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I stood in front of my closet for almost half an hour, trying to find the perfect dress. As I sifted through the small selection that I had, I felt like I was transported back to my own high school years when I nervously prepared for a school dance.

Although I was no longer a gawky, acne-prone teenager with braces, I was still fighting off the stomach ache that was brewing over what I deemed a serious fashion emergency. I finally pulled out three dresses that seemed appropriate for chaperoning a high school dance. The first was one that Lauren had forbidden me from wearing when we went out together. I held it out at an arm's length, wondering what was so bad about it. It was a dark forest green color in a soft jersey knit. The long sleeves would keep me warm and with the ankle-length skirt I wouldn't have to worry about whether it was acceptable or not. Plus, it was super comfy.

I also knew that it would make me look shapeless and drab, not what I was going for. It's not like I wanted to look all fun and flirty, although if Lauren had her way I'd be showing up in some horribly uncomfortable metallic mini dress. While that wasn't my style by a long shot, I could also admit that I did want to look nice.

So, it was down to two dresses now.


The second dress wasn't bad, and I thought that even Lauren would approve. It was black and came down just below my knees. The top had a boat neck cut to it, so a bit of my collarbone peeked through. With some colorful jewelry this could look okay, but it was still a bit on the boring side.

I tossed it onto the bed in a huff.

The last dress that passed the "high school teacher" test was one that had slipped by unnoticed. I wasn't sure how it had come to hang in my closet, but I was glad it was there. It was black, but because of some velvet details, it wasn't boring at all. It was also sleeveless with an asymmetrical neck line that showed off some skin without being too trashy. Plus, it had some cute little pockets as well.

I shrugged off my robe and slipped on the dress, liking how it fit my curves without being too tight. I found a pair of stylish heels and slid them on. Just as I was pulling my hair back into a ponytail, I heard a door slam shut and jumped from the noise.

"It's just me!" Lauren's voice called out from the other room, and I rolled my eyes.


Now I'd either second guess my dress choice or end up being late letting Lauren attack me with her "fashion prowess." I gave myself one more glance in the mirror before walking out into the living room, resolved to stick with what I had on. As I entered the room, I steeled myself for Lauren's assault, knowing that she wouldn't just let me leave without getting a comment or two in.

"Bella!" she gasped as she eyed me up and down. "You look...stunning!"

She looked positively shocked, and I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Shut up."

"No, seriously!" she exclaimed, coming closer. Lauren walked around me in a circle, eyeing me carefully. "I mean, your hair's not done yet, of course, but otherwise...va va voom!"

She gave me a wink, and I shook my head as she herded me into the bathroom to fix my hair...that I had already done. Apparently just pulling it back into a ponytail didn't constitute being done. However, I let Lauren have at it, since she had been so complimentary on my outfit.

I closed my eyes as she went to work, reminding her that I only had another twenty minutes before I had to leave. That didn't deter her, however, and she worked diligently, pulling my hair painfully in all sorts of directions.

"So, Bella...what's the story? Why are you getting all sexified for a school dance?"

I knew if I opened my eyes I would see her staring at me with that evil, perfectly tweezed arched eyebrow of hers raised to her hairline.

"Um, what?" I answered evasively. "They told us to dress nicely since it's a holiday dance. Get in the spirit and all that."

"Mhmm," Lauren huffed. "If that was the truth, you'd have been rocking that hiddy green Amish dress you love so much. I think there's another reason."

I kept my mouth shut and started humming Jingle Bells under my breath, hoping Lauren would finally give up.

"Oh!" she shouted as she yanked a piece of my hair upward. "I know! It's because of Ed-d-d-d-d-d-ward!"

The way she sounded out his name made it sound positively ridiculous, and if I was honest with myself, this whole thing probably was ridiculous.

After realizing we'd be working together, Edward and I slipped into a friendly working relationship. I'd swing by his classroom to chat, or we'd bump into each other in the teachers' lounge and share some coffee. Sometimes he even come into my classroom, but only when no students were present, not that it mattered. He would never dare to do anything even remotely flirtatious with me. As the weeks passed, I came to see that despite his nervous tendencies, Edward was clearly passionate about his job and not eager to muck things up with a workplace romance.

