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Summary: Cody is slutting around, sleeping with anybody he can get his hands on, after he gets rejected by Phil, and Ted's sick of watching his best friend go downhill. But why does he care so much? Evan's finally on Raw, and he's getting a lot of attention from the other wrestlers- including Randy.

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I didn't really want to dwell too much on Evan's experience. I mean it'd get boring, because every chapter would be about that for a while. Obviously, he's still getting over it, but he's strong, okay? So this chapter is like a few weeks after it. And focuses a bit more on Teddy and Cody, you'll see why.

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For the second time that week, Evan woke with a start, in a cold sweat. The nightmares had only started two weeks previous, but they were frequent and he wasn't ashamed to say they scared him. Even though Batista was no longer around in reality, he was slowly creeping into his mind, Evan had a long way to go before he would feel fully comfortable and healed. He still bore marks on his body from the attack, and they were fading too slowly for his liking.

Mr McMahon had actually allowed him to take two weeks paid leave, and he'd decided to get away for a while, and vacation.

He'd been surprised at Vince's good treatment, but then he'd almost had a heart attack.

Randy had decided to accompany him, apparently feeling the need to make sure the younger man was safe. Despite Evan's protests, Randy was stubborn, so they both ended up traveling to a quiet resort in Florida. Evan couldn't exactly say he didn't like the company- he was starting to feel differently about Randy... it was more than just attraction. But he knew that the Viper could have anyone he wanted, and he was just being so nice out of pity.

Which brought him to the fact that the man was currently snoring softly in the other bed. Yeah, he was still staying in his room wherever they went. Again, Randy's idea. And, again, Evan had protested- until the older man pointed out it would mean Jack and Cena could finally room together. Then he'd had to agree, feeling guilty about keeping his best friend away from his partner.

Thankfully, Randy knew nothing about the nightmares. Yet. Evan knew it'd just make him more protective, and make him worry. He just wanted to forget everything.


Cody frowned, as he watched his Teddy laughing and joking with Jack ahead of the group, as they walked into a cafe. He couldn't help but feel jealous- which was stupid because Teddy was his and Jack was with Cena... but he wasn't sure whether Ted really was his. They still hadn't consummated their relationship, and, at first, Cody had put it down to Ted's wanting to take it slow, and look after him.

But now he just wasn't sure if the blonde even wanted him.

"Hey Codes? You okay, there?" Cena looked in the direction the younger man was glaring at, confused. Had he an Ted argued, or something?

The brunette's ears burned at being caught staring and moping. "Yeah, course. Never been better." There was a slight hint of sarcasm injected in his tone.

"Aw, some on, Coddles." John teased, dimples on show as he grinned widely. "Tell Momma John your problems and all will be well."

The younger raised his eyebrows skeptically, smirking despite himself. "Momma John, huh? Sounds kinky..." They both laughed, as they reached an empty table, their partners queuing up to order.

"But really... nobody wants to see you frown. What's wrong?" Cena was serious now. Cody still didn't know him all that well, but the guy was being kind, and actually seemed worried. He couldn't help but spill.

"It's nothing really... just... well, me and Teddy, we haven't...haven't... y'know."

John raised his eyebrows, confused. He wasn't sure what the brunette was getting at. "Haven't what, Cody?"

Cody groaned out of frustration. "We haven't fucked, okay?" He blurted, unable to stop when he began. "We've been together for over a month now, and we've known each other since forever... I mean, I know Teddy's my soulmate. But it's like he doesn't feel the same way, like he doesn't want me or somethin'..." His cheeks flushed, and he ducked his head, embarrassed. "I need him to want me back."

John was in a state of apparent shock. The fact that the two younger men hadn't been together intimately yet... it was unbelievable. And Cody was clearly frustrated by it. The older man glanced up to where Ted and Jack were nearing the till. "Of course he feels the same way, everyone can see that! My guess would be that Teddy doesn't wanna rush it... you know, after the last few months you've had. He just wants to take care of you."

The brunette sighed and nodded. But he still looked pretty upset and unconvinced.

"Look, Codes... if you really want it to to happen that much talk to Jeff Hardy about it. Trust me, he's the man to help."

Despite Cody's confused expression, John refused to expand on his meaning any further.


