James Potter nearly jumped up the stairs as he took them three at a time, fleeing to his dormitory. Perhaps it wasn't the best way to avoid suspicion, but it was the best way to avoid the wrath of the common room.

The howls of surprise and outrage had only just reached his ears as he paused before his door. A manic grin broke free from its constraints and burst over his face. Chuckling, he entered.

He had expected to be reproved. He had expected to be badgered. He had expected to be glared at or gaped at. After all, he had broken Marauder code: Never Prank Alone Unless Prank Is On A Fellow Marauder (When it was remarked that the shear amount of capitals was unnecessary, Peter took the blame).

What he hadn't expected to see Peter and Remus sitting next to each other, snickering. And when Peter glanced up, he told James with his pallor that they were snickering about him. And – was that a piece of parchment? A letter.

James' pallor mirrored Peters'. Yes, it was a letter. A very special letter. A Letter to Lily that goofy-grinned werewolves and snickering rats had no business in reading!

Remus finally looked up. '"My heart stutters like a skipping cassette," James? Maybe you'll get a point for the thought if not the accuracy."

'Then again, probably not,' added Peter. 'I can hear it now. "JAMES POTTER! IF YOUR HEART'S STUTTERING TELL A HEALER, NOT ME!"'

James lunged. 'Give it back. Now!'

Peter darted out of James' reach, letter in mouth, and turned into Wormtail. James scrabbled for the rat that had disappeared under his bed.

'And James?' Remus smiled, 'You really shouldn't hide things behind chocolate. Chocolate tends to... disappear.'