On a road seemingly leading to somewhere, there was a figure walking down the path.

Upon closer inspection, it was a male. He was wearing a dark gold haori with the kanji of 'Kishou no Kami' and a picture of two angels at the side of the kanji with the one on the left has crimson red hair and her eyes a beautiful shade of red almost like a fusion between ruby and blood and is wearing a red one piece dress with a white camellia flower at the side of the dress and the one on the right has azure blue hair and is also wearing a one piece dress like her counterpart but is blue with the same white camellia flower at the side of the dress.

A kimono top shirt that was blue with the pictures of clouds on it and it was parted showing off his bare chest which shows that is wasn't overly muscular or without muscles but it was lean. He was wearing a dark shinobi that was a bit larger at the end with red stripes running down the side of it and a gold spiral could be seen at the end of pants with the stripes just above the spiral. He was wearing a boots with metal plating at the toes and it was black with red waves at the side of it and a circle with a hexagonal shape in it that was gold as well. He was wearing a necklace with a sapphire gem with the kanji for 'Ten'in the middle with two angel wings at the side along the curve. His face has gotten rid of all the baby fat thus giving a more mature look. He has three scars on each of his cheek that seems to be like whiskers marks, his eyes which is sapphire ocean blue is the most unique of his features, those round blue eyes that you can stare into and get lost in is like staring into an ocean abyss that which you stare into, it will stare back at you.

His name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, age 24, exile of Konohagakure no Sato. At the time of his exile he was still a genin at age 16 and reason of exile is at the time when pein(or pain) of Akatsuki attack and witnessing pein stab Hinata and hearing her confessing her love for him, he snap and lost control over Kyuubi's Chakra and thus entering a six-tailed state and as time went on, the number of tails release increase and almost release all nine tails of it if an apparition of the Yondaime Hokage hadn't appeared within the mindscape of the seal and stop naruto from removing the seal. Even after the entire situation had ended and saving the village from completely destroyed, the 'esteemed council' of Konoha still think he was threat even after saving the village despite losing control over Kyuubi's Chakra and with Danzo as Rokudaime Hokage and as his first order of business was to banish and exile one Uzumaki Naruto. Of course a lot shinobi protests against this especially the Rookie 8 but that was shot down by Danzo by threatening them with death. The civilians at first also protested against this action but after Danzo told what happened meaning the use of Kyuubi's Chakra, they stop protesting and started encouraging the idea of banishing him and exiling and with shouts of 'Banish the demon' and some even yell out 'Kill the demon'. So with the majority of the village backing Danzo up, there was nothing the shinobi's could do other than watching leave the gates sadly. All of his friends and the shinobi's beg of him not to leave but he did not stop and just kept on walking out the village's gate.

That day his dreams of being Hokage died and a new goal was born, be the strongest he could be out in the world and make a name for himself and make Konoha regret ever banishing and exiling him. Before he left, he turn around to the people seeing him off and shouted out to them, "Don't worry about me, keep training to become stronger and try to change Konoha in my place", giving a foxy grin he was so famous for he left Konoha and never to be seen again or heard again for many years but little did they know that the rumors flying about the Elemental Nations that a shinobi with the skills and powers to be able to match a Kage on equal without breaking a sweat and a new hidden village that was thought to be destroyed and in ruins and rubbles was back and has rise in power and with their shinobi better than any of the other hidden villages and their Kage which is a mystery to everybody because no one knows about his or her skills and powers but there was a rumor that the Kage of the new hidden village was said to be able to destroy mountains with one jutsu and villages was the same person they're looking for.

Now back to the story

Naruto was enjoying his walk and appreciating the scenery around him his eyes darting left and right, taking everything in and enjoying it but then he remembered where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to be doing when he the location but he just take his time and continuing walking the road leisurely but then he thought' I have a bad feeling that something is going to ruin this moment of peace I',m going to have in a few moments '.

And he was right because just after ending that thought, a puff of smoke appeared in front of him and thought ' just my luck, why do I have to jinx myself '. When the smoke cleared it revealed a small red phoenix that was just glowing a burning red hue around itself.

"I have message for you naruto-sama" said the phoenix which by sound of it was a female.

"I knew it, was it kikyo-chan who sent you?" ask naruto knowing the answer already because out of all the students he had, Uzumaki Kikyo, mother of Uzumaki Kushina and naruto's grandmother who was dead was revive by the Shinigami when naruto made a bet with her(1), was one of the most caring and kind person who favor people who are punctual but she is also strict and hate people being late to a meeting especially ones that the organizer held yet said organizer was not there and her friend, Namikaze Hikari, mother of Namikaze Minato and naruto's grandmother from his father's side was also like kikyo except the being punctual part cause unlike kikyo, hikari has a lot more patience than her.

"Hai kikyo-chan sent me to tell you to in her words I quote 'You better get here this instant otherwise I will CHOP OFF YOUR BALLS AND CRUSH THEM IN FRONT OF YOU' end quote" said the phoenix.

Naruto after hearing all that his face began to pale thinking ' oh shit, knowing kikyo-chan whatever she said she always meant it. I better go now to save myself from the punishment ' .

"Alright I'll go now, go tell kikyo-chan that i'll be there in a sec runa-chan" exclaimed naruto.

The now identified phoenix called runa-chan nodded its head before disappearing with a burst of fire.

Naruto just sigh from the bad luck he got but knew that it will be sooner or later if something like that were to happened so he use one of his jutsu's to get there, Jikuukan Ninjutsu: Rasenkuu.

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Uzumaki Kikyo is an OC I just made it up.

By the way this fanfiction is about a god-like naruto.


Jikuukan Ninjutsu: Rasenkuu – Space-Time Technique: Spiraling Void – Rank C

A technique that allows the user to bend the space and time to travel through the void to reach his or her destination.

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