Jack glanced over at their table, watching John and Cody laughing at something. He couldn't help noticing that Ted had looked over a few times, with a slightly jealous look on his face. Which was odd, because (obviously), there was nothing between the two. He hoped. But, really... "Something wrong, DiBiase?"

The other blonde jumped a little, automatically looking guilty about something. "Wrong? Nothin's wrong... why? Do yer think there's something' wrong?"

"Clearly. Come on, man... you keep looking over there like you're scared of those idiots." Jack kept an eye on him, as the check-out lady registered their items.

"Scared how, exactly?" Ted half-heartedly tried to laugh it off, unable to keep himself from sneaking a look back at Cody.

Jack didn't want to push it and was about let it go, when the blonde spoke again, after a few minutes, as the paid the woman.

"Do ya think Cody's... fragile? I mean, given the last few months, what he did to himself..."

The larger man hadn't expected that but he merely shrugged complacently. "I guess. I mean, everyone's noticed that he's a lot more thenthitive about hith feelings now... but he's also a lot strong than we think."

Ted hadn't realized that Jack was so observant, but he didn't comment on it. "Maybe. But I don't want to rush things... but it's like Cody feels the absolute opposite."

"How do you mean?" this was accompanied by an arched eyebrow.

The slighter man's cheeks flushed with embarrassment, as he ducked his head, as they started to make their way back to the table. "It's just, we haven't, uh, made love." The expected sneer didn't arrive, so he continued with more confidence. "Because I don't want to push it too soon... but it seems like Cody really wants it. I know I should trust his feelings, and God knows, I want it too! But I only just got him, Jack.. maybe he doesn't want a relationship with me, maybe it's just sex. Or what if it pushed him away from me again?"

Jack stared at him, cornflower eyes wide. "Are you serious? Ted, that kid adores you! He always had... it just took him a while to realize how much. Just do what you think is right. When the time comes to make that decision, you'll both know, okay?" He smiled reassuringly, before walking a little faster. "Come on, I bet they're starving, by now."


Evan wandered back to the hotel, after visiting a nearby convenience store. He carried a brown paper bag full of all kinds of junk food. He knew he'd easily work it all off in the gym, and right now he just wanted to indulge in himself. Nobody would argue with him, after what had happened.

He took the elevator up to their floor- feeling a twinge of guilt for not walking; as he had to keep fit- and it didn't take long. Two minutes later, and he was just rounding the corner by his room, when he heard hushed voice, and stopped, staying behind the wall.

"Yeah, but he's back wrestling now..." he recognized the voice as that of Zack Ryder. He frowned, wondering who they could be talking about. He couldn't think of anyone who had been off for injury, or anything like that...

"I still can't believe Batista got fired, though. Thought McMahon would keep him, despite what happened..." Curt Hawkins... and it wasn't hard to figure out who they were discussin, causing Evan to frown deeply.

"Who would have though it? The pussy Evan Bourne the one who managed to get rid of Dave..." Zack laughed mockingly. He and Evan had never gotten along, back in their ECW days, and apparently, he held a grudge.

"He's even weaker now, I bet, after Dave had his wicked way with him." Curt sneered, as the two disappeared into a room, leaving Evan upset and sick to his stomach.

Sure, he was more cautious, more sensitive now... but he'd never classed himself as weak. There was no way he could have stopped Dave! The man was a hell of a lot bigger than him. It didn't mean he was weak... did it?

Cradling the paper bad to his cheat, the ravenette hurried off along the corridor, to the room he shared with Randy. Not only had Batista hurt him and shred his dignity, he'd made him weak, too. He hated him with every ounce of his body. When he entered the room he tried to compose himself, not wanting to alert Randy to the face that something was wrong.

"Evan? You're back soon..." the Viper had emerged from the bathroom when he'd heard the door, clearly having been hurried- he had a towel sling low around his hips, and water was still trickling down his abs.

Evan almost dropped his purchases at the sight.

"Oh, um... yes, sorry." he walked past him hurriedly, his voice slightly shaky. He set the bag down on the coffee table, in the area which served as a lounge. "I didn't mean to hurry you." the ravenette quickly sat down on the couch, back to Randy, trying to wipe the images of a half naked Randy from his mind.

Randy frowned. He'd grown accustomed to the younger man, so he knew something was up straight away. "Ev?" he walked to stand in front of the man, forgetting that he wasn't too modestly dressed. "What's the matter? Have I done something?"

