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"Hi" - Normal Speech

'Thinking' - Thinking/Thought

"Katon no Jutsu" - Jutsu

"Bow down before me!" - Demonic Voice/Speech

"Feel my wrath!" - Godly Demonic voice

"Know love and not hatred." - Godly Ethereal Voice

Begin Story

Naruto saw the three together and thought with a smirk, 'Well, well, well. Team Legend eh, those three could tear apart of the elemental nations by themselves. Plus Kikyo and Hikari, Team Tenkai(Heaven Ocean). Heh, this could get interesting.'

Hana, Meira and Shinya was walking towards the 'battlefield' on Kikyo's and Hikari's side. Hana was wearing a long green top that stop below her thigh with vines, thorns and flowers design in white and brown baggy pants with many pockets and a reinforced with seals high heels. Naruto sweatdropped at that. 'Only she could fight while wearing high heels. I don't think the others could though, even in my female form I have trouble fighting in it.'

Meira was wearing a black sweater with a red swirl in the middle and black pants with half the length of it melding into red and red combat boots. Jewel earrings on both ears having a ruby in it. A black and red haori over her frame.

Shinya was wearing a silver kimono top with the left side longer that reached to her knees with a dragon design and a silver hakama pants with black and red streaks and black shinobi sandals.

The three stopped at Team Tenkai's side and looked at the crater. Meira whistled and said, "You guys sure aren't holding back eh?" Naruto shake his head. "Actually Kikyo and Hikari was the one who launch all the big-ass high-leveled jutsus. All I did was retaliate with a A-Ranked Kuuton jutsu."

Hana was not surprised. The two always did like huge scale destruction along with jutsus that fit the criteria. She just shakes her head, her hair swaying with the action.

Shinya remained silent before unexpectedly shot off towards Naruto. In response, he just blinked before shooting a ball of golden fire towards her from his hands. The others were surprised that Shinya suddenly shot off and the most verbal of them was Meira. "Hey Shinya thats not fair! Don't go getting all the action without all of us!"

With an unspoken signal, they all shot forward heading towards Naruto. Said person was blinking his eyes away with a stumped expression before shooting more golden fireballs. Shinya at the head of the group just send a little bit of chakra to her eyes and muttered, "Shinra Tensei(Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)"

The fireballs heading towards the girls were suddenly vanquished not leaving a trace. Naruto seeing that course of action did not work, blinked once before sweeping his hands sending a huge gale of wind blowing them back. The girls all righted themselves in mid air and Meira gathered chakra before shouting, "Katon: Kankyou Tenka(Fire Release: Environmental Ignition)!"

Fire suddenly combusted around Naruto before exploding in a five meter explosion. Kikyo then channeled chakra pointing towards the burning inferno and shouted, "Fuuton: Ookaze Fuuryoku(Wind Release: Gale Wind Force)!"

The burning inferno turned into something similar of a volcanic eruption. But the flames suddenly dispersed with a pulse of wind from Naruto who remained unscathed. He shot forward at speeds unknown that the five could not see and slammed into Kikyo's gut with a punch powered by earth chakra that sends her flying like a bullet near the edge of the crater and flipped forward and nailing Hikari and Hana with both legs which shoots them off outside of the crater five meters away before blurring away only to appear infront of Meira sending a roundhouse kick sending her flying towards the other side of the crater before using the momentum to launch a kick towards Shinya's(who flew back to stop Naruto) gut knocking the air out of her followed with a kick to the chin sending her away.

All this happened in four seconds. Utilizing his speed Naruto knocked them away in four seconds.

Resounding booms indicated their landing was huge and painful. Naruto looked around spotting the girls and thinking who to go after first. He turned around sharply and sliced a wooden spike that was about to impale him with his hands. Many wooden spikes soon flew out of the smoke from Hana's position. Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly before wind chakra exploded out of him and shooting towards the wooden spikes like a meteor. His wind chakra destroying and cutting the spikes heading his way. The smoke from Hana's position cleared away revealing her standing there and with his eyes, able to see wood chakra flowing from her legs to the ground and forming the wooden spikes.

Naruto then increased the output of wind chakra around him making it seem like his descend like a meteor with him at the center and wind surrounding him like the flames surrounding a meteor descending thus making him accelerate. Hana saw his descend becoming faster surround herself with light green with flecks of brown wood chakra and jumped away leaving a trail of energy behind as she did. Naruto's descend and landing cracked and upturned the ground sending a shockwave, his eyes glowing. He stood to his full height his aura of wind chakra still surrounding him, his eyes glowed even brighter and the wind chakra surrounding him released itself sending an even bigger shockwave that sends dust and small debris away.