It wasn't like I didn't try to push things there. There was the time that I reached out and goosed him as he bent over to grab some things from a bottom shelf. His wide-eyed stare and beet red face as he shirked into the corner made me feel like quite the floozy. But who could resist that perfectly round ass staring me in the face? It was begging to be grabbed.

It wasn't all my fault though. There would be times that he'd place his warm hand on my shoulder while looking over to read something. How was I supposed to concentrate when he was feeling me up that way? At least my shoulder got a grope because no other part of me did.

The sexually tense undercurrent between the two of us was never far away, and in my mind only grew stronger as we became better friends. I knew from our brief, intimate moment during the summer that there was definitely a physical connection between the two of us, but actually getting to know Edward these past few months made me realize what a great guy he was overall. A few more months had passed, but I was too chicken shit to try and bring up the fact that I wanted more than just friendship.

I didn't care that he usually wore a plastic pocket protector in his button down short sleeve shirt or that his hair was a total crazy mess. I never minded when he'd start waxing on about how awesome mitosis was. And it rarely bothered me that sometimes he ate stinky egg salad sandwiches for lunch .

I liked that when his glasses slipped down his nose because he was so focused on what he was reading that I could see how perfectly clear and bright his eyes were. I liked when those same eyes turned dark and fierce whenever he lectured to his students about something that he was passionate about (I may have peeked in to one of his classes a time or two). And I loved that when we were together, he looked at me like I was the only one in the room.

There was definitely a spark between us, and I knew Edward felt it too, but he was too shy and reluctant to act on it. I decided it was up to me, then. No more pussy footing around. I was going to fancy myself up for this dance and let Edward know, once and for all, how I felt. My only problem was I didn't actually have a plan as to how I was going to go about doing that...

"There!" Lauren's excited squeal pulled me out of my head, and I finally opened my eyes to take a look. Apparently when I was lost in thoughts of Edward, Lauren was busy as well. My hair now fell in soft waves around my face, and she had taken the liberty of doing my make up as well, adding a bit of blush to my cheeks and some color to my eyelids.

"He's not going to be able to resist you, cuz," she said with a smirk.

I shook my head, not really wanting to jinx myself, but praying to all that was holy that Lauren was actually right. I thanked her profusely and grabbed my jacket, eager to get going. I was never usually this eager to chaperone school dances. Usually, I just did them for the extra cash. But when I found out that Edward would be chaperoning as well, I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world.

As I pulled into the school parking lot, making sure to find a spot closest to the gym, I noticed that all of the trees and bushes had been decorated with pretty twinkling lights. A few red bows graced the doors, and when I opened them up I was hit with a Winter Wonderland explosion. Disco lights glittered in the gym, giving off an effect of falling snow. Bats of cotton had been strewn around the edges of the gym to continue the theme, and somehow they managed to get a huge, old wooden sleigh inside. A DJ was setting up by the side, and a long table pushed up near the bleachers had snacks and bowls of punch set up.

I looked around, taking it all in as I peeled my coat off.

"Ms. Swan!" shrieked a voice, and I spun around just in time to avoid a run in with Bree, one of my favorite students.

"Whoa. Hot teacher alert!" she practically shouted, and I waved my hands as my face turned bright right.

"You look great, too, Bree," I told her, approving of her ice blue spaghetti strap dress. It had a bit of a poofy skirt, making it look fun and fashionable at the same time. "The place looks amazing too. You guys did a wonderful job."

Even if Bree hadn't been my student, there was no way to miss that she had been the head of the committee to get the Winter Wonderland dance off the ground. She had been working for weeks, making sure everything was perfect.

"Really?" she asked as she looked around, inspecting the place. "Thanks. I just...I hope Riley likes it."

I twisted my lips to the side with a small smile.

"Riley, huh?" I asked, thinking of the captain of the soccer team. "He'd be a fool not to."

