Brooklyn New York, 1889

Life sucks and then you die. Literally. Wait…. Life… death… sucks…? Great, I'm already making cheesy puns in the opening statement. But in this case, you're absolutely right.

Life sucks.

Then you die.

That's what happened to me.

Had I known that if I had only waited in the safety of the hospital instead of being brave and taking that alley home… I might still be alive, figuratively speaking. But no! I just HAD to let my mother get the better of me, and set off on my own. That cute orderly was looking at me as I brushed past him.

He was too good looking.

He offered me a cigarette when I stepped outside the door. It was raining, and I had forgotten my umbrella. It was dark, like a storm was coming. He had the most intense eyes I had ever seen. His hand, if I remember was so cold. His voice, his face… it was mesmorizing.

He'd offered to hail a coach for me. Gave me his jacket. I couldn't say no. It was like I was addicted to him or something.

He told me his name was Evan, I think. I didn't care. I just know he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my entire life.

We talked while we waited for the coach. This was before the era of palm pilots and internet. In those days you had to actually wait for more than thirty seconds for something. I was depressed- having your mother committed to a loony bin and a drunkard father was no easy burden.

His icy had on my warm cheek. God, I was so lonely. So needy. So desperate.

Evan pulled me aside, his lips against mine. The warmth of my lips against his cold ones. His terrifyingly angelic face leaned close, gracing my neck with hot, peppery kisses.

I felt the pain of the venom moments later. There are no words to describe this pain. Worse than being bathed in ice water, worse than labor pain, worse than breaking every bone in your entire body twice over.

He threw me down into the filthy alley. Climbed atop me. He ravaged me. I blacked out.

I died that day. In that alley, broken and bleeding. I should have died. But I didn't.

I lived.

A different sort of angel was waiting for me. I wasn't wet nor bruised or bloodied. I felt stronger, my eyesight sharper. I sat up slowly, looking around, wincing. Why was everything so bright? An angel was sitting by my side, with honey hued eyes, and blond hair.

"Hello, I'm Carlisle Cullen. Dr. Cullen actually. I'm glad to see you're awake."

"Dr… Cullen…? I'm Mer….. Meredith….Grey….."

His hand reached out, taking mine. He told me the truth moments later.

I was a vampire now. Vampire.

I remember throwing my head back and laughing.

Life sucks and then you die.