Return to Wonderland

Author: Drakelah

Rating: T-M: For Violence, Sexuality

Summary: Alice has a daughter, from where, she doesn't quite know, but it seems that a return to Wonderland is clearly in the cards.


It had been a trying experience for Alice, indeed it was a trying experience for all women who had to go through it. But as she held the tiny creature, she wondered if it was more mentally exhausting in her predicament. Certainly, no other woman had to wonder exactly where the baby in their arms had come from.

The infant looked up at her with a quizzical gaze. The look did not so much say, "Who are you?" but instead seemed to say, "You appear to be my mother yet you are not mothering me. If you are my mother, please commence with tradition or else give me to another mother."

So, with aching arms, she lifted the babe to her cheek, still flush red with her efforts, and nuzzled. The infant seemed to coo her recognition of the appropriateness of this action.

"Miss Kingsley?" Asked one of the British nurses.


"Are you still feeling well?"

"I feel very curious." There was a far-away look in her eyes.

"You're not well then?"

"Physically, I'm fine, but I'm afraid my mind is in tangles."

"How so, ma'am?"

"Isn't it obvious? My daughter has no father and I simply do not understand why."

"Has the father run off then?" The nurse was nearly conspiratorial in her tone.

"No, he just simply isn't," she paused, "He isn't!"

"He isn't?"

"No, he's not here or anywhere else!"

The nurse shook her head, wondering if she was experiencing some sort of post-delivery hysteria.

"Well, what would you like to name the baby?"

Alice looked down at her infant daughter and the look in the baby's eyes, "It's the strangest thing that I should have to think of something to call her just for now."

"Why just for now?"

"She hasn't told me her name yet."