Dream Sequence

"As you know, the graduation exam happens three times a year." Iruka paused, "The requirements for graduation are to be eleven and know the three academy jutsu, OR you can take the graduation early, but you get an even harder test based on the knowledge of everything you know, and were taught." Iruka looked at the class with a smile visible on his face. "Is there anybody who thinks they can pass the genin exam before eleven?" He asked.

Only two people raised their hands.

"Naruto? Sakura? Are you guys sure? I mean you guys have only started a year ago." Iruka asked, clearly concerned about letting them participate, after all they're only eight.

To be a ninja at the age of eight, to be a killer that young is so...

"Yeah we're sure Iruka-sensei!" both exclaimed at the same time, their excitement getting the best of them. Thanks to their mom, Naruto was finally able to talk coherently, or as normal as a little boy can. As for Sakura, let's just say that too much Naruto is bad for your personality, you might get his attitude. Or habits. Thanks to him, she never became a fan-girl, sure she still has a crush on Sasuke, but she doesn't take it as far as to stalk him, or ask him for date every single day.

"Well a-aright, but if you guys fail there always next time." he said with a smile on his face.

He lead them to the training ground 23, the one only reserved for academy students, and as well for civilians. He turned around to face both his two students and said, "Before I begin to administer your test, I want to make sure that both of you are absolutely sure about this." Iruka said, adopting a serious expression.

"We're sure sensei!" both said enthusiasticly.

"Ok, here is want-."

"Sakura! Sakura! Wake up!"

"...get the shuriken and hit the-."

"Come on we're gonna be late for the mission!"

"Sakura? Are you alright? You're spacing out a lot. Sakura! Come on, wake up!"

Dream Sequence end

"Huh wa?" Sakura said, before yawning.

"We're gonna be late! Hurry your ass up!" she heard. She tried to see who it was that woke her up, but the only thing she could see was blurry.

"Naruto! Language!" she heard downstairs as she rubbed her eyes.

"Naruto?" she mumbled to herself.

"Sorry mom! And yes it's me Sakura." Naruto and irritated. "Now hurry up! We're going to be late. We have a mission, remember?"

"OK, just let me put my gear on, and brush my teeth, oh and next time you wake me up." she said sweetly. "You're DEAD!" her face suddenly turned demonic when she said it.

Gulping loudly Naruto nodded furiously, and scrambled out the room with his tail between his legs. "Good." she said, going through the closet.

She opened her closet, and got her anbu uniform. She picked up her mask, a tiger mask, and traced a finger through the mask remembering when she, and Naruto first joined.


"Are you serious!" a purple-haired woman, with a fishnet shirt, and an orange skirt, shouted.

"They're a bunch of kids, I bet they can't even wipe their own ass!" she said. "Is this the best we can offer now a days?"

"Now Anko, you know that they want to become anbu, you seen their match in the chunin exams, hell you told me that YOU were impressed, and that's saying something." the scar-trench coat wearing shinobi replied.

"I know what I said Ibiki!" she snapped at him. "I-i'm sorry, it's just that t-their kids for god sake!"

"I know that, but after the Kyuubi's attack-well you know we have been running low on members, and who knows they might survive." he said turning to look at the two children.

"Alright before you two go through this, both have to go through training." he said.

"Anko here will show you the ropes..."


"On what to do, and what you can do to survive."

"You first Sakura! Man you always do this! Stop spacing out! God you are so weird!"

Flashback End

"Sakura come on!" Naruto grabbed Sakura by the hand and dragged her through her room, to the living room, and out the door.

"NaRuTO! LET GO!" she slapped his hand away from hers. "Why the hell did you pull me I didn't even get to brush my teeth."

"Sorry, it's just that you were standing there looking at your mask for ten minutes. And plus we don't have time. Cat is waiting for us." Naruto said as he put his fox mask on.

Sigh, "Let's go then Naruto."

"Right." his childish expression gone.

Replaced with an emotionless killer, like a switch.

"Where are they? Bear. Report." she turned to her companion next to her, and said. "They better have a good reason.

A rustle in the wind brought her attention. A fury of leaves picked up and scattered everywhere, and the images of two people appeared in front of her. "Fox, Tiger where were you?" she asked.

"Sorry sir, we got-sidetracked." they both said, emotionless, anbu protocols requires no emotion to be seen, or felt inside, or outside missions no matter what.

"Good." she replied, the wind blowing on her long purple hair, making Naruto look at her as a woman, not as his superior.

Anbu protocols be damned.

"Let's go." all our members of 'squad X9' speed through the tree, making the leaves in the air fly higher.

"Mission? What is the mission sir?" Naruto asked through his fox mask, looking straight ahead for any enemy.

"Our mission is to protect the Daimyo of Water."

"Why?" Sakura asked

"He reported to be under treat. He said that they are going to attack five days from now." Cat said.