"No, no! Nothing's wrong..." Evan averted his gaze, cheeks reddening before he frowned thinking about the 'Edgehead's'. "I have a headache, that's all."

Randy sighed, but decided to let it go after a moment, instead opting to go and change, as he realized his predicament. Apologizing, when he thought how awkward it must be for Evan, he dashed off into the bedroom.

He wasn't long, and he grabbed the phone off his bedside table as he passed. "Shall I order a chinese, Ev?"

The younger merely nodded, turning the small television on with the remote. Luckily, CSI was on- a show he loved. Randy knew something was wrong, buy he also knew Evan would tell him in his own time.


Cody took a deep breath, as he looked at the door marked 512. He wasn't even sure why he was here, but John had recommended it. Jeff Hardy would be the man to help him. And he needed help with this whole celibate- Teddy thing, that was for sure. He was practically a monk. A hot, chiseled, non-bald monk... but a monk.

"Suck it up, Cody. Man up." he muttered to himself, feeling like an idiot for being scared of the Hardy brothers. They could be rather overpowering at times- especially Jeff.

Before he could pussy out, he rapped on the door with his fist- just lightly. Part of him was hoping nobody would be in. That way, he could say he tried at least, but not have to embarrass himself. Unfortunately, the door swung open, revealing a very colorful Jeff. His hair had violet streaks today, and he wore a black fishnet top, paired with tight, purple jeans. Cody had to admit the man was sexy. Definitely the one to help.

"If it isn't pretty little Rhodes..." the elder man looked him up and down, smirking at Cody's blush. He loved making people uncomfortable... he knew his straight edge Prince would scold him, though. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Uhm, well..." Cody flushed an even deeper red, unsure what to say to him. "I have a...uh, problem. And I was told you could... help me...maybe..." he cowered away from the piercing gaze. "Or not. Never mind, I'll go away."

"No! Come in, Rhodes..." Jeff pushed the door open fully, eager to hear what Cody had to say. "Tell me all...I'm sure I can help... especially if it's anything to do with sex, and I'm guessing it is. That's what people usually need my assistance for, anyway..." he giggled rather childishly, making Cody uncertain, as he followed him into the room.

Jeff pushed him down onto the bed, despite loud protests, and sat himself down in one of the leather chairs. It was beginning to feel like a therapy session, and nothing had even been said yet.

"So, what's up?" the enigma prompted him to begin, trying to smile reassuringly. It didn't settle the younger man's nerves in the slightest.

"Erm, well, Teddy and I have been...dating, yeah?" the brunette began, receiving a nod in reply. "And it's been a while now, really, and... see..." he sighed, blushing profusely, and frowning, before spitting it all out in one go. "I want Teddy to fuck me into the next century and he won't because he wants to go slow with me."

Jeff almost laughed, before he realized that poor Cody was genuinely quite upset about the matter. "So you want to seduce Ted?"

Cody's azure eyes lit up. "That's a really good idea! Do you think I could? I mean... could you... teach me, or something?"

Jeff raised an eyebrow, taking in the man's lithe body, full lips and deliciously smooth skin. "That, sweetie, won't be a problem. We're just going to need lots of lollipops. And more... 'slutty' clothing." He didn't miss Cody's expression of apprehension, and he was greatly amused by it- this was going to be a lot of fun.


"Did you know..." John mused conversationally, as he watched Jack slip his shirt over his head, getting ready to snuggle down. "That Teddy and Cody are not doing the 'horizontal tango'."

"Mhmm..." Jack grinned, crawling into the bed beside him, turning the television on with a touch of a button. "Teddy told me, today. Apparently, he's scared of going too fast and losing Cody...it's sweet, really."

"And Cody thinks DiBiase doesn't want him." John laughed a little, shaking his head. "They're both idiots. I mean, if they only talked about it, they'd see."

"I knew that a long time ago..." Jack grinned, eyes on the bright television screen. He didn't want to talk about Ted and Cody. John had gone to his first physiotherapy session that afternoon- and it had taken Jack a lot of energy to get him to go. John was still mad about the injury and was trying to act like it didn't exist. Jack just wanted to know how it had gone. He knew what he was getting himself into when he breached the subject. "So, how did your session go?"