Bree's smile lit up the room as she surprised me by throwing her arms around my waist and squeezing tight. "Thanks, Ms. Swan."

Before I was able to say anything else, she flitted away to shout at somebody who had allowed some crepe paper to fall to the floor. After finding a safe place for my coat, I went to check in with Mrs. Cope, who was sitting at the front of the gym, taking tickets.

"Ah, Ms. Swan, welcome. I've stationed you between the DJ and the refreshment table. I've assigned Mr. Cullen to assist you, that way if we run out of food one of you can run and get some while the other stays to keep an eye on things."

I tapped down the urge to squeal and do a little victory dance, and just thanked Mrs. Cope before making my way to my spot. I looked around nervously for Edward, but I didn't see him at all. Instead of eagerly staring at the entrance to the gym, I decided to be good and actually do my job. My foot tapped to the beat of some nameless pop song the DJ was spinning as I surveyed the room.

Everything looked like it was going smoothly. There was already a line of kids by the sleigh, all eager to get their pictures taken in it. A few kids were on the makeshift dance floor, but thankfully none of them were dancing close enough to make babies. Having to step up and discreetly ask teens to dance less provocatively was one of my least favorite duties.

A few kids were milling around by the snack table, and frankly, they looked a little suspicious. Before I was able to walk over and see what was up, I felt a strange flush of warmth as somebody brushed by me. I spun around to see Edward standing in front of me, looking absolutely delicious in a dark gray suit.

"Hey," I said as I checked him out. I knew it was probably wrong of me, but he was looking damn fine, and I wasn't going to let this moment pass me by.

"Hi," he replied as his own eyes took me in. "You look really pretty, Bella...um, I mean, Ms. Swan."

Edward's cheeks flushed red as he brought his hand up to his face, muttering to himself. I suppressed a giggle and closed the gap between us, placing my hand on his arm. With a quick squeeze, I tried to reassure him.

"Thank you. I'm glad you think so, Mr. Cullen."

I may have laid it on a little thick, flirtatiously drawing out his name, but I had gotten all dolled up for this dance, and I was going to bring my A-game. Granted, because we were still working, my A-game would be relegated to stolen glances and perhaps a quick flash of thigh, but I wasn't going to end this evening without Edward knowing my intentions towards him. Unfortunately, my game would have to be paused for the time being as more kids started flooding the gym.

Edward and I assumed our positions and kept an eye on things. When I turned back to the refreshment table, the group of boys was gone, and everything looked fine. All of a sudden, from the ceiling of the gym, snow started to fall down. I caught a bit with my hand, only to find that it was a mixture of paper confetti and shaved soap. Bree had really thought of everything.

Kids squealed and jumped around in the "snow," having a good time. I had to admit that this dance was truly turning into quite the success. I looked around to see if Edward was enjoying the Winter Wonderland as much as I was, only to find him hunched over and wheezing.

"Edward?" I cried out, worried that he was sick.

"I...I'll be okay," he said right before taking a huge puff of his inhaler. "I must have breathed in some of the flakes, and it caused an asthma attack."

I rubbed circles on his back as he tried to get his breathing back to normal. I probably kept my hand on him longer than necessary, but I wasn't going to miss my opportunity to touch him. Unfortunately, he finally stood back up and backed away, replacing his inhaler in his jacket pocket.

"Really," he said, his face a bit flushed. "I'm fine now."

I could tell he was embarrassed and didn't push the issue. Instead, I focused my attention to the dance floor. A bunch of kids were already out on there, but the DJ kept the music moving fast, and they were mostly dancing in large groups. I found myself tapping my foot to the beat, and when I looked over at Edward again, I saw that he might have been shaking his hips in time to the music.

When he caught me looking, he became all flustered and started mumbling five different things at once. I turned away to avoid embarrassing him any further, and when I turned back I saw that he was at the refreshment table, pouring himself a glass of punch. I couldn't help but stare as he downed the glass all in one gulp, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed. His tongue peeked out to catch a few small drops on his lips, and I might have groaned at the sight. I turned around before he could catch me, because I didn't want to make him more nervous.

