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Reincarnation, or, Contrariwise: Full Circle

Alice Kingsley watched the blue butterfly flit away, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Whether it had been a fantastic dream or a fantastic reality, Underland or Wonderland, and whether she was mad as a March hare (well, perhaps not quite that mad) or at least halfway sane…it hardly seemed to matter now. She knew who she was and she believed in that with her whole heart, and she reckoned that was just as rewarding as any stay in a magical rabbit hole.

There was the clomp of ungainly boots behind her, and a suave, rolling voice remarked, "And who might you be, luv?"

She glanced over her shoulder but soon realized that a good long look was necessary to comprehend this character. It was a man, and he was outrageously dressed, although not as outrageously as some, and he held his hands in such a manner that she was strongly reminded of the White Queen.

"I'm Alice," said Alice. "This is my ship. Who are you, good sir?"

He made an expansive gesture and grinned, several golden teeth catching the sun.

"Why, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!"

The blond tilted her head to the side as she considered the swashbuckling vision—nope, she'd seen odder. And besides, he was somehow…familiar

She smiled broadly. Curious indeed, her penchant for running into madmen. Few things were curiouser, except perhaps the men themselves.

"Welcome aboard, Captain Sparrow."

He flourished an extravagant bow, and then his hand flew to his head, patting his red bandanna with a frantically preoccupied air. "Delighted t' accept, Miss Alice, of course, of course, but I seem to have forgotten m' hat, and I shan't leave without it, mm, savvy?"

As Alice watched him swagger awkwardly back down the gangplank, plain urgency in his stride, her smile slipped incredulously into a frown. His...hat? He was worried about his hat...?

After a moment of that stunned disbelief, she shook it off with a laugh and turned again to face the distant blue horizon.