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Lenalee let out a half-hearted sigh as she reached home. Lavi closed the door after the three of them entered the living room. No one was home, so the whole house was silent. Well, too silent, to be exact.

"I'll head back to my room. Thanks guys, for… showing me the truth," Lenalee turned to give them an exhausted smile, "Sorry for wasting your time." She quickly ran up the stairs, disappearing into the second floor in seconds.

"Hey, Yuu, what's with her?" Lavi jutted a thumb in her direction. Kanda shrugged and looked away. "How should I know- And don't you call me by my first name!"

A toothy grin graced Lavi's lips. "Yuu's forever so sensitive~" Then his goofy grin was reduced to a solemn expression. "I don't know what the details were during the visit, but Lenalee sure felt bad for what happened." Kanda glared at the redhead from the corner of his eye. "It's not my business to care about it."

"Yuu's so mean~"


Lenalee closed the bedroom door and leaned on it. She shakily put a hand over her eyes, tears threatening to fall.

No, she can't cry, Lenalee chided at herself, she can't cry over such things.

I'm so useless. All I can do is to stand at the sidelines and watch them suffer. I'm the one who should be punished! Why am I enjoying such a life? I'm such a pathetic person.

She heard a muffled rumble and she looked up. Outside, the ominous clouds stretched it dark sides all over the sky. She don't know why she did that, but she swung open the door, exited the house and into the backyard.

A drop of rain plopped down her face. It was cold water against warm skin, and the light drizzle soon turned into a heavy downpour. Lenalee closed her eyes and let the cool sensation embrace her, taking away all her troubles.

She felt warm liquid rolled down her cheeks. Was it rain? Could it be-

No, it must be rain.

The torrent never ceased, but it's not like she wanted it to stop. How she wished it would never end, and keep on submerging her in this feeling. But the look on Allen's face was not washed away along with the other guilt. It remained stuck in her mind, haunting her.

His name escaped her lips. Over and over again.

Then, she could imagine him giving her the usual smile. "Lenalee," He would say, "Don't ever give up, alright?"

When she finally opened her eyes, the rain also started to cease.

"For you." A smile found its way to her lips. She looked up at the sky. The dark clouds were retreating, as the bright sky shone from behind, like how a piece of cardboard blocked the light emitting from the torchlight.

Lenalee slowly turned her body and walked back into the house. Lavi was in the living room, drowning himself with his favourite music tracks. When his eyes fell on Lenalee, he swore his eyes popped out.

"Lenalee! What did you do? Did you fall into the pool or something?" He exclaimed, wrenching his earpieces out. The said girl sheepishly grinned. "Er… Scusa?" Lavi shook his head with a smile. "Ya better get washed up, you'll gonna catch a cold!"

Next Day

"LENALEEEEEEEEEE!" A bell-like voice jolted her awake. Right after that, she felt like she was being suffocated at her mid-section, causing her to yelp. Lenalee was officially fully awake, and she looked down to see Road hugging her.

"R-Road! What are you doing here so early?" Lenalee exclaimed, while she combed her bed hair.

Road giggled before lying on her back, head on her palms. "To see you~ Don't you remember? We're supposed to meet up today!"

Lenalee scratched her head, trying to remember.

Road cutely pouted. "Never mind! Get dressed! I'll wait for ya downstairs!" With that, she hopped off the bed and skipped out of the room.

Still a little confused, Lenalee got out of bed and prepared herself.

When she got down, Road was fidgeting in her seat, like a firework that is about to go off.

And it did.

"LENALEE! What took you so long?" She exclaimed with a wide grin on her face. The said girl sat down beside her with an exhausted sigh. "But you're so early, Road! Did you have breakfast? What about we go the dining ro-"

Road cut her off. "Let's go the town near the harbour to have breakfast!" Lenalee started to protest, and a flash of annoyance crossed Road's face before it was gone like the wind.

"Come on," she pleaded. "Please?"

Lenalee let out another sigh before giving in.


As Road pulled Lenalee out of the house, Lavi came down with a yawn. His eyes followed the closing door. "I wonder what Road's doing this early in the morning. Oh well, time to eat!"

The two girls were eating breakfast in the café, just next to the sea. Lenalee sipped her coffee as the sea breeze blew by, playing with her hair. Road nibbled on a lollipop, eyes never leaving the vast, blue sea.

"The sea's so beautiful today… Maybe I can get in a boat to sail the sea…" Road exhaled.

A smile crept up Lenalee's lips at the sight and she turned around to call for a waiter.

"I would like to have an Italian cheesecake, please," she told the waiter, "Would you like anything, Road? Road?"

Lenalee turned to face her cousin, and realised she was just facing air. The seat was empty, even the lollipop was gone. The only sign of Road's presence was the lollipop's stick on the table.

Lenalee thought that Road has gone to the bathroom, so she let it be and sent the waiter off. But even after the cheesecake has arrived, and she was halfway done with it, Road was not back yet.

Worry started to gnaw its way to Lenalee's heart, and from eating her food became poking her food. Road couldn't take that long in the restroom, could she? Maybe she had gone to buy some more sweets, so she waited. But she never returned.

Not able to withstand the anxiety anymore, Lenalee left the café (of course after paying for the things). And began to look for her dear cousin around the town, but to no avail. She went to every sweet shop, toy shop, any kind that Road would go. Still, she couldn't find any sign of that petite girl.

Lenalee sat on the fountain located at the heart of the town. Where could she be? Lenalee furrowed her eyebrows. She turned her head to look at the flowing water in the large fountain, and the coins thrown by visitors in hopes of their wishes to come true. It's not like she was in the mood to make a wish, though, but the water struck a memory.

The sea's so beautiful today… Maybe I can get in a boat to sail the sea…

That's it, Lenalee shot up from her sitting position, she must have gone to the harbour and looked for a boat!

She dashed to the harbour, brushing pass people as she ran. When the harbour finally reached her view only then did she slowed down to catch her breath. She looked for any boats and was a little astonished to find only one large stationary cabin boat. Not wasting her time, she ran down to where the boat is. Surprisingly, the door was open, as if beckoning her to enter. Lenalee gulped. After all, it's just one peek right?

She stepped in. The lights were not turned on, she was tempted to do so, but the boat owner may realise the presence of a thief, so she let it be.

"Road?" She managed a whisper.

"Over here." Lenalee swore she could have cried tears of joy when she heard Road's voice. She's never going to dread that bell-like voice again.

"Road, where have you be-" The cabin door slammed shut behind her. Lenalee gasped and spun around, only to look into darkness.

Someone turned on the light, and Road's beaming face greeted her, just a few inches away from her face.

"Road!" Lenalee exclaimed, taking a few steps back. "Stop staring at me like that!"

Road suppressed a giggle. "Sorry!"

Then it changed in a split second. That angelic grin of hers twisted into an evil, sadistic crescent smile. "Heh, so sorry, Lenalee." But that sentence didn't even contain any single tinge of apology in it.

"W-What's going on, Road?" Lenalee's eyes widened in fear, and took a few more steps back, only to bump into something. Or someone.

A hand found its way to her throat and tightened its grip. The poor female choked and struggled, but her capturer held her tight.

"Don't kill her, Tyki," Road whined and strolled towards Lenalee, a malicious smirk across her face.

"W-What do you w-want?" Lenalee's tone showed that she was running out of air. Road giggled and walked around her. "Well, let's say you're wanted. By the Noah family."

As she finished, people emerged from all places. They all looked different, but the only similarity was the vicious gleam in their eyes.

"We've been looking for you, Heart."


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