When he returned to his spot, I noticed that he had another full glass of punch and some cookies. Edward caught my eye and held out the drink, offering me some. I shook my head and pointed at the cookies in his hand. Edward got the hint and walked over, handing me a cookie. I knew I had to send a stronger message, so I pulled his hand up to my mouth and took a bite out of the cookie, straight from it. Crumbs flew everywhere, and the pasty cookie felt heavy and dry in my mouth.

Not sexy at all.

"G-g-good?" he stuttered, apparently turned on by my horrible attempt at seduction.

"S'okay," I mumbled around a mouthful of cookie.

I looked around for his drink, only to be surprised that he had already down his second cup. Edward ran off to get some more punch while I tried to swallow the rest of the almost inedible cookie. While he was gone, I noticed a couple of kids dancing a bit too close for my taste. And no, it wasn't just because I was jealous. Okay, maybe a little jealous. But they looked like they were practicing their baby-making skills while clothed. It thankfully didn't take more than a clearing of my throat as I sidled up next to them to get the message across, and they sheepishly parted, allowing a few inches of space between them before starting to dance again.

Walking back to my spot, I noticed Edward had refilled his cup and was walking towards me. Before I was able to reach out and grab the drink, Bree ran up to me, effectively edging herself between us.

"Hey, Bree. Everything going okay?"

"Yup!" she said as she bounced on her toes. "It's going great! And guess what?"

She paused to give me a second but then practically burst as she kept racing to talk.

"Riley asked me to dance! I told him I just had to check on one thing and then I'd be able to. I can't believe it, but he did!"

I was thrilled for Bree and let her knew, urging her to get going and grab her dance. She didn't need to be told twice and hurried away, waving to me as she did. I saw her walk up to Riley, and I couldn't help but smile as he took her hand and led her out to the dance floor. After allowing myself a moment to feel all sentimental, I turned to look for Edward. He wasn't visible at first, but then I heard him. Or at least, I thought it was him.

It was certainly a very un-Edward-like noise.

I swore I heard a moan and looked in the direction it came from. It was definitely Edward. His tongue was out, all pink and glistening, licking the inside of the green plastic cup in his hand.

What the hell?

Edward finally caught me staring, but he didn't seem to mind.

"What?" he all but purred. "It's really good."

His words kind of strung themselves together, and his voice had suddenly dropped an octave.

"Okay," I said and continued to stare.

When he was certain that he had licked all the last remaining drops from the cup, he set it down and sighed. Then, his hand moved up to his tie, and he tugged a little, loosening it. I gawked as his long fingers then attacked a shirt button, freeing it before moving on to the next. Before he could reach a third, I rushed over and grabbed his hand.

"Edward! What are you doing?" I shouted as quietly as I could. Thankfully, the music was loud enough that I didn't think anyone heard.

Now that I was up close, I could see that Edward's face was flushed red, and the color spread further down to his now exposed neck and top of chest. I immediately moved my hand from grasping his and placed it on his forehead. He was burning up!

"Are you sick?" I asked, starting to panic.

"I don't think so..." he said. His eyes were slightly glazed as he looked at me with a lazy grin. "I mean, I'm sick over you. But I don't think I'm actually sick."

Sick over...me?

I had no clue what as wrong with him, but whatever it was had caused him to start talking in riddles. I figured I'd push him a little to see if I could get anything more out of him. I moved as close as I could without arising any suspicion from the students and whispered in his ear.

"Why would you be sick over me?"

I closed my eyes in anticipation of the answer. I only had to wait a few seconds before I got my answer, accompanied by a warm breath reeking of...coconut rum?

"Because you're B-b-bella. You're amazing. And I really, really like you. Like...like you."

I almost couldn't even concentrate on his slightly swoon worthy response as I leaned in to sniff his breath. Yup. Definitely rum.

"Have you been drinking?" I hissed, deciding to focus on the more pressing matter at hand. If Mrs. Cope or any of the other teachers spotted him, he'd be pulled into the principal's office for disciplinary actions.

