So I figured since I got people asking me to continue I would write more stuff….lol

Oliver wondered how Clark could look at someone so intently without accidently setting them on fire. Undoubtedly Clark was barely holding it together, and was probably wondering how best to kill him.

Oliver forced himself not to lose it in front of Clark, and looked calmly at him. "Clark, I uh think I just saw Lois going upstairs.." his attempt to dissuade Clark was wasted as Clark glared at him. "Oliver, what are you doing here with Chloe?" Clark growled.

Oliver sighed, "I would think that was pretty obvious Clark, Chloe and I are." He paused suddenly realizing he had no idea what he and Chloe were exactly. Clark raised his eyebrow waiting, "We are kinda sorta dating." Oliver finished lamely.

"WHAT?!" Clark bellowed, causing several patrons to give him affronted looks. Oliver winced, no doubt someone would leak this to the press. He could already see the headlines, OLIVER QUEEN IN A BRAWL AT A B&B or OLIVER QUEEN FOUND BURNED TO DEATH.

That last one Oliver could clearly envision, he looked around hoping to see Chloe or Lois come to his rescue, but no such luck. "Since when did Chloe start going out with you?" Clark asked angrily. Oliver sighed wishing he wasn't having this conversation.

"About two months ago, we meant to tell you and Lois but uh…" he trailed off. Due to the fact that Clark was giving him the death glare. "If you hurt Chloe, I will personally hunt you down and make you hurt more than I've ever hurt anyone." Clark whispered.

That alone almost made Oliver faint from the mere scariness of it all. He strengthened his resolve and gave Clark an insulted look. "If you recall Lois was the one who called it off between us, not me. And Chloe knows the risks that are involved in my job."

That last word he delivered with an anxious look around the room, Clark nodded though he didn't look happy about it. Then he got a weird look in his eye, "This isn't some sort of weird twisted April Fool's joke is it?"

Oliver inwardly sighed, this was going to take awhile…