10. I can stay in Wonderland

Dodging a flying teapot, the Hatter picked up a plate and hurled it at the March Hare. "Of course spoons have knees! How else do you think they bend?"

The Hare scooped up the butter tray and flung it at his long time friend. "I have inspected. Respected? Every inch of this lovely," He twitched and grabbed his ears, pulling them towards his chin. " Spoon. No knees anywhere!"

"Clearly you aren't looking hard enough."

"Poppycock!" The Hare huffed, seeming genuinely insulted.

"Yes prehaps a trifle harsh methinks. I am sorry dear Hare."

"The crumpets are delicious." the Hare commented, seeming to forget his previous outrage.

"Indeed, I whipped in an extra batch of air."'

A giggled sounded from across the clearing, drawing the Hatter and Hare's attention down towards the end of their make shift table. Alice stood there, smiling and laughing as she waved to the duo.

"Hello friends."

"Alice!" Hatter exclaimed, jumping out of his seat and smiling. She was wearing his hat again, such a sight made his heart race. "Tea?" He ask while holding up a cup that had been split in half.

"Actually..." Alice began, walking towards the Hatter, her eyes locked with his. "I've come to realize that I've finally found all my answers, with the exception of one." She stopped beside him, slipping her hand into his. He could feel the fluttering of her pulse in his palm. Why was she so nervous?

The Hatter gulped and did his best to control the frantic beating of his heart. "What question is that my dear Alice?"

"Can I stay Hatter?" She asked softly.

"Stay...?" Surely...surely she didn't mean...?

"Yes. Stay. Here in Wonderland. Not just in Wonderland but...with you."

Finally the day had come; the day he had been longing for ever since she left Wonderland for the second time. His joy was uncontainable and without thought the Hatter wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tightly against him. Then his lips were covering hers in a heated but gentle kiss and Alice found herself lost to a feeling of pure elation. The touch of his lips against hers was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Wrapping her arms around his neck she returned the kiss which much delight and it was only when the need for air took them that they broke apart.

Licking his lips, the Hatter relished in her sweet taste as he memorized her blushing cheeks, red lips and slightly unfocused eyes. He would never forget this moment. His features were ablaze with joy, which soon turned to uncertainty, then fear and finally ecstatic resolve. He would not lose his muchness now!

"Marry me."

Alice gazed into his eyes, the greenest she had ever seen them, and became lost to a myriad of memories. The moment they had shared on the White Queen's balcony when she had thought Wonderland was still just a dream, the battle against the Jabberwocky where he had breached protocol to ensure her safety and fought the Knave of Hearts as a result. The many tea parties filled with merriment and mad ravings that always managed to cheer her up no matter what was going on in the Otherworld and all the other memories that centered around her delightfully mad friend. So many times he had stood by her side and comforted her, protected her and did everything within his ability to ensure her well being and happiness even when it meant sacrificing his own. No one had ever cared for her the way the Hatter did, how could she be with anyone else? Slowly a lazy, silly smile spread across her face.


Again he kissed her, pouring all of his rapture, love and madness into it that one, simple action until Alice was breathless with tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks.

"Alice...you've sprung a leak!" Hatter said with alarm.

She laughed and soon the Hatter joined her. They laughed until they could no longer stand and fell into a hysterical, chuckling heap on the ground, holding each other tightly.

"Have you an answer then for why a raven is like a writing desk?"

Instead of answering she kissed him again, running her hands through his wild mane of orange hair. The Hatter didn't mind however, they would have plenty of time to talk about answers.

Author's Note:

I hope this ending is everything everyone wanted it to be, I know I am quite happy with how it came out.

Thank you again to everyone who has reviewed and/or added this story to their favorites and alerts. I never expected so many people to find my writing and this idea enjoyable.

A few people have pointed out some spelling errors throughout the story, which I'll go back and fix in a couple of days. For now I'd like to bask in the fact that for the first time ever I have finished a story.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey, it does not end with this story so keep your eyes peeled, I'll be starting a new one shortly.