head phones and slid it into place on my own ear to find him listening to Super Massive Black Hole, my favorite song. I slowly started singing along,

"…glaciers melting in the dead of night, and superstars sucked into the super massive, glaciers melting in the dead of night and the superstars sucked into the super massive. I thought I was a fool for no one, but oh baby, I'm a fool for you…" I stopped singing when I realized the truth in these words. I flipped Logan over so that he was facing me, and re-said the last few words of the verse. Because I was a fool for Logan.

(Logan POV)

As he sang to me, I realized that he wasn't only singing along to the song, but also singing the truth to me. He flipped me over so I was staring directly into his green eyes. Kendall gently leaned down and kissed me. I could tell there was passion in the kiss he didn't want to reveal at first, but it was more than evident it was there. I kissed back with everything I had, showing him I didn't need to be handled easily. He got the picture and went to France with it (French kissing). The feel of Kendall's tongue messaging my own was almost too much to handle. I moaned out, and I guess Kendall found that hilarious, because he pulled back a little, teasing me. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back down to me, making sure he caught that I was suddenly wearing skinny jeans. He ground his waist into mine, and I was starting to get the feeling he was liking this in a way friends shouldn't be. Kendall was being ninja again; he snaked his hand up and under my shirt, his cold hand brushing my nipple. I shivered at the sudden touch, and he smirked and twisted. I squirmed underneath him, relishing in the feeling. Sliding his other hand under my shirt, he quickly removed the garment and moved his lips to my chest and throat. Everywhere he could reach, Kendall left little hickies or bite marks, marking his territory. Oh god. This was way to much compared to what we had been doing earlier in the bushes.

(Kendall POV)

The sheer intensity of all this was so…delicious. It made me want Logan even more than I had earlier. And that was pretty much a lot. My mouth roaming his chest, twined with my hands, him letting out little cries of my name every few seconds…impeccable. Astounding. New. Unbelievable. Aladdin thought he was in a "whole new world", but the title of that movie should've been Kendall, with a romance between the movies namesake and Logan. I felt so…gay, in both definitions. My mind went numb as I felt his crotch, rock hard, grind against mine. A voice was heard somewhere in the back of my mind, but it was nothing to pay pardon to; after all who needs distractions, girls, anything when you've got this feeling pounding in your chest.

"Kendall! Stop for a second, ok?" Logan asked, with a tinge of pleading in his voice. I immediately felt guilty for making his voice have that tone. I pulled back until the only contact we had was me straddling his hips, and peered down apologetically into his eyes.

"It's ok," he reassured me, "I was thinking, do we really want to be doing this right now? Who knows when and if one of the guys or your mom or Katie will come barging through that door, wondering what all the bouncing or gasping is?" Logan looked honestly worried, and that stupid brain of his was turning on again. But he did have a good point. And with the way things were speeding up, a broken bed in the morning wouldn't have surprised me.

"Yeah, you're right, dude. But we will continue this later." I smirked; happy I could make sure I would get this joy again. He nodded with fervor, and I leaned down until our foreheads were touching. One more time I kissed him with all the passion I could muster, and quickly withdrew before it could get any further than a good night kiss. Logan pouted, making that adorable face of his wield the weapon of mass destruction; the dreaded puppy dogs stare. I playfully denied him and he pouted even more, and the temptation was too much to not cave in. I turned it into a wet, sloppy kiss that Logan pulled away from. The rest of the night continued like this until Logan was passed out in my arms. I sighed.

And too think this all started with cross-dressing.

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