Naruto looked around and spotted Hana a distance away. He took a step forward before vines and thorns suddenly sprouted from the ground wrapping around him constricting his movement. The thorns not even cutting into his skin but still prove to be an annoyance as it felt like a needle poking him without entering his skin at all. Chakra exploded out of him forming a aura but this time instead of light green wind chakra that cuts, this ones orange red bordering on golden that instantly turns the vines and thorns into ashes. Naruto kept the aura before exploding forward with great force destroying his previous spot and forming a large crater towards Hana. Wisps of orange flames appeared around him before suddenly expanding to basketball size and shoots away at Hana.

The wood user saw this and pulled the moisture in the air and formed it into rings before sending it towards the fireballs. "Suiton: Suiwakiri no Jutsu(Water Release: Water Ring Slicer Technique)" The rings of water impacted the fireballs causing steam to appear. Naruto with his flaming aura charged through the steam and out of it in an instant before canceling his aura and sends a punch to Hana. She blocks the attack with her left forearm but had to strained to stand as the strength behind the punch was enormous and swatted it away before sending a flurry of punches at Naruto. He blocked, countered and swatted away at the punches before blurring away with pure speed and appeared behind her and was about to chopped her neck before sensing something that makes his hair on both the head and neck stands. He turned and saw a lion made out of lightning not three inches away from his face. He was about to deal with the lightning creation before catching the punch heading towards his head from the side and going on a new course of plan, flung Hana towards the lightning-made lion and jumped away but had to duck under a kick and rolled away.

Hana and the lightning lion made contact and sends millions of voltage through her but then she poofed, indicating her as a Kage Bunshin(Shadow Clone). Naruto then had to rolled away again as a lightning coated punch aimed at him but missed and hit the earth discharging the lightning. He jumped to the air immediately after he rolled away and saw that Hikari was the one who attacked him. Conjuring a golden fireball in his hand then adding wind chakra to it, a fireball the size of a wrecking ball with more power than it appeared in his hand and he threw at the two. Seeing the fireball, Hana and Hikari both prepared to either block or counter it when they saw a swirl in the air. Meira appeared out of her space-time technique in a swirly fashion and saw a fireball heading towards her and the two behind her. She gathered chakra in her eyes, changing it into a form her previous life possessed. The Eien Mangekyou Sharigan(Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye) of Uchiha Madara now appeared within her eyes. She used the doujutsu's ability to sucked in matter to a different dimension to absorb the fireball. Now using both eyes for the technique, the speed of the suction increased and a lot more faster as well.

Upon completely absorbing the flames, she looked towards the space behind Naruto -who had a small widening of his eyes in surprise- and opened the dimensional gateway releasing Naruto's own technique on himself. Naruto sensing the twist and turn of the space behind as well as the heat, quickly turned just in time to stop his own attack from colliding with him with his palm and crushed it making it dispersed. He quickly back in time to narrowly dodged an attack to his head by slightly tilting his head to the side where a stream of lightning shot past. Hearing the sound of feet stamping ground, he saw that three huge dragons made out of mud rose from the earth with red eyes and white inside their mouths. "Doton: Doryuudan no Jutsu(Earth Release: Earth Dragon Missile Technique)!" Hana announced.

The mud dragons shot a dozen of mud balls at a rapid speed at Naruto -who was cautious of the others joining the attack as well- made the air infront of him from the ground up to a bit higher of him in the air distort and contort. The mud bullets hits the distorted air and went through disappearing into it. Hana and the other two blinked at what was happening before realizing what the technique used was. Naruto smiled as his technique worked. 'Kuuton: Shokuuheki(Void Release: Rising Void Wall). A defensive technique of the void element that distorts the air but its real purpose is to send whatever hits the wall into the void.'Naruto thought. 'And now to release whatever has been sent to the nothingness.' Hana stopped her technique which the mud dragons stopped firing and dropped back to being just mud. Naruto taking this chance implement his technique in action. The air distorted even more than before like it is unrest. The girls were wary now that they saw what happened. Naruto smiled and said, "I believe now it is my turn. "Kuusou Jigen Kaihou: Muko kara Shutsugen(Void Element Dimension Release:Emergence from within the Void)!"

