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Ladies and Gentlemen, in compliance with the FAA and National Weather Service, all flights in or out of John F. Kennedy International Airport have been canceled. No flights will be departing or arriving until morning.

As the announcement started over again, this time translated in Spanish, I wanted to bash my head against the wall. They couldn't be seriously canceling every single flight. The storm wasn't even that bad. Scratch that last statement, I just peaked out the window and it's snowing like a mother fucker out there. I couldn't see across the tarmac let alone get a jet into the air. I trust my instruments, and the air traffic controllers, but this wasn't the type of weather anyone flew into willingly.

I had been flying since I was nineteen, when I enlisted in the Air Force. Once I completed my contracted four years, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was twenty-three years old and didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I contemplated reenlisting, but I didn't really want to head out to war. As I was flying home on a commercial flight to Shreveport, Louisiana, it hit me that I could fly for the rest of my life. That was twelve years ago, and I still woke up every morning loving my job. I loved nothing more than to be behind my control panel thirty-five thousand feet in the air.

The stewardesses, ugh excuse me, flight attendants, were a definite benefit. They loved a man in uniform, hell everyone loved a man in uniform, and I made this suit look good. Many of the new girls that stepped foot on my plane found their way into my cockpit, if you know what I'm saying. There was only one girl on my current crew that I hadn't slept with, one Miss Sookie Stackhouse. God, that girl was sex on a stick; long wavy blonde hair, light blue eyes, a sweet smile and an even sweeter laugh. She actually cared about the people she tended to on each flight.

Back in JFK, the snow was coming down even heavier, if that was possible. I looked over at my co-pilot, Alcide Herveaux, seeing that he had already passed out. I swear that man could sleep anywhere at a moment's notice. When I was enlisted, I was the same way, but civilian life had softened me. I needed a soft pillow and a warm blanket to fall asleep. A warm body next to me helped too. I took inventory of my flight attendants; Dawn was talking on the phone, Arlene was asleep leaning on Alcide and our one male steward, Claude, was watching a movie on his iPhone. That left the one person who could actually hold my interest; Sookie. But she was nowhere to be seen.

I asked Dawn if she had noticed where Sookie wandered off to, but she had no idea. She did give me an appreciative once over and I knew if I couldn't get what I wanted out of Sookie, I'd at least be getting some out of Dawn. I'd slept with her several times on long layovers; she wasn't half bad, a definite possibility to stay warm.

I wandered around the staff lounge for a while looking for my blonde bombshell but when I found her, my heart sank. She was sitting in the corner, away from everyone, crying her eyes out. I wasn't very good with crying women, but something drew me over to her position.

"Sookie, are you okay?"

"Oh, Captain Northman, I didn't see you standing there. Yes, I'm fine, well, I'll be fine in a minute. They say we're not leaving 'til morning. Is that right?"

"At least. Before he lost consciousness, Alcide pulled up some radar maps. Doesn't look like this storm system is going anywhere for a while."

And that just made her cry even harder. Shit! What the fuck was I supposed to do with a leaking stewardess? I wasn't good at this comfort thing; my sister had a stone wall exterior even stronger than mine. I opted for the half hug, half back rub routine. She decided to burrow into my chest after wrapping her arms around me. After a few minutes of sobbing, she slowed down a bit and tried to catch her breath. I wasn't going to lie, it felt amazing to have her in my arms finally and she smelled like vanilla and flowers.

"I'm sorry. It's just that today is my Gran's eightieth birthday and I've never missed one of her parties before. She'll be so disappointed that I won't be there. She told me not to fly out today because of the bad weather that was supposed to be coming in up here. Everything looked so nice back home in Bon Temps and I didn't think they'd ever shut down an entire airport!"

I pulled her back to my chest, just for an excuse to hold her a while longer. I kept running my hand over her back in soothing circles, whispering calming words in her ear. After another few minutes of that, she had stopped crying completely. I reached into my suit jacket, pulling out my handkerchief to give to her. She blew her nose loudly, and I gestured that she should keep it. I had no desire to keep her snot in my pocket.