"Who are 'they' taicho?" Tiger asked emotionless, her pink hair blowing behind her.

Cat ignored her, choosing to remain silent.

"Who are we to expect on the mission taicho?" Bear asked in his deep, raspy voice, breaking the silence.

"B-to A-rank shinobi. If we encounter a S-rank then stick together. There is no way any of us can fight an S-rank." she replied.

"Hai." he said quietly as they speed up their four day journey to the land of water.

Don't worry Yugao-chan, I won't let anything hurt you.

"Sir, we have four leaf ninja approaching our wall. Orders sir." the samurai bowed low, showing his respect to his Daimyo.

"Leaf you say?" he inquired.

"Yes sir."

"Let them in. I hired them." the samurai snapped his head up to look at his Daimyo, betrayal etched on his face. "B-but sir, why hire ninja y-you know we can protect yo-."

"Enough Sānji!" he ordered with authority. "Don't question my motives again." he said quietly, but if you heard close enough, you'll hear the treat underneath the statement. "Understood?"

"Yes s-sir." Sānji gulped, fearful of his Daimyo all of a sudden. "Now go, leave my site at once."

As ordered, Sānji went to the guard outside the palace, and told him to allow the Leaf-nin passage into the palace. He went into the garden, and passed by Nada, Daimyo's daughter. He greeted her and continued down the path.

"Sā-nj-i." he heard the seductive whisper from the back of his ear. "Whats wrong?" he turned around to face the Daimyo's other daughter, Miyabi.

"What to do you want princess?" he asked in a polite tone. The princess gritted he teeth as she heard him say 'princess'. "Sānji why don't call me by my name? You know how I hate being called that." she ran he fingers through his chest.

"Pardon princess, but I have some business to attend to." Sānji gently pushed her out the way, and continued on ward to his destination.


The doors to the palace opened up. Allowing entrance to the anbu squad. Cat and bear walked in first, followed by Fox 'n' Tiger. Cat put her index and middle finger in the air and pointed straight at the walk through, indicating for Fox to take the lead. She pointed her two fingers to ceiling without looking, and Tiger nodded.

She turned to look at Bear, and nodded. They both walked in silence to the main room, or throne room as 'they' call it. 'What ever you do Bear, don't draw attention to us.' she whispered, without looking at him. He formed some hand signs that meant-'understood'.

They passed several maids and servants, but no guards. Which didn't go unnoticed by Cat. Weird? Why aren't there guards here? She thought as she went through the dinning room. Somethings up. And I don't like it. She narrowed her eyes behind her mask, and formed some hand-signs that said, 'Tiger stay there. There's something going on with the guards. If you feel any K.I. Being emitted then follow, do not engage unless necessary.'

Tiger, whose is on the ceiling, nodded and formed her own hand-signs, 'Hai. Taicho.'

As Cat, Bear, and Fox entered the throne room, a samurai suddenly appeared. I didn't even detect him! Cat thought surprised, but she quickly narrowed her eyes. Something is up with him. She looked at him, like an eagle does to it's prey. He's not an ordinary samurai. "Right this way Leaf-nin." Maybe he isn't a samurai. Either way he is a suspicious character to look out for. "Daimyo-sama is through this door." the samurai turned to face the three anbu there. "Remember to show respect, when in his presence." he said, anger visible in his lime-green eyes.

"No need to tell us samurai-san." Bear said in his raspy, rough, emotionless voice that sent a chill through the samurai's spine.

My name is Sānji, and it's good that you 'Leaf-nin' remember how to act." Sānji said. He turned his back on them, and walked out of there sight. Sānji? Sounds familiar, but whe-. "Oh! I see you're all here! Come! Come!" the Daimyo's loud voice broke her out of her thoughts.

All three members of 'squad X9' dropped down to one knee, and bowed low showing there respect. "Daimyo-sama we are here, as ordered, to protect you from the incoming attack." Cat said, lifting her head up, if only slightly.

"Ohhoho! No need to bow! Stand up! Show some pride!" the Daimyo roared with deep laughter.

All three members snapped they're head ups in surprise. They expected him to act arrogant, greedy, and obsessed with power. But he's different he seems so, cheerful, excited even. Somethings going on Cat thought as she looked at the Daimyo with narrowed eyes. He seems cheerful, excited even. He knows there is going to be an attack made on his life, but he doesn't seem worried. The Daimyo got up from his chair, and walked up to Fox. Somethings up.

"You must be Fox, right?" Fox nodded his head. "I heard many good things about you." the Daimyo turned his head to look at the remaining two. "And about your whole squad." he turned, and walked back to his seat.

"I heard that it was your squad was the one who helped stop the rebellion over in Snow Country." he paused. "Well Spring Country now, and also rescued Oni Kazahana(A/N; Yukie's dad, don't know real name) from death."

They remained silent.

"Don't talk much do ya'." Daimyo mussed to himself for a short while before Cat spoke up.

