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Author: CobraStyleLove
Pairings: SLASH! M/M LOVING! Don't like, don't read! Ted/Cody (Rhodiase), Randy/Evan (Bournton? :S). Maybe more later, but you know, first Slash fic, first wrestling fic and all that. Want to take it easy :')
Summary: Cody is slutting around, sleeping with anybody he can get his hands on, after he gets rejected by Phil, and Ted's sick of watching his best friend go downhill. But why does he care so much? Evan's finally on Raw, and he's getting a lot of attention from the other wrestlers- including Randy.

Like I said, first slash, so take it easy on me, please? I'm just trying out new things here. I love reading it, so it's about time I wrote it I guess.

'Where the hell have you been!?'

These were the welcoming words Cody Rhodes heard as he re-entered the hotel room he shared with his best friend, Ted DiBiase, after being gone for around four hours. He brushed Ted off, his head pounding slightly from the alcohol intake he'd had. He could feel it coursing through his blood, and he hadn't wanted to come back, but he'd known Ted would have a hissy fit if he stayed out too late. He was like his father, or something.

'Out?' he responded, finally, to the question, and the tall blonde scowled at him, folding his arms across his chest. He'd had enough of Cody crawling back into the hotel room, drunk and ruffled, at... he paused to check the time on the clock, and took a sharp breath in. Well, it was a new record tonight. He'd never been this late before. It was three am, and he'd stayed up all night waiting for his friend to finally get back.

'Cody.' he growled, as the brunette walked over to the bed, in a surprisingly steady manner, before slumping down on to his bed, and pulling a pillow over his head.

'Go away, Ted!' Cody moaned, his voice muffled by the material over his mouth, and Ted felt a stab of anger. He stayed up every night, just waiting to make sure the boy was okay- could he even be a little grateful? Ted didn't even know what had made Cody turn to the alcohol, and the one night stands, but whatever it was he was going to sort it out.

He sighed, and sat down on the bed, besides the small figure, resting a hand on his shoulder. 'Codes? Tell me what's happened...' he muttered, frowning as his hand was shaken off, and the younger man rolled over onto his side, his back facing the blonde man.

'Lemme sleep...' Cody slurred, groaning as his head started to thud again, painfully. He sat up quickly, which proved to be a bad idea, as the headache became more pronounced. Hell, if he was like this now, the morning didn't bear thinking about. 'Need some painkillers.' he mumbled, and Ted got up quickly, knowing not to push him now, as he headed into the bathroom to get the tablets. Whatever it was, Cody would tell him in his own time...but Ted didn't know how much longer he could wait, watching his best friend come down like a pack of cards.

Evan Bourne grinned, his cheeks flushed, as another drink was put down in front of him. He'd won his first match at Raw, and everyone seemed to want to buy him drinks, as a load of the roster had headed out to the town after the show, and they were at their first bar of the night, having not decided whether they would move on yet.

'Thank you.' He smiled at Shawn Michaels shyly, staring down at the new drink, and cocking his head to the side, trying to determine what it was, before shrugging and taking a sip of the sweet drink. Whatever it was, it tasted good, so he didn't see the point in wasting it.

He looked around, watching Chris Jericho talking animatedly to his two fellow Canadians, Jason Reso and Adam Copeland, before all three began to laugh raucously. The Hardy Boyz were besides them, followed by others from the roster, Mike Mizanin, Jake Hager and Randy Orton. Evan smiled to himself again, staring down at the wooden table before him. He couldn't believe he was finally on Raw- and with his best friend, Jake, too. Of course they were on opposite sides, but they always would be, and that was just for the television. They could do whatever the hell they wanted outside of the ring.

Evan had been so pleased, when he'd gotten the call, telling him that they wanted him to be promoted to Raw, and leave ECW. Of course, he'd disliked the idea of leaving his friends behind, but was consoled with the fact that he could still see them, even if it wasn't as much. And he always had Jake.

He pushed his now empty glass away from him, feeling slightly light-headed, after all the drinks that had been practically forced onto him, excusing himself from the table, and squeezing past John Morrison and Phil, to get out. Heading off to the bathroom, he found himself fighting a battle to get past the hoards of moving bodies on the dancefloor.

When he finally managed to get out of there, he dove in through the doors leading to the toilets, and splashed water on his face from the taps, the quenching heat of the bar getting to him, along with the alcohol consumption. The night wasn't half over yet, by the looks of things, and already he was stumbling around. He couldn't accept another drink...though he doubted they would take no for an answer.

Feeling a little cooler, the ravenette walked back out of the doors, standing on the outskirts of the dancefloor and contemplating what the best route to get through was, when he felt himself being pushed hard against the wall. He gave a small 'oof' as he fell back, thinking someone had banged into him on accident, and trying to apologize, before he felt lips attacking his neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin there. His eyes widened, and he tried to push the attacker off of him, getting nowhere- the other person was obviously a man, and a lot taller and stronger than him. Evan gulped, turning his head to the side, in an attempt to get free of the lips, but the man just pulled his head back around, grabbing onto his chin too tightly, making the smaller man wince.

'Please...' Evan groaned, trying to wriggle free of the mans grasp, but finding himself a lot weaker than usual, thanks to the tiredness the alcohol was beginning to make him feel. Lips found his and he tossed his head, before biting down hard on the lip of the other man, making him yelp and fly away from him, a hand to his lip, which was bleeding. Evan felt the metallic taste in his mouth, and rubbed it self consciously, staring at the other man in disbelief.

