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The Tale of an Unstoppable Force and an Immoveable Object

Additional Crap

Inuyasha's To Do List

#1: Tap that - complete.

#2: Figure out Mystery Woman's name - complete.

#3: Figure out how the fuck she knows my personal assistant and financial planner - complete.

#4: Fire and then kill my personal assistant and my financial planner - removed.

#5: Kill Miroku and throw him in a ditch - removed.

#6: Throw a tennis ball randomly into the air and hope it hits her in the head - complete.

#7: Change the goddamn ring tone to something far less annoying - complete.

#8: Uh, find out what these fucking rules are about? - complete.

#9: Change the goddamn locks - complete.


#11: For the love of all that's good, give them both butter knives and let them finally end it - complete.

#12: Discuss publishing opportunities with Sango. I may be on to something here - complete.

#13: Get laid, moron - complete.

#14: Consider therapy. And then afterwards, chop off my dick since I clearly have no need for it with my emotions and all - complete.

#15: Learn the value of "tact" and use it - complete.

#16: Avoid old men at all costs. Repeat: all costs - failed.

#17: Plan the friggen date - complete.

#18: Plan the close of the date (i.e. how to get somewhere with her) - complete.

#19: Shower and thus become the hottest, most irrestible sex machine ever - complete.

#20: Never let her go - complete.

#21: Figure this shit out with Jack Daniels. He'll know what to do - complete.

#22: First, destroy Sesshomaru's career. Second, video his pussy-whipped ass and put it on YouTube. Third, finish him off - complete.

#23: Get laid, moron - complete, and yes, repeated.

#24: Find a way to get out of this family crap - failed.

#25: Be a man and tell Kagome no. - failed.

#26: Survive - complete.

#27: Find out if "pizza" is a codeword for "sex" - complete.

#28: Win Sota over. Pronto - complete.

#29: Think about it... Yeah no - complete.

#30: Pay attention when it really matters - failed.

#31: Thank Bang for being such an awesome sidekick. He is clearly the best dog in the universe of fantastic dogs. Amen - complete.

#32: Stop thinking like a tool dammit. Focus - complete.

#33: Spend forever loving her - well, you can figure that one out.

Kagome's Rules

#1: Never kiss on the first date.

#2: Violence is never the answer. Exception: when it is.

#3: Never do anything that you don't want to.

#4: Never go into another man's apartment before a first date.

#5: Be patient. Don't miss out on the little things.

#6: Keep your eyes on the prize and don't let distraction steal it away.

#8: Take risks.

#11: Never go for coffee on a first date.

#15: Always accept a challenge.

#16: Never date a guy Sota doesn't like after three meetings.

#17: Never date a guy that doesn't have the balls to suck it up and meet the parents.

#18: The best way to anything good is through hard work, determination and a bit of a sense of humour.

#21: Men shouldn't fight like whiny bitches, so stop them before they get there.

Masterlist of Surprises

The Big Bang Theory - AU, happiness!verse, Bang's POV.

There was no one like him. He was the best of the best, the smartest of the smart, the hottest of the hot. He was the greatest thing on four legs and nothing could beat that. Suck it, puny humans.

POSTED! Go to my profile to read it!

The PDF is now available for full download. Check my profile for the link.


Thanks a Bunch (But I'm Not Getting Married) - AU, happiness!verse.

They're getting married and Inuyasha learns what forever means. So, typically, he runs. Then, typically, Miroku and Sango must get him back. And, consequently, Kagome can't know about it.

POSTED! Go to my profile to read it!

The PDF is now available for full download. Check my profile for the link.


High and Dry and Fucked - AU, happiness!verse.

Of course this happened to him. Only he could lose Kagome in a foreign country, with absolutely no memory of the night before. Which is bad because a) why was he dressed in drag, b) how did Sango get arrested and c) why the hell did Miroku get a tattoo of a purity ring on his left hand? An Inuyasha-styled, Happiness!Verse version based off of the movie The Hangover.

To Be Posted Soon.

PDF To Be Posted Upon Completion.


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Happiness: The Tale of an Unstoppable Force and an Immoveable Object,

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Thanks a Bunch (But I'm Not Getting Married) ...from the link on my profile!

Author's Note

Oh my goodness *blows nose*

It's OVER *bawls*

So, I'm sad. Which is AWESOME because this is the first story I'm actually depressed is over. I'm so sad but FEAR NOT, for I have timestamps (sequels)!

I hope that every single one of you enjoyed this story. I hope that the story it told was bigger than just Inuyasha being a rich bastard, and Kagome being the woman of his dreams. I hope that Miroku and Sango reminded you that best friends are ridiculous at the best of times and that even then, they are still your best friends.

There's a very small piece of me in this story. It's the male side of me (HA!) that imagines what I would be like if I was a) rich and b) a man. Oh, and c) exploited the other rich and famous by making them a fancy rehab centre.

I'm currently in the process of editing this story (dear god) and I've already finished the graphics for the PDF. Please check out my profile for Hanmajoerin's amazing artwork that she did for me, as well as the picture of Bang and Popcorn :)

My lovelies, I can't thank you enough. You've somehow encouraged me to write this monster of a story that really doesn't do more than make you laugh or stare with wide eyes at my...oddness. I truly hope that you liked this story as much as I did, and I hope to hear from you in the future!

Until I make another rash decision and with much love,