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New Girls in Town

All was a peaceful on Destiny Islands. As the morning slowly dawned, the sun beamed through windows, alerting early-birds that it was a new day.

Roxas slowly opened his eyes and stiffly sat up in his bed. He yawned blearily and stretched out his arms to shake off the rest of his morning stiffness. Now about half awake, he glanced around the room he shared with his twin brother Sora. Their room was divided evenly through the center. The only door was exactly in the middle of the split as was the only window. His side was a combination of black and white squares to replicate a race flag from a race track. His bed sheets were also black and white checkered, but had a big red racing car in the middle. His walls were tan, but had the same checked pattern through the middle. He also had a poster with a strange silver X located right above the head of his bed that was given to him by their older brother Ventus.

Sora's side of the room was in a similar fashion except his checkered pattern was red and yellow and the big race car on his bed was replaced with a space ship and it was blue. The poster in front of his bed was also different. Instead of being a strange shaped X, his was a silver crown. Another quite noticeable difference was that Roxas's side of the room was very neatly organized, not a thing out of place. On the other hand, Sora's side was cluttered with toys, balled paper, shoes, and other miscellaneous items.

Roxas pushed the covers off the rest of his body and carefully slid off his bed till his feet touched the floor. Roxas wondered why his mother bought them such high beds. They were only four after all. One slip and they could easily bust their heads open, though Sora has proved him wrong many times a day. Clad in plain red footies with the same strange X as a zipper, he made his way over to his brother's bed, carefully avoiding the many pointy objects that littered his side of the room. 'He's going to get into so much trouble when mommy see's his side of the room, and I'll be there to watch!' Roxas thought evilly. Eventually, he made it to the other side successfully, no puncture wounds in site.

It was pretty much his job to wake Sora up every morning. He always got up before he did and Sora never listened to their Mom or Ventus when they attempted to wake him. He skillfully climbed up Sora's bed and softly fell on his knees as he leaned over Sora's face.

"Sora, wake up. Remember we have to meet everyone on play island for the ultimate sparring match!" Roxas said as he softly shook him. Sora slowly opened his eyes, squinting a little as he adjusted to the morning brightness. Blue stared into blue for all of 10 seconds before Sora suddenly jammed his eyes shut and turned on his side.

"They can go on without me. I'm too sleepy." He replied tiredly.

Roxas huffed in annoyance as he thought up what ridiculous plan he would use to get Sora out of bed as he did every other morning. He thought he wouldn't have to since Sora seemed so excited about having an ultimate spar, but apparently he assumed wrong. Roxas moved to the other side of Sora and leaned against the wall. He knew exactly what to say to get Sora out of bed today and knew it would be a great show, at his brothers expense of course.

Roxas grinned in anticipation and sucked in his breath. "OH MY GOSH SORA! RIKU'S HERE AND HE'S EATING ALL OUR FAVORITE CEREAL AND TOAST MOMMY MADE!" He yelled inches from Sora's face. As soon as the last word left his mouth, Sora opened his eyes in a flash and shot up in bed, desperately attempting to remove the covers from his body.

"He can't eat all my Captain Crunch!" Sora yelled worriedly as he tumbled from the bed in a mess of covers. Finally free, Sora tried to run across his room to the door but his foot immediately made contact with a sharp jumping jack he left there the previous day. Yelping in pain, he jumped back only to land on the cord to his radio that was facing upwards. For about another minute or so, Sora continued to land on sharp objects that littered on his floor until he finally made it to Roxas's side of the room and immediately fell and landed on his back.

Laughing on Sora's bed, Roxas carefully got off and made his way to where Sora was lying flat on his back. Sora, in his blue footies with a crown zipper, was staring at the ceiling before a face identical to his entered his vision. Once again, blue stared into blue until Sora finally broke the silence with a question that had been racing through his mind since he fell.

"... Riku... isn't here is he?"

"Nope." Roxas replied.

"Then why did you say he was eating all my Captain Crunch?"

"Because you wouldn't get up."

"Couldn't you have just woken me up the normal way?" Sora asked sadly as he frowned.