"Hey, how about you and I go cash in those food vouchers for some dinner? Have you called your Gran yet to tell her you won't be coming home?"

That was obviously not the right thing to say as it started her tears all over again. She was back in my arms, soaking my shirt. I could literally feel the wetness on my skin, but strangely didn't care. I just wanted her to feel better. I pulled out my phone, holding it out to her.

"Would you like to use my phone? Hell, I'll even call her for you. Please just stop crying. I'll do anything to see you smile again."

Where the hell did that come from? I'm never that nice to girls, even if I want to sleep with them. I usually let my charm and innuendo get them into bed. She stopped crying slowly, taking the phone from me. With shaky hands, she dialed the number, holding it to her ear. She had a brief conversation with a person I could only assume was her grandmother. She started crying again towards the end, reaching out with her free hand to hold one of mine. I gave her a gentle squeeze, hoping that would give her some comfort. She said good bye and handed me my phone back. I stood up from the squatting position I had taken in front of her, pulling her up to a stand in front of me.

"Now, was she mad at you?"

"No, she understood. She said that there would no doubt be leftovers and we can have our own celebration whenever I get home. She just wants me to be safe."

"I thought that's what she would say. Now, you go wash your face and we'll go walk to the food concourse."

"Should we invite the rest of the crew? I bet they're hungry, too."

"Nah, they're either asleep or in their own little worlds. Come on, just you and me."

"I guess."

She went to the bathroom before we left, coming out looking far more put together than she had a few minutes ago. She had adjusted her scarf and smoothed out her hair; she looked absolutely beautiful. I was definitely going to sleep with her while we were stuck here. If I didn't, I would just permanently hand in my man card. Seriously, what kind of player can't score with a girl while trapped in an airport during a snowstorm?

We made our way to the terminal food court, browsing around the different restaurants to see which had the shortest line. As flight staff, they tended to put us to the front of the line but since nothing was going in or out, some places weren't being as generous. They'd rather serve customers that actually pay since we always ate for free. Finally we were able to get a table at one of the cafes.

We sat and ate for a while. I was impressed when I was able to get Sookie to laugh again. She had been so upset ever since we left the lounge that I had made it my mission to get that amazing giggle out of her once again. I told her some of my go-to stories when trying to get the girl. The embarrassing stories always get her laughing and get her guard down. Just when she's comfortable, I slip in the one where Alcide spilled coffee on my pants and I had to fly from Los Angeles to Dallas-Fort Worth in my underwear. That gets them thinking about me with no pants on, which leads to them thinking about me naked, which leads to thinking about us naked. I don't think I need to tell you where that leads.

As soon as I finished it, I could see the gears cranking in her mind. The look in her eyes changed and she was licking her lips often. Even her tone of voice dropped in tone, taking on a husky, sexy quality that went straight to my cock. I knew JFK well, this was not my first hold over on a snowy New York night. I knew that when everything shut down like this, the luggage handlers stopped working as well. That meant that there was a nice empty holding room just begging to house a midnight rendezvous. The minute I felt her leg rubbing against mine I knew I had Sookie Stackhouse hook, line and sinker.

"Is there anywhere in the terminal we could get some ice cream? I'm really craving some right now."

"Yeah, I think there's a place at the other side of the terminal, come on, let's go find out."

We wandered around for a little while until we found the ice cream shop. We both devoured our scoops when I noticed we were heading back towards the staff lounge. That wasn't where I wanted to go, I wanted to head towards the baggage claim. Sookie was completely ruining my game.

"Hey, did you know that the door on the staff bedroom locks?"

"There's a staff bedroom?"

"Not for our airline, but JetBlue has one. And I just happen to have a friend that works there who's stranded here too. Would you object to a quick roll in the hay?"

Sookie just propositioned me. I spent the past six months trying to get this girl to sleep with me. Little did I know all it took was a turkey sandwich and a double scoop of mint chocolate chip.

"You want to have sex? Sookie, I didn't think you were that type of girl."