"Of course not." He paused to hiccup. "...Ms. Swan. I would never drink at a school flunction. Flunction? Hah! Some of these kids probably would be better off at a flunction!"

He started laughing at his horribly unfunny joke, causing those around us to stare. I had to think quick.

"Oh, Mr. Cullen. You are quite funny." When people finally stopped looking, I growled at him. "Now shut your trap or you're going to be in big trouble!"

"Bella..." More hiccups. "The moment I laid eyes on you I was in trouble. Laid, ha! I wish!"

He continued to laugh loudly, and I finally grabbed him by the upper arm and tugged him towards the exit. As we passed a confused looking Mrs. Cope I muttered some lame excuse about Edward having a nasty stomach ache and just barreled by.

We made it out to the courtyard, but of course a few students were straggling about, trying unsuccessfully to hide the cigarette smoke that billowed out around them. I didn't have the time to reprimand them, and instead i looked around frantically for a place to take Edward.

"Room," he blurted out, and I stopped to swivel around and look at him.


"My room. My classroom," he clarified, and I was surprised to note how decent of an idea he'd had while drunk.

With my arm now around his waist supporting him, Edward and I hobbled over to another entrance and up a flight of stairs. We made it down a dark hallway until we were at his classroom. Thankfully, the door was unlocked, and I made a note to mention that the security around this place, especially on the night of a dance, wasn't so hot.

Edward collapsed into his chair, and it immediately shot backward, the wheels on the bottom propelling him across the room.

"Weeeeeeeee!" he shouted as he kicked his legs up in the air.

"Edward. Edward!"

I ended up having to yell to get his attention.

"Yes, darling Bella?" he asked, staring at me.

I gulped at his phrasing, but knew it was the alcohol talking.

"How the hell are you drunk? I know you have tenure, but they could sure as shit still fire you for being drunk at a school event!" I hissed.

"But Bella," he whined. "I'm not drunk. I swear. I don't drink! You know red wine gives me hives! All I had today was some coffee, a root beer and a glass of um..."

Edward finished off the sentence in a mumble, and I had to force him to repeat himself.

"..prune juice."

I stifled the laugh that wanted to escape and moved forward with a straight face.

"And that's it?" I challenged.

"I...uh...punch? I had some punch at the dance."

My brow furrowed as I thought back to the big bowl of red liquid at the snack table. There was no way that...

Those kids! I knew those guys that were hanging around the snack table were up to something. I totally forgot about them when Edward arrived. They must have spiked the punch. I'd let Mrs. Cope know later, but right now I had to take care of Edward. Currently, he was staring out the window, watching as his breath fogged up the glass. He was drawing things into the fog, looking more relaxed then I'd seen him in quite some time.

"C'mere Bella! Look at this!" he shouted, and I made my way over.

In the cloudy glass Edward had drawn a heart. When I looked closer I could read what he had written in the heart.

E + B

"Do you get it, Bella? That's us. You and me," he explained with a grin, and I couldn't help but smile back.

This wasn't exactly the way I had envisioned this night going, but it was better than nothing. At least I knew he had feelings for me, too.

"I get it, Edward. I really do."

We stood there, looking at the foggy letters until they disappeared and I might have given a mental fistpump when I felt Edward's hand slide around my waist, squeezing me towards him.

"Edward, I..."

Before I could even begin to tell him that we probably shouldn't do anything because he was under the influence, two slightly rum flavored lips closed over my own, making me sigh.

"Shh..." Edward whispered against my lips before he started moving his own again. His own perfectly lush, plump, delicious lips. This kiss was even better than the one we had shared before, and when his fingers started to dig into my waist and pull me closer, I may have even groaned.

I knew we were relatively safe, but I figured we should move away from the window, just in case we were spotted. I pulled Edward over to his desk and sat down on it, tugging him between my legs.