"I already tried, but as usual, you said you were 'too sleepy' so I had to shout something stupid into you ear so you could get out of your bed like I have to every other morning. But the good part is, I got to see the usual morning variety of you screaming in pain because you don't clean your side of the room and leave sharp object everywhere. Also, if mommy see's this mess, you're going to get into a lot of trouble and I'll be there to watch and laugh." Roxas was trying his hardest not to burst out laughing. This morning Sora's act was ten times funnier than usual.

"How mean," Sora cried in mock sadness. "How could you do this to your twin brother! Do you enjoy seeing a face identical to yours in pain? You see this? This is a tear." Sora lifted a finger to trace a line where a previous tear fell. "Pretend it's your tear. Do you like crying 'cause I don't! Are you really my twin? Don't you feel the pain through our telephony?" Sora huffed.

"It's called telepathy. And we don't have telepathy. It's not real and you say that every morning when this happens." Roxas replied as he offered his hand to help Sora up. "I bet you're awake now huh." Roxas said as a grinned devilishly.

Sora took his hand and purposely glared at him. After Sora was securely standing, they both took to glaring at each other. The glared lasted for about a minute before Sora erupted into a fit of laughter.

"Sora, you idiot!" Roxas spoke. "We promised we would get there on time today! But no, you just had to sleep!"

"As long as we make it, they won't care right? Only Riku knows how to tell time besides you. And we might get there before he does" Sora replied as he finally let out a yawn that had yet to release.

"Whatever. Let's get ready so we can go." Roxas huffed, putting his hands on his hips like their mother did when they got in trouble.

"Yeah yeah." Sora lazily walked to the bathroom and began his daily morning routine.

Sora and Roxas ran as fast as they could to the docks. They were running ten minutes late for their ultimate sparring match with Riku, Wakka, and Tidus.

Sora was wearing a white t-shirt with blue lining around the neck, arms, and and the bottom. His shorts were red with maroon pockets on each side. He had on simple two strap yellow sandals. Roxas was also wearing a white t-shirt, but his lining was red. He was also wearing unbuckled tan overalls that hung down mid torso to reveal that his white t-shirt also had the same checked pattern as his room across the middle. He was wearing one strap black sandals.

As they reached the dock, both noticed that Riku's boat was already gone, so they rushed even faster. They got into their double boat and began paddling as fast as their arms would let them. With two people rowing, it went faster than the other boats. Just last year before Ventus left, he built them both a boat with a metal and a wooden rod between them so it would be a double boat. They used it as much as they could now since they were old enough to go to play island by themselves.

They finally made it to play island and hastily tied their boats to the dock. When finished, they both took off toward the beach, hoping Riku wouldn't be too mad at them for being late. When they got there, they found Wakka and Tidus laying on the sand, gazing at the sky, and Riku standing facing the ocean with his arms crossed. Riku slowly turned to them with a carefully blank expression. Both Roxas and Sora gulped and glanced at each other before turning back to look at Riku.

Riku was wearing his usual yellow vest and with blue lining and blue wrist bands. He had on black capris and was wearing lace less blue and white tennis shoes. He studied them them for a bit, keeping a very straight blank face. He knew it would intimidate them. His dad did it to him when he got into trouble.

They promised they would be on time this time, but still got here late. But he was sure he knew the reason why. Riku cleared his throat, causing them to jump and glance at each other again nervously. His dad did that to him too. He struggled to keep from grinning at their nervousness.

"So", he started, "mind telling me why you guys are so late? You promised to be here on time and you're hours late." He knew he was exaggerating, but he did so to further make them nervous. He knew he could never trick Roxas with that though, he was as smart as he was and knew how to tell time unlike his brother. But Sora was a a complete sap and fell for anything that he said. It never ceased to amaze him how gullible he was. He enjoyed watching him sweat.

Roxas was about to protest on how late they really were, but Riku sent him a silent signal to just go along with it. Though it took Roxas a minute to get the message, he did and quickly hid a grin that was threatening to turn into laughter. Sora on the other hand, had no idea what was going on and was sweating bullets trying to think up an excuse. Coming up with the quickest lie possible, he pointed an accusing finger at Roxas and stammered his fib.

"I-it's all Roxas's fault! H-he wouldn't wake up this morning and made us late!" He yelled. All amusement gone, Roxas whipped his head around to glare icily at his twin.

