Really, he had never known what it was like to die. He had never asked or wondered. Death was like a haunting presence in the back of his mind, something he witnessed almost every day of his life. He never knew what it truly was. Until now, that is.


Pulling on a heavy coif of mail over his light tan gambeson, the boy hurriedly began to dress. Soon after it followed the breastplate, bacers, aketon, arming doublet, besagews, camail, chausses, couter, cuirass, cuisses, faulds, gauntlets, gorget, greaves, plackard, pauldrons, poleyns, sabatons, helm, and spaulders. All in all, a well fortified defense, though, very heavy indeed.

The blonde sighed as he looked at himself in the water bowl beside his bed. A great sapphire head appeared at the head of his tent and he turned his head slightly to glance at her before lifting a deep blue blade and fastening it at his belt. The armor that he now bore was nothing compared to the other defense that lay before him. He smiled weakly at the dragon before walking forward and grasping onto her neck ridge. She bowed slightly as he jumped on her back. They had a long day before them… a day they hoped to see the end of.

Before the great dragon could take a single step, a loud horn echoed over the plain; soon after followed the steady beat of drums. The boy felt his heart beating within his chest, following the beating call of the drums. The dragon threw back her head and roared to the sky, challenging the approaching army. Her call was answered by two others, making the whole encampment seem to shudder under the pressure. The rider grimaced though his dragon seemed to take no heed of the effect. She flared her wings and took to the sky; causing the tents around them to flutter against the downdraft.

The rider looked below him before turning his towards the approaching army and two approaching dragons. His breath caught in his throat as he saw them. They were beautiful and magnificent, if not terrible. His dragon roared again, a torrent of flame escaping her maw in challenge. Her call was answered.

For Alagaesia! The boy drew and raised his glistening sword as the two armies clashed. He could already feel his energy drain as the wards he constructed pull at his reserves.

Keep your mind on the fight! A presence pulled at his consciousness and he retaliated in surprise; throwing up the barriers he had been taught by his father to construct. Soon, another more powerful consciousness slammed against his barriers, causing him gasp in surprise and pain. He was now outnumbered and over-powered.

Seanan! The young rider only heard his dragon's call as he fell to darkness. He knew he had fallen from her back once the larger silver dragon slammed into them. He was falling, and she couldn't save him. She cried in terror and pain when she saw him fall. He felt agony then nothing as he hit the ground. His dragon cried out and felt her energy drain, falling from the sky.

Seanan… She also lost consciousness as more dragons appeared in the sky; the riders calling in surprise and horror to see their leader fall to his death. They had been too late.

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