"I'm not, but you're that type of guy. I know you slept with both Dawn and Arlene and that Claude would totally have sex with you if you were into guys. Dawn told me how amazing you are in bed and well, I haven't gotten any since my boyfriend broke up with me a month ago. I'm totally stressed out and could really use a good orgasm right now. So should I call my friend and ask him to sneak us in or do you just want to keep lusting after me on every single flight?"

I stood there for a minute processing everything she said. She turned down every one of my advances because she was in a relationship, interesting. Now that she was single, she was interested in a no strings attached romp. I'd be a moron to turn her down. Plus a bed would be far more comfortable than unclaimed luggage.

"Dial away, my dear."

She walked away a few steps to call her friend. She had a smile on her face at first, but it quickly turned into a frown. That didn't bode well to our comfortable sex, but sneaky sex was still in play, as long as she was up for it. She came back over to me, still looking unhappy.

"Laf says that the bedroom is packed with all the canceled flights. No chance of even getting five minutes alone. Not unless you don't mind an audience."

The look on my face must have given me away.

"Oh, ew, gross. I don't want to know about it. Know anywhere else we could sneak away to?"

"Well, there is this one place."

We made our way into the lost luggage room after sneaking around the handling area. Turns out, the employees didn't leave like they usually do since they were just as snowed in as the rest of us. It took a little hiding and ducking not to get caught. I grabbed a few blankets from a pile, which would come in very handy later.

Sookie was an amazing kisser. Maybe it was only because I had wanted her for so long, but her lips tasted sweet; I could still taste the mint ice cream on her tongue. We were in the back of the room, hidden by stacks of long forgotten belongings. We could hear people every now and then but it just made it sexier. I may have ripped off her top, which she was not thrilled about. We had to pay for our own uniforms and I definitely lost some buttons. I promised her that I would buy her a new shirt; in fact, I'd buy her a few shirts if it meant we could do this again.

The walls of unclaimed baggage are lined with metal shelving systems. There's one corner in the back where two meet at an awkward angle. That creates a little pocket that's completely hidden from view. The only thing is there's not enough room to lie down. That's only a real problem for a guy who doesn't have the stamina to fuck a girl against the wall.

I led Sookie to my secret corner which was blissfully empty. A few other pilots knew about the spot and I was happy no one else was taking advantage of it. It took a little contorting but Sookie and I were finally tucked safely away. I pressed her against the wall, pushing away the remnants of her shirt. My mouth attacked hers, setting a rough, demanding pace that she was more than able to keep up with. As my lips moved down to her neck, she started to moan. My pants, which were already too tight at this point, grew even tighter. I thought they would burst apart at the seams. Her moaning quickly replaced her laughter as my favorite sound.

"Oh God, Captain Northman, that feels so good."

I pulled back just for a minute with a huge smile on my face. I'd slept with enough stewardesses to know the standard mile high fantasy. "Sookie, do you even know my first name?"

"Of course, I introduce you on every flight. Your name is Eric."

"Good. It's much easier to scream than 'Captain Northman', so feel free to stick with that."

I slipped off my suit jacket and shirt, tossing them behind me. I slid her shirt off her shoulders, and the noise that came from my throat could only be described as a growl. Her lace bra left nothing to the imagination and I could see her nipples already pebbled tightly. I trailed my hand down her chest, just ghosting my fingertips over her smooth skin. Her tanned flesh broke out in to goosebumps and a shiver traveled through her. There was no question in my mind that she wanted this as much as I did.

I came back to her bra, noticing it was a front clasp. I didn't have as much experience with these but was able to get it open without too much of a struggle. I threw one of the blankets down on the floor, kneeling down on it. I pushed her skirt up her legs, letting it bunch around her hips. Reaching under the gathered material, I found her tiny underwear, a lace bikini cut that matched her bra perfectly. I stuffed them in my pocket for safe keeping.

Between her short stature and my tall frame, when I was on my knees, I was at a prime height to worship her perfect breasts. I'd seen a lot of tits in my day, but hers were a thing of beauty. Not too big, not too small, and the dusky pink nipples were just begging for my attention. I would never deny her and soon my lips found one while my fingers found the other. She gripped her fists in my hair, holding me to her chest. Little did she know I had no intention of going anywhere.

