Return to Pegasus by KAT

NOTE: I don't own the characters. This is all for fun. Enjoy. Contains spoliers for season 5. Story starts to take place in July 2010.

Jennifer Keller wanted nothing more than to get at least two hours of good sleep. She couldn't recall the last time she had gotten a decent amount of sleep and knew once she returned to Atlantis that was going to difficult. A quiet snorefrom the sleeping form next to her caused Jennifer to laugh to laugh to herself. All that she could see from poking out from the covers was a tuft of brown hair. She reached over and ruffled her fiancé's hair. Jennifer heard him mumbl something, but it was too incoherent to make any sense of it.

Her fingers stopped over the tiny scar near the top of his right forehead. It was a constant reminder of how she let her feelings get the better of her, causing her to miss the parasite that almost robbed him of his life. A few months after that he returned the favor and saved her life at the fiasco at Kramer Innovations. The doctor leaned over and kissed the small scar and then pulled down the covers so she could rest her head on his shoulder. She still got still butterflies every time he seemed to unconsciously turn and wrap his arms around her. Jennifer turned her head to look up at the love of her life and she swore she saw the blue eyes peak open to look at her. "I see that, Rodney. Pretending to sleep, very slick." her voice soft but mixed with a slight laugh.

Rodney McKay opened his eyes fully. He was too excited to sleep. Atlantis was finally returning to the Pegasus Galaxy. It had taken a year and a half to fix the damage to the city and convince the IOA to let the city return to Pegasus. "Couldn't sleep." the man said sheepishly. McKay would never admit it, but he enjoyed when she played with his hair like that.

"I see that." she reached for his hand under the covers. "Next one is yours because I want to sleep."

"Yes, Jennifer," the physicist said with a teasing roll of his eyes.

"Don't you start with me." the tired woman poked him lightly in the chest. She knew Rodney was kidding and knew he would get up. It would be three months tomorrow that he gave her one of the greatest gifts she could ever ask for... actually it was two and their names were Elizabeth and Arthur.

It was almost on cue that the tiny cry was heard from the adjoining room. Whoever said twins should be kept on the same schedule obviously never had them. Arthur was as restless as his father and Elizabeth calm like her mother.

"And that would be our son. Sleep tight, " Rodney leaned over and softly kissed his partner's lips. She was the only who saw this side of him and it was usually only in privacy, but on occasion he showed it in public. Going back to Atlantis would be a new test as only a handful of the base personal knew about the twins.

Jennifer smiled as the older man left the room. As much as Sheppard made fun of Rodney about how scary it was that McKay was a father, Rodney was a great father to both infants and they even went so far as to make John the twin's godfather.

The father quickly made his way into the nursery to get his crying son before Elizabeth was woken up by the crying. "What's wrong? Hungry?" Rodney spoke to his son as he picked up his son. Just being in his father's arms seemed to quiet Arthur a little, but the infant was still whimpering. "Lets get you something to eat before you wake your sister who will then wake mommy and we will have two cranky girls on our hands. And nooooo we do not want that." he rocked the tiny boy as they walked into the living/kitchen area. The apartment was empty except for a few necessities as the majority of the contents had already been moved to their quarters in Atlantis. It took the better part of an hour to get Arthur fed and changed. Instead of heading back to the sparse nursery, the father and son fell asleep on the couch, knowing in about two hours mother and daughter would wake them up.