The elder man stiffened noticeably beside him. "Fine." his voice was unenthusiastic, of course. "There's no point in me even going, Jake. My arm's going to heal in no time, and-"

"Don't argue, John. This is what's best for you." Jack scowled. John was acting like a sulky teenager. "Physiotherapy is going to help you recover faster. And you know the faster you recover, the sooner you'll be back in the ring. Don't fight it."

"I just want to be in the ring now! I don't wanna have to do all this useless stuff."

"The only way you're getting back in that ring anytime soon is by doing these exercises. So it's tough." Jack had trouble believing anyone could be so stubborn, when they were only trying to help him.

The room was silent for a while, just the low hum of the television. John realised he's angered Jack, and felt guilty- he just hated feeling so useless all the time, not being able to wrestle or move around a lot.

"Sorry, baby." he curled his arms around the blonde's shoulders, relieved when the younger relaxed into his side. "I love you."

"I know you do." Jack sighed, smiling at him. "I just wish you'd see why I make you do these things. I only want what's best for you."

"I do." John admitted, shrugging. "I promise I won't argue anymore..." he leaned down to kiss Jack softly. It didn't take long for it to heat up, Jack inwardly rolling his eyes at his ability to get so easily sidetracked.


Evan threw away the empty food containers, the Chinese long since devoured. The room had been mostly silent for the past two hours, but for some small talk. The conversation he had overheard was still bugging him, refusing to be forgotten. The ravenette returned to seat, barely focusing on the television now.

He had to know if everyone thought he was weak... had always thought he was weak. "Randy?"

"Yeah?" the Missouri- native kept his eyes trained on the screen, though he sensed Evan was going to tell him what was bothering him. He was glad of the fact, he wanted the younger man to know he could trust him, tell him anything he worried about.

"Am I... am I weak? Do you think I'm weak?" the ravenette was afraid of the answer, to be truthful. He didn't want someone as respected as Randy to pity him, or think him feeble.

Randy turned to him in surprise, icy gaze piercing. "No! Has somebody said something? Cause whatever it is, it's not true, Ev."

Evan frowned a little. Maybe Randy was just saying that out of kindness. "Nobody..." he sighed, looking away, trying to focus on the scene unfolding on the television.

"Evan, you're not weak." Randy realized the younger man didn't believe what he was saying. "Nobody would have been able to fight off that man whilst they were intoxicated... especially someone your size." Seeing the reproachful look on Evan's face, he continued quickly. "And I don't mean weak, by that... but you're small. You know that. You're one of the best up and coming wrestlers out there, okay? Remember that."

"R-Really? You think that?" the younger man's cheeks flushed with pride and something else, his heart skipping a beat.

"I know that." Randy chuckled a little, glad the boy was starting to believe him. He couldn't help notice Evan's reaction to his praise, and it pleased him immensely. Maybe his affection wasn't to be one sided, after all.


Teddy smiled as Cody entered the cafeteria, completely unaware of the younger man's scheming and plans. Cody smirked- her really had no idea what he was going to be faced with. He almost felt sorry for Teddy. Almost.

The pleasure of seeing his lover had distracted Ted from Cody's actual appearance. Until now. Tight black jeans clung to the younger man's thighs, and all the other right places, accentuating his pert little ass. His shirt was mostly unbuttoned, and the blonde had the sudden urge to hide Cody from prying eyes. He was his, and only his, after all! And damn was he glad of that fact, his eyes roaming over that body.

"Hey, Teddy-Bear!" the brunette purred, setting himself down in the seat facing him. Seeing the blonde was still taking in his appearance- all credit to Jeff-, Cody took a red lollipop from his pocket, promptly popping it into his mouth.

Ted swallowed. Cody was clearly trying to kill him, he mused, his eyes fixed on the brunette's mouth, where he rolled his tongue around the candy. "Um...hi..."

Cody had to contain his grin at having been able to render his blonde God speechless. If he managed to pull this off, Jeff would be his second favorite person in the world, ever. "You okay there, baby? Just you look a little... hot..."

Ted flushed an even deeper shade of red, tearing his gaze from his lover's mouth, looking down at the table hurriedly. "No, no, I'm fine... it's hot in here, right? No air conditioning... they should really sort it out." he pulled at his collar to emphasize his point.

Cody decided to humor him. "Very hot... too hot, huh?" he fanned himself exaggeratedly with his hand, before undoing the last few buttons on his shirt, still sucking on his lollipop determinedly.