'Son of a-' the pale, ginger man dove forward, his Irish accent rough with anger, as he tried to get away.

'Sheamus, what the fuck do you think you're doing?' Jake thundered, as he came onto the scene. He'd gotten up to get to the bathroom, only to find his best friend being molested by the older man. He growled, and the British man decided it wasn't worth a fight, leaving hurriedly, as Evan slumped to the floor, weak from his struggle. He'd had trouble with the man when they'd both been on ECW, but he'd never actually done something like this before.

'Evvy? You alright?' Jake rushed forward, hauling his friend up gently, and staring into his face. 'Evvy?'

'Mmfine.' Evan sighed, shaking his head to try and get rid of the tiredness. He was too drunk to even be that bothered about what had just happened, but Jake knew that in the morning he'd remember and crack. It was a good thing they were sharing a room, so that the blonde could keep an eye on his friend.

'Lets get back to the hotel...' Jake sighed, his blood boiling at the thought of what Sheamus could have done, if he hadn't turned up. One thing for sure, he was going to make sure he and Evan didn't get into anymore trouble. And he'd get Sheamus back for what he'd done, as best he could. He gritted his teeth, his jaw clenching, as he dragged Evan back through the crowd, explaining to the rest of the group that they were leaving, and flagging down a cab, daring the driver to refuse them.

Cody prised his eyes open the next morning, stifling a groan at the thump, thump, thump in his head. He would have thought he'd be used to the hangover's by now, but no...they still stung like a bitch. He rolled onto his side, to see Ted in the next bed, fast asleep, his chest heaving with each breath. He was completely out of it, which was a good thing, as far as Cody thought. That meant he had a while till he was confronted again.

He slid out from under the warm covers of the bed, walking as quietly as he could to the shared bathroom, taking careful steps, so as not to wake his sleeping friend up. He brushed his teeth three times over, trying to get the bitter taste out of his mouth, before moving his jaw experimentally. It felt a bit sore, for some reason he couldn't quite remember. He just hoped he hadn't picked a fight with somebody who'd hold a grudge against him.

Turning to lock the door, Cody got into the shower, trying to wash the scent of alcohol and sex off of him. He couldn't even remember who he'd been with last night...he racked his brain for the answer, and conjured up memories of platinum blonde hair, and slightly orange skin. Of course. Nick. Or Dolph Ziggler, as he was known in the ring, and at work. Cody wrinkled his nose up a little. He had nothing against the guy- he seemed nice enough-, but he couldn't believe he'd managed to fall into bed with him. Then again...he'd found himself in much worse predicaments, over the last few weeks. Ever since...he brushed the thought from his head, slipping out of the shower, and turning the water off hurriedly.

Realizing he hadn't brought his clothes with in him, in his hurry to get the scent off him, and to stop Ted from waking, he wrapped the towel around his waist, and chewed on his lower lip. He might wake the blonde, if he spend too long trying to find clothes. He slid out of the bathroom, his eyes resting on the wardrobe at the far end of the room. It didn't take him long to find some clothes, and Cody headed back to the bathroom to change, pleased with himself, as Ted was still fast asleep.

Ted sighed a little, as his eyes flickered open. He hadn't been able to get to sleep for a while, even after Cody had managed too. He kept thinking the younger man would just leave in the middle of the night, because he hadn't had enough to drink or whatever. His fears were confirmed, when he noticed the empty bed besides him, and he sat up hurriedly, slipping out of the bed.

'Cody!?' he called, his voice angry, as his eyes searched the room, before he heard a muffled reply from the bathroom, and he sighed in relief. 'Cody...'

'What?' The brunette pulled the door open, staring at his friend in a disheveled way, pulling his shirt over his head, his hair pulled this way and that. Cody moved back into the room, annoyed that Ted was awake already. He'd been hoping to slip out when he was asleep, so he would be long gone by the time his friend woke up.

'You're still here.' Ted muttered, sitting back down on his bed, feeling a little stupid for thinking Cody would have disappeared again. Not that anyone could blame him. Everybody knew what that boy was up to these days, and there were those few that actually cared, that worried about him and tried to stop him. Nobody could reason with him, though. Ted stared at Cody for a moment, squinting at him.

'What?' the man asked frowning at his friend, folding his arms across his chest, daring him to ask him what he'd done last night. He'd tell him every last detail, if he wanted, despite the fact that that probably wasn't what the blonde needed to know.

'You're wearing one of my shirts.' Ted raised an eyebrow, gesturing at the red tee shirt Cody had on. He looked down at himself, seeing that the older man was right, before shrugging. It was the first shirt he'd managed to get his hands on.

'Well, if it bothers you that much...' his hands fumbled with the hem, as he started to pull it over his head, before it was pulled back down, and he saw Ted laughing at him.

'Of course, it doesn't. What's mine is yours, right?' he smiled easily, leaving Cody wondering when exactly the assault of questions was going to begin. 'Lets go get breakfast, huh?'

The brunette nodded at his long time friend and tag team partner, thinking he'd managed to escape the questions, as they headed out of the room. But Ted wouldn't forget. He never did. He just had to find the right time, instead of charging in like he had last time. If Cody needed time, he'd give him it. But he didn't have a lot of patience.

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