"You big fat liar! You were the one who wouldn't get up this morning and I had to tell you that Riku was taking your Captain Crunch for you to even get out of bed!" Roxas yelled back. Riku silently raised an eyebrow at the scene unfolding.

"Liar, Liar, your pants are on fire!" Sora replied in a musical tone and stuck out his tongue. Tidus and Wakka who were silently watching everything while laying on the beach broke into laughter and clutched their stomachs. Roxas was livid with anger by now. He turned his attention to the pile of wooden swords that were lying a couple of feet from them. He swiped the closest one available and pointed it threateningly at Sora.

"Take back what you said! I'm not a liar!" Roxas yelled angrily as he got into fighting position.

"Hey! That's no fair! I don't have a weapon!" Sora said just as angrily as he lifted his hands up in surrender and took a slow step backwards.

"Well we might as well just get on with our ultimate spar since Roxas already started." Riku said with no small amount of sarcasm. He tossed Tidus, Wakka, and Sora their wooden swords and handed Roxas the extra one he always preferred to fight with.

"We only have one rule this time," Riku said slowly, making sure he had everyone's attention. "Since Sora decided sleep is more important than our ultimate sparring match, we all only fight against him!" Riku finished loudly.

"Wha?" Sora stated confused. "But I wasn't- he was the one- that's no fair! That's... one, two, three, four... that's four against one!" Sora took another step back as he witnessed evil grins spread across their faces.

"Well," Roxas said, "Maybe next time you'll wake up on time!" He shouted as he advanced on Sora and swung his sword harshly against his wooden blade.

By the end of the ultimate match, everyone was worn out besides Riku. Tidus had went to get everyone free ice cream since his parents owned the local ice cream shop. They were waiting for him to get back. Sora, being the most worn out from fighting everyone else was napping peacefully next to Roxas who was watching puffy clouds go by and picking out the shapes of animals and objects.

"Hey guys! I gots some cool news!" Tidus yelled as he ran beck to where everyone was sitting. "I was goin to get tha ice cream and I saw two new girls! They were goin to tha mayors house!"

Everyone was really interested in this news. The last new person who came to the islands was Tidus. He was two and a half when he came. Sora and Roxas were only three while Riku and Wakka were four, so only they really remembered much. For Roxas and Sora, it was really the first time new people came to the islands, let alone two new people.

"How old are they?" Roxas asked in a curious light.

"They look 'bout you and Sora's age!" Tidus replied excited. Now even more curious they got up hastily and made their way to the dock. Roxas about half way there suddenly remembered Sora was sleeping and turned around to see him still there.

"Sora! Get up! We're going to see the new people!" He shouted.

"I'm too sleepy..." Sora said sleepily.

Roxas huffed in severe annoyance and started to make his way over to Sora till he saw a medium sized wave making its way to where Sora was currently laying. Grinning, Roxas carefully watched the wave inch closer as he prepared to once again, be entertained. Right before the wave was about to hit he yelled with all his might.


Sora sat up hastily to shout his protest at the shark before he was suddenly smacked with a wave of salty water in his mouth. He stood up as fast as he could spitting and coughing before he turned around to his brother. Roxas was roaring in laughter and continuously wiping tears from his eyes with one hand while clutching his stomach with the other.

"Roxas... you..." Sora said through gritted teeth.

"It was your own fault ya know. I told you there were new girls on the islands! So come on and stop sleeping!" Roxas shouted as he turned around and took off toward the docks.

Sora was taken by surprise and ran after his brother. "Why didn't you just tell me before!"

The five boys had made it into town and were spying from behind a house watching the mayor's house from across the street. Two girls who looked about Sora and Roxas's age were standing near the road in front of the house talking to a woman who's back was facing toward them.

One girl had red hair that stopped just at her shoulders. She was wearing a layered white and pink dress that a purple stripe across the top white layer with purple X's at the bottom. She was also wearing white, pink, and purple sandals. The other girl had blonde hair that was much longer and was all combed to one side and rested on her shoulder. She was also wearing a layered dress, but hers was all white with only blue X's at the bottom. She was wearing double strapped blue sandals.