The blonde glanced around, seeing the room empty, and then stared at Cody's bare torso. "W-what are you doing?" He didn't like the thought of anyone else seeing the brunette's body, which was kind of ironic, given their profession.

"It's hot, remember?" the younger widened his eyes innocently, before standing. "I'm getting a drink from the machine..." he smiled sweetly, candy in hand, as he headed over to the vending machines in the corner of the room. He made sure to sway his hips, knowing Ted's eyes would be on him the whole time... Everything was going smoothly, so far.

By the time he made it back to the table, Teddy had become quite agitated and uncomfortable. Cody could tell he almost had him...and he had an idea of how to guarantee it. 'Catching' his foot on the leg of the table, he 'slipped' back...right into the blonde's lap, of course.

Smirking as he felt stirring beneath him, the brunette wriggled around, almost giggling as the elder stiffened noticeably. "I'm so sorry, Teddy-Bear! I'm soclumsy!" he sighed dramatically, before biting the ball off the stick in his mouth, throwing the plastic onto the table at their side.

And Teddy clearly couldn't handle anymore.

Letting out a strangled moan, the elder man smashed his lips against the brunette's, the slight pain a bother to neither. Cody gladly melted into the kiss, shifting around to straddle Ted's thighs, arms winding their way around the blonde's neck. This was what he had been waiting for.

Breaking the kiss, Teddy attacked the brunette's neck instead, biting softly, before kissing the abused skin. Cody tilted his head to give him more room, letting out a groan which went straight to Ted's groin. "You have no idea what you do to me, Coddles..."

"Oh, I think I do." Cody grinned wickedly, before grinding down on his lap, the blonde's arousal evident.

Biting his lower lip to stifle his moans, Teddy stood carefully, strong arms keeping Cody in place and holding him up. "Lets take this somewhere more...private."


Cody lay back on the bed leisurely, naked but for the cotton boxer shorts he wore. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening. His Teddy- he knew that after tonight, he would be only his- was shedding his clothes, hips moving absent-mindedly as he did so. He honestly had no idea how irresistible he was, especially to Cody.

"You're a tease." the younger man pouted, folding his arms across his chest.

"I'm a tease? Pot, kettle, black?" Ted chuckled at Cody's petulant child act, crawling onto the bed besides his lover. Grasping him by the hips, he pulled him over onto his lap, getting a squeal from Cody as he ran his hands up and down his sides.

"Apparently it was the only way to make this happen... sorry, Teddy- Bear." Cody giggled, ducking his head and running his nose against the strong jaw before him, taking in the smell of Ted's signature aftershave he loved so much. "I just wanted your attention."

The blonde realized how Cody felt now. He just hadn't wanted to hurt him. "You always have my attention, baby."

Cody could hear the honesty and love in the simple statement, and he responded by immediately pressing a soft kiss to his lips, before deepening it quickly. He needed this to understand what he meant to Teddy. And to convey what the blonde meant to him.

Ted rolled them over gently, lying Cody down on his back with care. He wanted to make this perfect, knowing that Cody hadn't participated in any gentle love-making for awhile. He needed to show him that he could be wanted without need for careless, painful fucking.

"I love you, Baby-Boy." he confessed, planting loving kisses on the brunette's jaw, neck, chest- anywhere he could reach. "And I ain' ever gunna leave you alone."|

Cody squirmed under the treatment, cheeks flushing at the declaration. He had little time to respond, however, as Ted caught his nipple in his mouth, biting and lapping at the hard bud. The blonde's loving affection was inducing Cody in a blissed out euphoric state of happiness. This was what he wanted- what he needed.

He whimpered as the blonde moves his attentions to the other nipple, loving the sounds spilling from Cody's supple lips. Ted made his way down the gorgeous body beneath him, stopping at the waistband of his boxer shorts. He swiped his tongue across the bronzed skin, making goosebumps appear, before roughly pulling the material down the long legs with his teeth.

Cody suddenly felt too naked, and vulnerable, as he grasped the sheet in a bit to hide himself, a hand stopping him. He looked up into the sweet face of his Teddy, cerulean eyes filled with love and lust.

"You're amazing, Codes. Beautiful."

