Fornell requests the help of Gibb & Co when his Probie goes missing. But the realization that McGee is involved makes them all targets.

Hey guys. I am by no means a good writer. I just do this for fun. But I actually do have a plan for this. In my head this is part 1 of a trilogy. But it depends how it goes!!

I own nothing… except for Grace :)

Enjoy x

It started off as a normal day.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs sat at his desk with his trusted cup of coffee at NCIS HQ on a beautiful Monday afternoon . Himself, Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David and Timothy McGee were quietly getting on with their paper work. It was obvious that they were all pining for a case to be called to. It was probably a sign of things getting better that they weren't being called out to somewhere. But it was bound to happen.

Then Gibb's phone rang.

"Yeah, Gibbs", he said without looking at the caller ID.

"Special Agent Gibbs, please come up to my office", NCIS Director Leon Vance ordered.

"On my way Director"

Gibbs, as per usual, let himself into Vance's office without knocking. He was surprised, but pleased, to see FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell sat at the table with the Director.

"Good to see you Jethro" Fornell said as he stood up to shake Gibbs' hand.

As they all sat down again at the table, Vance dove straight into the topic.

"Special Agent Fornell has been working a case which has lead to their suspect being a former Petty Officer in the Navy. He requested a joint operation to track him down".

Gibbs and Fornell have helped each other out so many times, it was extremely difficult to keep track of the "score". But Gibbs didn't need convincing.

"Sure. What's the case?"

"Grace Evans", Fornell started, as he laid a picture of her on the table in front of Gibbs. "My latest Probie. She didn't turn up for work this morning. This isn't like her Jethro. She's ambitious. A hard worker. After 15 minutes I knew something wasn't right. I sent a team to her apartment and they found it trashed to hell. Forensics found blood, a lot of it. But most of it wasn't hers. One sample belonged to a civilian, Daniel Griffiths" another picture was placed onto the table. "There was enough of his blood for him to need medical attention. All the hospitals in DC have been alerted to watch out for him. Another sample belongs to former Petty Officer Ian Simpson. We hoped you could help us track him down"

"I'll do more than that Tobias, I'll help you find her"

Fornell took a deep breath and fell silent for a moment. "I've had a lot of Probies over the years Jethro. She shows the most promise by a long shot. She reminds me a lot of McGee".

"We'll find her Tobias. Why don't you brief the team while I get some coffee? Lots of it!"

"Sounds good to me" Fornell smiled weakly.

As Gibbs made his way back to the Squadroom, 2 cups of coffee in tow, he noticed Fornell finishing up with the brief.

"Probie are you okay?" he heard Tony ask.

Gibbs turned to Tim. He stood staring at the screen with Grace's picture on it,. He looked as if he was going to tumble over any second.

"Tim?" Gibbs asked him softly. "What is it?"

A white-faced Tim slowly turned his head and made eye contact with his Boss.

"Boss… that's my girlfriend"