"Daimyo-sama, I am 'squad X9' commanding officer, Cat. And I would like to know when, why, and who would attack."

The Daimyo suddenly got a serious expression on his face and said, "My name is Yoshikawa, but my friends call me Yoshi. And for you questions. Today at 6pm, because I opposed the Mizukage, and he probably trying to shut me up, and lastly I just told you. The Mizukage." he said with disgust.

"I see." Cat murmured to herself. "If that's the case then we might need back up, the Mizu-."

"Don't worry about it." Yoshikawa reverted back to his aloof personality. "I have my samurai here for support.

Cat stared at Yoshikawa intently, trying to figure out what kind of person he is. After all, I don't think the samurai are here to help us.

On the river bank, a meeting between four men was being held. One of the men had a look of superiority, the second one had a look of pride, undeniably pride. The third however, had a pure gentle look, while the last had one of pure malice, hatred, and scorn plastered on his face.

The one with the superiority complex had a very bushy mustache, combed slick back hair. His deep onyx eyes, that held such arrogance, combined with his rough angular face made him look, intimidating in a way. He wore a standard mist jonin-vest combined with a pair of Kikai-pants that held five to six pouches. He had a standard mace strapped to his back, and a single kunai across the mace, making it appear as a cross.

The one with pride written in his face was a simple man. Deep-dark-blue-eyes, light brown hair that reached his shoulders. A slightly skinny face, but a tiny trace of fat in his cheeks. He wore regal clothes that screamed expensive. He held two standard katana's strapped in his waist. One katana tied in his left hip, and the other in his right.

Handsome is not even a word that can describe the third. No arrogance, no malice, no spite, nothing. Nothing can be found in his face to make his appeal seem unappealing. His pure, gentle features' just makes him more, exotic. His tan brown skin combined with his shinning gray eyes, that can make any woman weak in the knees. His short black hair that barley reached his ears. But if you look real clearly in his eyes, you'll see insanity. He wore simple clothes. A pair of dark blue shorts, with a reddish orange tee-shirt. The only weapons he had were the kunais strapped around his waist.

The last one with malice, hate, and scorn, was different. The only thing he wore was a big robe with a hood that covered his face.

"Sānji..." the gentle one began, "Do you have the layouts?"

"I do, but..." the robed one gulped before continuing, "the fool Yoshikawa hired Leaf-nin to protect him."

"I see..." the regal one said to himself slowly.

"Who cares! We'll just kill'em all." the arrogant one, being the most brash of them all, said.

"No Hajime. We have to play it cool and attack with a plan." the gantle one said making hajime grit his teeth.

"Fine Kunio." Hajime sighed in defeat.

"No matter..." the regal one spoke, "we still have the samurai guarding the palace as allies, and as well as twenty ninja of our own. And the fool Yoshikawa has four ninja." he began laugh all of a sudden.

"He is right." Kunio said, rubbing his chin with his hand.

"So lets kill'em all." Hajime gave all three of them a bloodthirsty grin.

"Hajime..." the robed one spoke, "I think the graduation test really fucked up your life."

Hajime just smirked and said, "Nope. Thank my dad for that. One time he started beating my mom with a branch, and she was begging for him to stop." he paused. "He just laughed, and laughed until she died." All three of his companions took a few steps back from their deranged companion. "You know, now that I think about it." Hajime suddenly got an evil glint in his eye. "It was kind of funny. HAHAHAHAHA!"

I'm getting the fuck out of here. All three thought

"DAD!" Yoshikawa heard his daughter shout from across his room.

"What is it Nada?"

"I can't sleep." she wined, with a slight pout in her upper lip.

Yoshikawa laughed at his daughter's expression, and picked her up. He carried her to her bedroom in the third floor, and put her to bed.

"Tell me a story daddy!" she said enthusiasticly

"Ok honey." she gave him her full attention as she rubbed her eyes a bit.

"Once upon a time there was a sage." he began to say. "When he-."

"Snore...Snore...snore." Nada's snore interrupted Yoshikawa's story. He smiled softly before reaching down and kissing her in her forehead. 'Sleep tight, my little princess.' he whispered making her smile in her sleep.

He walked out the room and closed it, but when he did.

"DADDY!" Yoshi's eyes' widened and he slammed through the door, as he watched his daughter be taken away through the opened window. "NADA!" he cried out in distress.

"DADD-MUFF!" the kidnapper covered her mouth with his hand, and all Yoshikawa can hear were her muffled screams.



"No..." he whispered to himself when he heard the explosion. "MIYABI!"

"NO! NADA!" the distant cries of their client sprang them to action.

"Fox! Tiger! Go through the main hall at once. If you encounter hostiles take them out. I want you guys to make your way to Miyabi's room. And one word of cation. Don't. Trust. The. Samurais. Here." Cat ordered, and she disappeared after.


Both Tiger and Fox nodded to each other and left.

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