The brunette flushed, basking in the warm glow of the compliment. Automatically obeying, the dropped the bed sheet, heart racing in anticipation. The brunette reach out to touch the elder man's face, and smiled. "You're like my own angel, Teddy-Bear." he couldn't put it any other way- nor could he believe he'd said it. Both men blushed violently.

"I'll make you feel so good, Cody." Teddy promised, pressing a sweet kiss to his lips, before pushing him down onto his back lightly. He resumed what he had been wanting to do all along- worshiping his boy-, and made a snap decision on how to make him feel good.

Cody swallowed, hands curled slightly at his sides, eyes screwed shut, expecting the familiar feeling of penetration- but it never came. Instead, his member was suddenly engulfed, as the blonde began to deep-throat him. Azure eyes popping open, Cody gave a strangled cry, hands firmly on his hips to prevent him from thrusting up.

Ted set to work, using his skills as he nibbled, licked and sucked Cody into a frenzy. His lips had constantly been referred to as cock-sucking, and it seemed it was true. He lapped at the prominent vein on the underside, before coming back up to nibble on the head lightly. Cody was clearly enjoying himself, as Teddy found himself struggling to hold down the younger's hips. He quickly went back to deep-throating, suckling and hollowing his cheeks expertly, before abruptly pulling off, as Cody's thighs began to tighten.

"Teddy!" Cody whined, glowering at his lover. "Don't stop, please..."

"I promise, we'll do this again some other time... but right now, we have other things to do." Teddy chuckled, kissing Coddles softly, pleased that he was able to make Cody happy. He had no doubt that after tonight he would never let the brunette go.

Cody hurriedly sat up, rummaging in the bedside table for a moment, and retrieving the lube. He watched nervously as Ted poured the liquid onto his hands.

"Relax, Baby-Boy." the blonde could see his lover was tense, and he didn't want to hurt him more than was necessary. When Cody had obeyed, Ted set himself between his spread legs, running a finger along his hole, dipping in and out. The first finger breached his body, and Cody was surprised at just the slight burn. His previous 'partners' had never used lube, or prepared him before. It felt...nice. Safe.

Ted took his time in stretching him, not wanting him to feel any pain when he finally entered him. He was having trouble controlling himself, as Cody was pushing back down on his fingers, face twisted as he brushed his prostate a few times.

"Now, Teddy!" Cody demanded breathlessly. "I need you... n-now!"

The blonde obeyed, feeling he was prepared enough, and he positioned himself at his entrance. Slowly, he started to push in, watching the brunette's face for any signs of discomfort. He breathed heavily when he was finally in, sweat gleaming on his body.

"You feel so good, baby!" Cody moaned, face contorted in pleasure, as Ted began to thrust in at various angles. "So big..."

"I love you, Codes." the blonde captured the younger man's lips in a passionate kiss, leaning down, their chests pressed together. The change in position made his thrusts hit Cody's prostate dead on, every time, and the younger man almost howled.

The elder man kept his blue eyes trained on Cody's blissed out face, amazed that he was the one doing that to the gorgeous man. He felt like that because of him. It was magical. The way the brunette was moaning and writhing beneath him, pretty face all scrunched up with the pleasure.

Wanting nothing more than to see Cody's face when he went over the edge, Teddy grasped the brunette's firm member quickly, beginning to jerk him in time with his thrusts, making sure to his his sweet spot inside, each time.

"T-Teddy, I can't..." Cody breathed throatily, trying to tell his lover he couldn't hold on much longer. He couldn't get the words out, as he felt the familiar burning pressure start to coil in his groin.

"Come on, Codes- I want to see you come undone for me" the blonde aboves him coaxed, and he stared up into the loving eyes, and knew he trusted him completely in that moment.

The feelings became too much for Cody, the pressure on his prostate and member bringing him to a mind-blowing climax. And as cliché as it sounded, the brunette knew he'd never come that hard before, and never would for anyone else. "I'll love you forever, Teddy-Bear..." he murmured in a drunken way, words slurred slightly, from the pleasure.

The blonde stared down at Cody in surprise, the mumbled words, and the tight heat around him causing him to spill inside the smaller man. The brunette moaned at the feeling, ad Ted literally growled out his name.

They both slumped down, boneless, onto the bed, strong arms circling each other, as they settled down to sleep, too tired to do anything else, or to care about the mess around them. A few murmured words, sweet nothings... that was all that was needed, as they fell into a comfortable sleep. They knew they were going to last, whatever happened.


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