After a couple of minutes, the two girls hugged the unknown woman and the woman got into a car a little ways down the road and drove away. Someone called from the doorway of the house and the two girls walked in and the door shut. The boys waited a little bit before they determined nothing else was going to happen.

"Well, I have ta go home guys. My daddy is comin home from his trip and we goin have a big supper!" Tidus declared happily. The others laughed at his childish speech at three and a half.

"I'll have to get home to ya know. I've got some stuff to finish for school." Wakka stated. Both Roxas and Sora made fake gagging noises at the thought of school, though neither of them had even left daycare.

"Well bye guys!" Roxas and Sora said in unison.

"So, what are you two going to do?" Riku asked. They turned to face Riku, then glanced at each other before putting on fake grins.

"Well, we were just going to walk around a bit." Sora said nervously as he eyes looked everywhere but in Riku's direction.

"Oh, so you weren't going to try and take another peek at those girls?" Riku said. He already knew from the get go both Sora and Roxas were too curious to let a closed door stop them.

"Wha? How did you know?" Roxas asked in shock.

"Because I can read minds. Duh." Riku stated matter-a-factly.

"No you can't! Roxas said telephony doesn't exist!" Sora denied.

"It's telepathy! And Riku's lying stupid." Roxas corrected.

"Sure I am," Riku said, not really caring. "So, how are you going to get in?"

"We aren't going to get in. We're going to peek through a window." Sora said.

"Well then, let's go." Riku said, already tiptoeing to the other side of the street to the side of the house. They were all on the side of the house right under a first floor window. But none of them were tall enough to look into the house.

"We're too short." Sora said sadly.

"Hmm... I got it it!" Riku practically yelled.

"Tell us!" Roxas said.

"Okay, you two, get on your hands and knees right under the window." He instructed.

"But how will that help?" Sora asked confused.

"Just do it. Hurry up!" Following instructions, Sora and Roxas got on their hands and knees below the window.

"Now what." Roxas asked.

"Stay there and still." Riku said.

"Why do we need to- ARG! Riku! What are you doing?! You're too heavy!" Sora yelled.

"Be quiet idiot. I can see inside now." Riku was using Sora and Roxas as stepping blocks to see into the house.

"Get off! You're too heavy and it hurts!" Roxas shouted.

"What do you think they're doing Naminé?" A girl voice questioned.

Caught by surprise, Sora forgot about Riku's weight and collapsed. Causing Riku to fall backwards onto Roxas. All three were in a heap. The girls were chuckling fiercely. Realizing how stupid they looked, they hastily untangled themselves and stoop up to face the girls. Now seeing them up close, they could see the girls were also twins.

"Wow Naminé, look! They're twins too!" She said looking back and forth between Sora and Roxas. They were equally surprised to find another set of twins. It was rare on the islands.

"Hi, I'm Sora. This is my brother Roxas and that's our friend Riku." Sora said.

"I'm Kairi and this is Naminé. We just moved here to stay with our aunt and uncle." She replied.

"So where are you from?" Roxas asked curiously.

"It's a town called Radiant Garden. We really liked it there and mommy wouldn't tell us why we left, but she said bad stuff was happening." Kairi said sadly.

"Well don't worry!" Sora replied. "You'll like it here too! I promise."

"Really?" She asked, eyes beaming with hopefulness.

"Um.. yeah." Sora said as a blush crept up his face. He ducked his head, hoping no one saw, but Riku saw it all and smirked.

Roxas was having his own problem trying not to blush. Naminé had been staring at him the whole time and every time he met her eyes, he could feel his face redden.

"Hey, how about you guys help us pick flowers?" Kairi asked.

"No can do." Riku replied. "It's starting to get dark out and I was scolded last time I stayed out late. I'm sure there two will get in trouble if they stay out too late too." Riku said quickly. His father always told him that boys aren't supposed to pick flowers.

"Aw, that's too bad." Kairi stated.

"It's okay! You live here now so we can pick flowers another day!" Sora quickly whipped out.

"Great! Then I guess I'll see you another day." Kairi said as she smiled softly.

"Yup. Now let's go Sora!" Roxas said as he grabbed Sora's arm and ran in the direction of their house, dragging Sora behind him.

"Wait! I didn't say goodbye!" Sora yelled as his voice faded in the distance.

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