"Oh, Bella," he moaned before claiming my mouth again. His kisses were slightly sloppy this time, but I hardly noticed as his hands started traveling up and down my sides. I had never seen this side of Edward before...so strong and sure. His hands slid up to cup my breasts and his fingers pinched my now tight nipples. Edward's lips moved from my own to trail a path of hot kisses down my jaw, neck and collarbone. While his mouth was busy marking my neck, his hands traveled down, pushing up the edge of my skirt.

His palm quickly found its way up to my underwear, and I was secretly glad I had opted for a satin pair. Edward's thumb pressed up again the now wet material, and I groaned, wanting more. My own hand slipped down and stroked him through his pants. He was hard, and from what I could feel, nicely equipped. We stroked each other through our clothes, each of us panting and moaning.

"Fuck, Bella!" Edward shouted, causing me to look up. His eyes were dark, while beads of sweat started dotting his forehead. His lower lip was tugged into his mouth as I felt his hips thrust into my hand. I was doing my own thrusting, trying to get his hand exactly where I wanted it. I was so close, and once his thumb moved up slightly to press down on my clit, I was done for. I started shuddering, and I swore I could feel Edward shaking as well. As I rode out my orgasm, I tried my best to keep stroking Edward, hoping to get him off as well. I heard him curse and then "Bella!" slipped from his lips.

I mentally patted myself on the back for doing such a good job, even while hazy from my own climax, and kept pumping him through his pants. Edward leaned over me, letting out a loud moan, and then he...

...threw up.

Fortunately, he missed me and most of his desk, as rum-laced vomit splattered all over the floor, just shy of his wastebasket. I did my best to slip out from under him as Edward slumped against the desk.

"Ung..." he moaned before emptying his stomach yet again. I rushed over to the sink in his classroom and filled up his "I heart biology" mug with some water and grabbed some paper towels before checking in on Edward. He was no longer leaning against the table, and instead was sitting on the floor, thankfully away from the puddle of puke, cradling his head in his hands.

"Edward?" I whispered, not wanting to make things worse. "I, um, got you some water."

He kept his head down, so I placed the mug and a few paper towels to his side before using the rest to try and wipe up what I could. Realizing we couldn't avoid the issue forever, I slid down the wall and sat next to him, lightly placing my hand on his shoulder.

"You okay?" I asked, fearful of his answer.

"I've been better," he replied with a snort.

I noticed the water was gone, so at least he'd re-hydrated. I dug around in my purse and found a mint, which Edward took eagerly. As he chewed on the mint, I tried to think of something to say that would make the last five minutes disappear.

"I'm such an idiot Bella. I'm so sorry."

I craned my neck to see that Edward was now looking at me with a pitiful expression.

"What do you have to be sorry for?" I asked, hoping to lighten the mood. "That fuckawesome kiss by the window?"

"Bella!" Edward cried, and then groaned, as his shout probably made his head ring. After a few beats of silence, he continued. "But yeah, it kind of was fuckawesome. Huh?"

"Yup," I agreed and then decided to just go for it. "And I'd really like the chance to try it again. You know, when you're not drunk or tossing your cookies."

Edward's eyes widened, and he took my hand in his, slowly rubbing his thumb against my skin.

"I'd like that too, Bella. I really would."

We sat there in comfortable silence for a few minutes, and I knew we probably needed to either get back, or at least check in with Mrs. Cope before somebody started looking for us. I gathered up Edward's mug, but before I could stand up, Edward tugged on my arm, getting my attention.

"Would you...I mean, would you like to go out on a date. A real one? Like, without students and spiked punch and fake snow?"

I nodded eagerly and helped him stand up. Edward wobbled a little bit, but I supported him as he regained his balance.

"I'd really like that a lot, Edward."

I grinned to myself as we walked back downstairs, arm in arm. Right before we turned the corner towards the gym, Edward pulled me towards him, and pressed me up against the wall. His head hovered near mine and all of a sudden I felt his lips ghost my cheek.

"I promise our real first date will go a whole lot smoother," he whispered, before righting himself again.

I snickered, having a feeling that nothing would ever go smoothly with Edward, but not caring a bit about it.

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