The projectiles of mud that was absorbed by the void wall suddenly was released and shot back from the distorted air. Knowing that her ability would be useless right now, Meira and the others quickly dodged around trying to avoid the reflected technique. Naruto was watching in amusement how they were dodging and running around like headless chickens that he let out a chuckle. But that chuckle quickly died down as he had to ditch the air and quickly land on the ground as his previous spot was now speared by water. Looking around Naruto could not find the culprit, stretched his senses wide to sense her. Sensing her and where she is, raised a wall of earth with a slight tap of the ground behind him and heard flesh hitting rock and the hiss of pain that escaped the culprit. He smirked as he added more chakra to the earth wall and the hiss of pain was music to his ears. But again that smirk died down quickly as he also sensed the one behind the earthen wall was now replaced with another presence. Hearing the slight muttering of 'Shinra Tensei', Naruto's eye flew open as his back was hit with the pieces of earth that was once part of his technique as he flew forward at incredible speed.

"Fuck! Damn you Shinya!" Naruto yelled while still flying through the air. He righted himself and landed perfectly, head down and kicked forward hitting seemingly hit nothing but air but it had the intended effect he wanted. A shockwave blast forward impacting a water dragon making it ripple and finally reduced to droplets of water with a huge explosion. Naruto raised his head showing his eyes glowing brighter than before and his chakra skyrocketing, literally! Chakra exploded out of his body and rose to the sky. Hikari, Kikyo, Hana, Meira and Shinya felt the chakra spike and seeing it before them knows that Naruto is now getting serious.

Naruto recede his chakra but his eyes still glowing stretched out his left arm to the side, and a masamune sword longer than him appeared out of thin air. The handle is one feet long and is of a obsidian black color with red tassels at the end with a circular guard decorated with a spiral design and the blade being six feet ten that shined brightly and reflected clearly. A cruel smirk appeared on his face slowly and with his eyes glowing, makes it a very terrifying visage.

The five seeing this couldn't help but shiver slightly but quickly steeled themselves and summoned their own respective weapons. Hikari's weapon is a nodachi with the handle a yellow color like lightning with lightning bolts symbols etched into it with a cross-shaped guard and the blade itself is a obsidian black like the night that shines in light.

Kikyo's weapon is a nodachi with a red hilt with her clan's symbol etched into it in black with a circular guard with a spiral design and the blade being a oceanic blue with waves pattern along the edges.

Hana's weapon is also a nodachi with the handle being a earthen brown with diamond designs etched with a flower-shaped guard and the blade being a forest green.

Meira's weapon is a nodachi with a black handle with circles and a three-pronged shuriken guard with a red blade.

Shinya's weapon, another nodachi with a gray handle with thin silver threads wrapping around it with a square guard with a cross in it and the blade being a mix of red and black.

Naruto seeing them drawing their weapons in response to him drawing his, let out a feral smirk and, surprising them by releasing a high-end sword technique at them. "Kaimetsu-ryu: Kizuchi(World Slayer Style: Scarring Earth)" An overhead swing to the ground cause a gigantic slash that race towards the five destroying the earth. The five paled like a ghost but with all their speed managed to dodge the elemental destroyer wave by a hairs breath. The technique ended not hitting its intended targets. The path the slash traveled tore a crevice into place with huge pieces of earth upturned around it. Truly a technique well earned and placed in the style that 'destroy the world'.

The girls all had wide eyes in shock. They turned towards where Naruto was but couldn't see him when they felt a presence above them. Naruto was above them about to bring down his sword and released a cutting wave from it. They again dodged but this time with the intention of retaliating back. Kikyo charged her blade with water chakra and swing it in the direction of Naruto. "Uzumaki-ryu Ittou: Suiryuuha(Whirlpool Style First Blade: Water Dragon Wave)" A wave of five water dragon appeared out of the slash and raced forward attacking Naruto.

Naruto merely swing his sword and the dragons vanished before swinging again releasing a wave towards her. His attack was intercepted by another wave and heard, "Raisetsu(Lightning Slash)" Turning he saw a giant wave of lightning heading towards him but also swing his blade with a bit more effort splitting the attack and continuing towards Hikari.

She dodged the attack. Hana went up and swing her sword in a huge arc causing multiple green tendrils sprouting from the ground and aiming at Naruto. He dodged and weaved through them and send a giant wave of air towards her.

Meira appeared in front of Hana and charged fire chakra into her blade and swing upwards. "Shokaryu(Rising Fire Dragon)" Fire erupted out of the earth forming a dragon. The dragon raced towards Naruto who simply put out a hand and pushed.

The fire dragon disappeared but Meira could feel the pressure increasing. She quickly dodged and seeing a crater made by the push Naruto made doubled her speed and moved a distance away. Feeling a presence heading his way at fast speeds, Naruto turned and clashed swords with Shinya.

The two struggled for awhile before jumping back. Naruto immediately launched multiple slashes that flew towards Shinya who retaliated by entering a Battou Iaijutsu(Art of Sheathing and Unsheathing and Quick Draw) stance and unsheathed from her air sheath sending a huge arc that canceled all the slashes.

