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A Different and New Life

Chapter 3


He was pissed. First of all, us running off and still being able to stand put him in a foul mood, and then Kiri almost dying put him in a fouler mood, and then loosing all of that money to those people...

Yeah, not the best of moods. Like I said, he's pissed.

We were all tied to chairs as the bastard paced in front of us like some mafia boss (which he is, by the way). His cigar hang from his mouth, going up and down with the under-the-breath mutterings that he was speaking to himself. He then finally rounded on us and glared. "How DARE you run away like that! Do you know how much MONEY that cost me?!" The bastard was worried about the money?


He swiveled to face us and glared darkly, turning his bright colored eyes into black holes. He nodded, and a whistling sound shrieked through the air before hitting our bruised and naked backs. Ichigo hissed in pain and frustration. She was blindfolded (she could totally see through, though) and hands and feet were tied together to prevent her from harming our captor (much). Luna growled through her gag, trying in vain to flash her fangs a bit to the pompous idiot in front of us. Her hands, like the rest of us, were also tied way above her head. Her blood red eyes flashed with hunger to destroy.

Me, on the other hand, I didn't have a gag or blindfold; don't know why. But I have to say, at least they know to tie me up really tightly.


A creepy, deep-sounding laugh snapped me out of my mind (I seem to be going there a lot). He was gazing at all of us, with all that lust and hatred mixed into those awful eyes.

"How about we play a game?" Silence. Shit, it's going to get worst, isn't it?

I growled and glared. "Why should we play with you?" I hissed out. This earned me a slap in the cheek, in which I retaliated with a bite to his hand. He gestured to the guard behind me and a dirty gag was placed into my mouth. I still growled though.

"Now that you would actually listen," He narrowed his eyes further. "This game is for your lives." He started to pace again, his sick and twisted smile widening bit by bit. "It's a simple game really; you hide, and if I don't find you by any means necessary, then you will be let go." I could practically feel the anxiety that the three of us had about this.

There was something more, I was sure of it!

"Guards, let them go." I was shocked. Was he really going through with this? Our bonds fell off and the annoying gags and blinds were off. I stood up, getting the feeling back into my arms and wrists. We all glared at him, waiting for something even worst to happen to us. "You will have a full 24 hours for a head start; you will have all the essentials that you will need to survive for a while. The time limit," His grin truly showed his sadistic human nature. "Is three months."

My god, we are so screwed.

"And the time limit starts..." He looked at his watch. "Now."

We tore out of there like bats out of hell, running faster than we have done previously. Instead of escaping through the tunnel, we went through the front door and into the throng of the people walking without a clue of what truly happens in the metal building they pass by everyday.

Once we were far enough, I collapsed on a seat, panting from the exertion that I used. Luna and Ichigo were also panting, but not as heavily as me. Luna started to pace in front of me, growling here and there as she thought a bit.

"Why does he do this?!" She hissed out, kicking a heavy metal pole and causing a dent. "What reason does he have to chase us?!" Ichigo sat next to me and thought for a while. I was too tired to think up coherent thoughts at the moment.

"Money, popularity, who knows?" Ichigo finally said. Her eyes danced around the landscape. "But we need to make up a plan to stay away from him for three fucking months!" Ah, so he pissed her off too? Good, glad to know I'm not the only one.

I finally got my breath back, and with it, coherent thought. I bounced ideas around in my head, dismissing them as quickly as they came. 'Yes, because hiding in the same building as the one he lives in is so going to work, but it isn't that bad... Okay, that'll be Plan 2 for me.' Then I thought about the people we fought...

"Hey guys..." I said, still staring in the space in front of me like a flippin' idiot. "Why don't we ask for help?" I looked up to see them glaring at me. "Oi, it's just a thought! He never said that we couldn't get help during this time!" I protested. Luna turned and continued her pacing, hopefully to think over my offer.

"And why should we, Kiri?" Ichigo hissed out, glaring at me with cat-like eyes.

"Hey, don't get pissed at me because I wanted to survive! I actually do want to survive long enough to live away from that crazy bastard!" I shot back, glaring at her as harshly as she did to me.

"Guys, we don't need this right now!" Luna cut in, pulling us apart from almost murdering each other. I honestly didn't realize that we had gotten that close to strangling each other. She then sighed and said, "I agree with Kiri. We need to find some help in hiding. We don't know much about this city, and we need as much as we can get."

Ichigo thought a bit, but nodded and sat back, sighing a bit. She was finally relaxing a bit, but not by much. "So, who should we find for help?" She asked, covering her eyes with one of her arms.

I thought for a bit before jumping up like a little kid. "I know who!" I took off running down the street, my excitement getting the best of me.

"Oi, wait up, Kiri!"


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