Jacob had just told me why he had to abandon me. He was a wolf; well he turned into one when he got angry. Did I believe him? Yeah, I did because the look in his eyes were nothing but truthful. I still didn't know why he couldn't see me though; he knows how hurt I was when he told me we couldn't be friends. It didn't make sense to me why he was telling me this now.

We were both sitting on the same log as we had a year ago when he was telling me about the legends of his tribe. He kept on looking at me for a long time and then he would turn away.

"Jake?" he turned his head towards me at the sound of his name. He looked a little scared of what I had to say to him, his eyes were pleading for me to understand why he had to leave me.

"Yeah, Bella?"

"I don't see why you can tell me this now? Why couldn't you have told me when I came to find you? I would've understood, like I do now."

He frowned, trying to find a way to tell me so that I would understand. "Things have changed now." Jacob said as he jerked his head back towards the water.

"I don't see how?" if things had changed then I was going to find out what. He can't just expect me to believe him when he wasn't being completely truthful.

"It just has, okay? Why can't you just believe me when I tell you something? I tell you a secret and you don't even believe me? What kind of friend are you?" ah, he really shouldn't have said that, not when he knows that I blow up at the simplest of things.

"Friend? Last time I checked you told me we weren't friends, so I'm sorry if I don't believe you. I'm sorry that I ever talked to you because obviously you want nothing to do with me." I dragged the last words out waiting for his reaction.

"You have no idea how I feel. You don't know how much it hurt to say those words to you when I knew how much it would destroy you but I never regret knowing you. I care about you more than you think and—"

"You care about me? Is that why we're not friends anymore? Or is it because of this fucked up wolf thing?"

"Bella, you know how I felt about you before, why would that change now?"

"Because you don't hurt the people you love intentionally." I told him as I stood up in front of him.

He stood up to so that he was now towering over me. He was massive now, literally. He was shaking slightly as well, he was mad.

"Haven't you listened at all? I didn't want to hurt you! I love you and you know that—"

"Don't even dare say that you love me. You have no idea the hurt I've gone through over the past year. You don't know how much I depended on you and then for you to say that we couldn't be friends? It was horrible."

"I know, Bella. You don't know how sorry I am. I wish I could go back and change all of that but I can't and I'm so, so sorry."

"Then answer my question. Why are telling me this now and not when I came to see you?"

"I can't tell you now. I will tell you when you're ready. I promise I'll tell you."

"Whatever. I trust you but not completely."