Hello DIA followers/favorites/stalkers!

No worries! Again, I'm never dropping this series. ^_^ Always remember that, it might take me a while, but I'll get it done.

That said, this series is in the process of being rewritten. "But NOO! Series with rewrites never get finished!" Well, you don't need to worry about that! Originally, I wasn't going to upload anything from the new one until I'm finished, but people are still favoriting and reading this one.

So, a few notes on why I decided to rewrite.

- I lost the outline to the original DIA multiple times and had to rewrite it. I can see it in my own work, the story had no direction and I was doing too much.

- I cringed every time I went back and read my own work. It was horrible, I'm really hoping the new one is more well written (which I personally think it is)

- I've written the entire outline in detail for the new DIA (even the old one wasn't as detailed) It's about 26 pages all together. So far, I have 35 pages (15000 words) of the new DIA written, and that is about 7/8 pages of the outline. This has taken me 2 months all together. I'm estimating I should be finished writing the entire fic by June/July. Then I will start uploading the rest.

- When I saw rewrite… I mean rewrite. It's not that I went back to old chapters and fixed it up. It's been completely rewritten.


So, yeah, please go and read the new one! Link down below. Also, I have a new poll on my page. I'll be uploading each chapter (estimated at 5000 words so far) once a week. Please let me know which day of the week is best for you!