I moved my kisses down her stomach, bringing the zipper of her skirt down. I had originally intended to leave it on, but there was just too much material in my way. It pooled at her feet, and she quickly kicked it in the general direction of the rest of our clothes. I sat back on my heels to bring me even lower to the ground. Taking the hint, she spread her legs a little wider. She quickly slapped a hand over her mouth to prevent the scream from echoing through the room as my lips found her nub.

She was rolling her hips, grinding against my face as my tongue ran through her folds, alternating between teasing her clit and her entrance. She had a sweet taste that I would never forget, nor would I ever get tired of it. She was going on my list of repeats, a feat not every woman accomplished, and I hadn't even fucked her yet. I dared to look up at her face and nearly jizzed in my pants. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was sucking on her fingers in an effort to stay quiet. Never in my life had I wanted to be a woman's fingers more than this moment.

I brought a few fingers into the mix, thrusting into her slowly at first but picking up the pace when I knew she was close. I curled my fingertips against the most sensitive spot inside of her, and gently grazed my teeth against her nub. That was her undoing; she came with a squeak, bracing herself against my shoulders to avoid collapsing to the floor. I could see the strain in her face while trying to keep quiet, as well as feel it from her fingernails that were currently embedded in my flesh.

As her waves of pleasure started to wane, I stood up to try and find my suit jacket. I always kept a condom in the chest pocket; safety first was my motto. When I turned back around to face her, she was already on her knees, reaching for my belt buckle. I really liked the way this girl operated; I had no qualms about being the rebound guy. I wasn't going to ask for head but if she was offering, I wouldn't say no.

She pushed my pants and boxers down over my hips. It was so hard not to laugh at the sound of her gasp when she first saw how large I was. It was a common reaction from women I slept with who were all too used to average men. She recovered quickly and soon I was enveloped by the warmth of her mouth. I had to reach out to support myself against the wall; she felt too good, if that's even possible. I used my free hand to tangle in her golden curls, guiding her on how to best please me, not that she needed much help in that department.

When she started moaning and humming, I had to pull her off of me. I was too close to coming, and I hadn't even been inside of her yet. I helped her back to her feet, pressing her back against the wall to go back to our make out session. I needed a minute to cool down; I did not have the reputation of being a two pump chump and didn't want to start now. When I backed off to find my pants where I had stashed the condom, I noticed a worried look on her face.

"Did I do something wrong, Eric? I don't have that much experience with oral sex and I've been told I'm not that good at it."

My jaw could have hit the floor. Someone told his amazing woman that she couldn't give a good blow job? "Darling, you were amazing. If I didn't stop you when I did, we would have to wait for the main course. I'm not one to blow my load during the appetizer."

It took her a minute to comprehend my analogy, but when everything clicked, she started to blush. It flushed her cheeks and down her chest, turning her an adorable shade of pink. "So you liked what I was doing?"

I finally found the condom, and rolled it down my length. Her eyes watched my hands the entire time with a sly smile on her face. This was a sexual awakening for her and I was happy to show her the ropes.

"It was perfect. Whoever told you that you were no good deserves to be shot."

I kissed her again, wrapping her arms around my neck. I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I positioned myself at her entrance and she slowly eased her way down. When I was completely buried in her, we both moaned. She bit down on my shoulder to try and stop from getting louder. I pressed her back against the wall and began moving. I could tell it was a first for her in this position, but she picked up the motions quickly. She was rolling her hips in time to my thrusts. I could feel that she was close so I brought my hand between us, pressing my thumb against her clit. That was enough to send her over the edge again, and soon she was clenching tightly around me. I stopped moving, willing my body not to betray me by finishing so early. She opened her eyes, looking into mine, silently pleading with me at first until she found her words.

"Please, Eric, don't stop. You feel so good, please don't stop."

