Sid was currently busy with the autopsy. He found this case fascinating as he had been told about what happened to the victim when she arrived, so that Sid could start with his job. When he was younger, he was very interested in mythology. Especially greek mythology. So he knew the story about Pandora's box. Pandora was very beautiful and charming, she could therefore get any guy she liked. She was also very powerful as she had been blessed by the greek gods. Pandora had her own box, when opened by her, it unleashed many terrible things on mankind. Many were scared of her as they had heard of the mystery with the box, but no one could guess how bad it could get if Pandora ever opened her box.

Sid knew that Pandora could cause major injuries to people she did not like. There were countless of stories where Pandora did manipulate men so they would become her new love interest. It did not matter if that person already had a girlfriend or a wife, as Pandora was able to be cruel. She could therefore do anything to get the competition out or her way, even if that meant that the woman died in a painful way. Both mental torture and psycical torture. It often seemed to be an accident, and usually no one saw how it happened. As Pandora loved water, many of these stories happened near water no matter if it were a river, lake, the sea or something else. These stories was just rumours and never got confirmed. Yet, many people believed in them. So if Pandora wanted someone or something, they gave it to her instead of taking the fight. Which they would lose.

Suddenly, Mac came into the room. As Sid was almost done, it was alright. Mac didn't know about Sid's previous interest about Greek mythology, so he didn't know that Sid had his own theory about the case. Mac thought Sid just would just say the cause of death. He couldn't be more wrong.


While Mac was in the autopsy room, there was a lot of activity in the lab. Hawkes was running several tests, as he had the victim's clothes. But he also wanted to run some DNA tests. Of course, he was not the only one in the lab working on the case. Adam Ross was there to help him, just like a couple of other laboratory technicians. Hawkes took the DNA samples and did let Adam run these tests, so that he could concentrate on the clothes.

Stella was working too, as she tried to do a background check. As she wanted to get more information about the victim and her husband, Jeff Brown. It seemed like both had been conscientious, as they never had gotten a parking fine or done something worse. She even called Flack at the police station to confirm that. So far, it seemed like Mr and Mrs Brown were a happy, married couple. It didn't seem like there were any problems between them, which some neighbours, friends and family members could confirm. They surely had their ups and downs, but handled it well. There was never any violence or sign that any of them would be aggressive. Stella couldn't help it, but she got a flashback. Somehow, this case did remind her of her ex-boyfriend Frankie. She never expected that he would become aggressive and treat her badly in her own apartment. She thought that something similar could have happened to Mr and Mrs Brown, just that Jeff chose to hurt his wife in public instead. She was unsure though, and wasn't sure if she could talk about this theory with anyone.

But she didn't have to think about it. As Mac came up to the lab again and went to Stella. He was still confused after the conversation with Sid, and did not know what to believe. Stella could finally focus on something else.

"Looks like this case became even more complicated now," Mac said, still being confused.

"What do you mean? What did Sid say about case of death?" Stella replied as she got surprised.

"The skull injury was the cause of death. As it caused a cerebral haemorrhage. It became her death. She had some minor injuries and severe internal bleeding in other parts of her body as well. Our victim was definitely murdered. She couldn't cause those wounds on her own. Especially not the skull injury, even if we don't know how she got it yet. She probably got it somehow when she fell, but she must had hitten something really hard before she ended up in the water. Sid was talking about greek mythology, and Pandora's box. He believes that our victim could had been murdered because of the box, as Pandora never sleeps. Either that, or that someone else was able to open the box. "

"Mac, wait a second. I am not sure I understand what you are talking you repeat that and explain what Pandora's box has got to do with our victim?" Stella was both surprised and confused. She knew that Sid could come with strange stories, but this story didn't make sense at all. And Mac sounded like he was Sid when he said her the story.

Mac sighed and tried to give another explanation. But as a matter of fact, he found it weird too. So he wasn't surprised that Stella didn't understand what he tried to say. "Sid is very interested in greek mythology. There is a story about Pandora and her box. Pandora was such beautiful and charming, and used to get everything she wanted. Partly because she had a box, and when she opened it; she could destroy earth and kill everyone. She could do anything with this box. But she could also use her own looks to get what she wanted. Many were amazed when they saw her and forgot everything else around them. Just to stare at Pandora. As she was blessed by greek gods, people thought she had got special gifts too. So they wanted to please her, as it would make people satisfied and stop worrying about things going bad. But what people didn't know was that Pandora could live forever, unless she would meet a special one. Someone who truly loved Pandora for the one she was. But she needed to truly love that person too. She needed true love to break the spell. The greek version of "The Beauty and the beast". Sid also mentioned that Pandora wasn't that strong and good at manipulation as many thought she was. To be honest, she was weak. Sid actually wrote a verse on a paper, as Pandora apparently fell in love once. So she wrote what she felt. But that guy didn't respond to her feelings.

Mac gave her the note so she could read it. Stella took it and started to read it out loud.

"I lie to you every day
I'm too cowardly to say the truth
To show that I am really weak
Deep in the bottom of my sea
Is there a broken little box
It is yours if you want
Make my day"

Stella was still confused and didn't know what to say. The story was totally unbelievable. Mac noticed it and started to speak again. "I know that it sounds confusing, but that's what Sid believes. I have no idea why. He has two theories; Pandora is still alive somehow and wants Mr Brown and wanted to make her competition, Mrs Brown, to disappear, which I find very unrealistic. Or, Mr Brown murdered his wife while no one noticed it. Which is strange too. By the way, did you or anyone else here in the lab find anything yet?

Stella finally was able to open her mouth and say some words. "No, Hawkes is still processing the clothes. Adam should be finished with the DNA tests soon. And I didn't find anything strange in the couple's past. Everything seemed to be fine. Flack was able to confirm it too."