She kept repeating the line, rocking her hips to try and will me back into motion. I locked my eyes back to hers, holding her gaze as I gave in to her wishes. She kept eye contact with me, which is the sexiest thing in the world in my opinion. I was pounding into her, fucking her into the wall, praying she wouldn't ask me to slow down. I knew I was being a little rougher than usual, but there was something about her that drove me wild with lust. She wasn't complaining, in fact she was begging for more.

I knew she was close again, and I just couldn't hold out any longer. With a slight change in angle, she finally let out the scream she had been holding back for so long. I emptied myself into her, burying my face in her shoulder to muffle my own noises. I knew that her scream gave us away and didn't get as much time to recuperate as I wanted. I quickly pulled out, setting her down on the ground and told her to get dressed. It was only a matter of time until a TSA agent would come to investigate what was going on.

We had just set ourselves right and come out of the corner when a guard was heading our way. She looked panicked, but I told her to stay calm. I explained to him that we were just bored out of our minds, trying to find something to occupy ourselves with. When he asked about the scream, I laughed, telling him that I had jumped out from behind a stack of suitcases and scared her. She played along beautifully, hitting me in the arm, calling me a jerk. After he examined both of our credentials, he told us to leave the back room, since it was a restricted area. That was new; it must be part of the new tighter security measures. I'd have to spread the word to the other pilots that we needed to find a new spot for layover lays.

We headed back towards the lounge, when she suddenly stopped. The color drained from her face and I thought she might pass out.

"What's wrong?"

"I think I left my underwear back there. Oh crap, we're going to get caught!"

"They won't be able to identify you by your panties, Sookie. Plus, they're right here."

I pulled them from my pocket, dangling them from one finger. She quickly grabbed them away from me, stuffing them into the pocket of her skirt. She mumbled something derogatory about me and stormed off towards the lounge door. I laughed, following behind her. I entered the room just in time to see her heading towards the bathroom with her bag, probably in an attempt to clean up or tame her sex hair. I sat back down next to Alcide, noticing for a strange twist, that he was awake.

"Where did you wander off to? I wanted to know if you wanted to get something to eat."

"Already ate. You were too busy in dreamland to notice that I left. The food court is a mob scene with everyone getting delayed. Good luck getting something within the hour."

"Oh, I already went down there. Walked the entire length and didn't see you anywhere. Would that have something to do with why you smell like old leather and sex? You fucked someone in unclaimed baggage again, didn't you? I swear, you are the master of getting pussy during layovers."

"You're just jealous because you were a moron and got married."

"Shut up, I love Debbie. What was it this time; stewardess, airport employee, or stranded traveler?"

"Alc, you should know by now that I don't kiss and tell. She was superb, though."

"Fuck you, that's all I have to say. Changing the subject, latest weather reports say the storm should be out of here within a few hours. Airline says we'll be clear to take off by sunrise. So why don't you grab some sleep so I don't have to do your job?"

He handed me a pillow and I found an open spot on the floor. I'd rather have the smooth surface with the hard floor than feel the steel of the seats digging into my spine. I closed my eyes, and inhaled deeply, noticing how I could still smell Sookie's sweet scent on my skin. I drifted off to sleep as our performance replayed in my dreams.

"Captain Northman? Captain Northman? Jeez, Eric, would you wake up already?"

I peaked open my eyes to see Sookie's sweet smile beaming down at me. At least she stopped being pissed off about my attempted panty theft.

"It's just about six in the morning and the FAA just cleared the airport to reopen. Since we had an early departure time, we'll be one of the first ones out. We have to get to the gate now. Here, I brought you a cup of coffee."

My still groggy mind slowly filtered through what she said as I accepted the steaming cup she handed me. It was time to get this show on the road, and those happy travelers back to Dallas and Shreveport. Luckily I could fly my bird half asleep or hungover; both of which I've done in the past. I slipped my suit jacket, which I had been using as a blanket, back over my shoulders. I noticed a strange bulge in the front pocket and reached in to pull out a pair of lacy black panties.

I looked around the room to try to find where Sookie had disappeared to and found her walking away towards the gate, chatting away with Dawn, Arlene and Claude. That minx! I hoped beyond hope that meant this wasn't a one time deal. I was suddenly looking forward to getting grounded more often.

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