Feeling presences surrounding him, he looked around and saw that all the girls surrounded him. He smirked before dive dropping. The girls were a bit shocked but soon joined him. Falling towards the ground, Naruto looked back and saw them following him.

As he neared the ground, just an inch before crashing he swerved upwards at the last moment. Creating five wrecking ball-sized balls of wind, he sent them flying at the ladies. They merely dodged or weaved through them and continued after him launching their own elemental attacks.

Explosions littered the sky as the two side keep launching attacks at each other. When suddenly a real-life dragon appeared and heading towards Naruto's attacker. They were not surprised or shocked but Kikyo used a bit more strength and when it was closer cleaved through the dragon in half all the way until the tail. Surprisingly there was no blood but rather it dissipated as chakra in the air.

Seeing Naruto ahead and facing them with a smirk, they tensed and prepared themselves. Putting away his sword which disappeared by darkness converging onto one spot from the tip of the blade and the end of the handle, clapped his hand together.

The girls seeing this made their eyes widen like plates. Reason is because if Naruto were to make any handseals or in his case clapping his hand together, then it would mean a powerful jutsu is going to be use. They were now very wary and cautious and ready to flee at any given moment.

Chakra was visible as it gathered in Naruto and as a aura of blue engulfed him. He then exclaimed with a voice full of power the name of his technique. "Koton: Shichiko no Jutsu(Sin Release: Seven Sins Technique)!"

Dark, malevolent and sinful chakra exploded out of Naruto forming a ring around him. The air around seven different spots rippled as huge things appeared out from it. The things appeared to be pedestals with statues beings with wings wrapping around themselves and there is a plate on a pedestals with words on them.

The first one had the words 'Hokori(Pride)' on it. The second had 'Gouyoku(Greed)', the third 'Koushoku(Lust)', fourth 'Doki(Wrath)', fifth 'Bushou(Sloth)', sixth 'Senbou(Envy)' and seventh 'Houshoku(Gluttony)'. All going in a clockwise direction.

The statues soon begin to tremble as the wings opened revealing a woman's body underneath it which soon began to glow white forming a sphere of white.

The spheres of white soon began to crack and shatter showing whats inside. Monsters, creatures that reeked of their respective sins. Some are beautiful, some are not and some are monstrous.

The monster of Pride, had a humanoid body and skin as black as night. Silver waist-length hair with a crown of sorts with three pointed tips jutting out from the middle with crimson red eyes in the sclera and the pupil with a black slit and silver pigmentation around its eyes and two lines streaking down like tears. Its body having an intricate markings on them, arms looked normal enough except for the protrusions of blades over the entire arm and having claws painted red that looked capable of even shattering diamond. Legs normal as well except for having clawed feet painted red as well with a tail that ended in a pointy three-pronged blade.

The monster of Greed, had a thin but demonic looking body with black skin. Having multicolored waist-length hair, two horns protrude out to the front and eyes glowing a silver light with an arrogant smirk plastered to its face showing pointed fangs and canines. Its body having a line that traveled down to its navel joining a circle while three other points separate out from the left, right and down. Its arms having been set ablaze with black flames with specks of red up till the joint where trails of flames moved in intricate pattern ending in a spiral with a circle on its palm. The legs are hind legs and it seemed to be clothe in greaves of crimson flames with clawed feet.

The monster of Lust, took on a form of a woman with pale skin. Crimson waist-length hair with silver highlights with pointed ears and eyes of ruby with a black slit that glows and a pouty lips accentuated by pale red lip gloss. Her DD-cup breast bare to the world, huge bat wings on her back and her arms ended in pointed fingertips which emitted blue flames. Her legs slim and long ended with a normal set of feet.

The monster of Wrath, had a demonic form of pale red. Had black hair that seemed to be on fire, it had black sclera and red pupiled eyes that glows and longer than normal canines and fangs. It had a muscled body with intricate black markings with strong but not bulky arms with claws and it had hind legs with clawed feet.

The monster of Sloth, had a humanoid form having ash gray skin. Two horns curved backwards over his grayish silver hair and toxic green emerald eyes on his face that screams lazy. Thin arms with markings on them and claws for hands. Legs thin with the same markings on his arms and rings of green flames on his ankles and clawed feet.

The monster of Envy, had a bewitching womanly form. Lustrous black hair cascade down her back to her knees like a waterfall, eyes of white with a black slit that seems to glow over her heart shaped face. Full and succulent DD-cup breast exposed to the world with trails of icy blue flames traveling down her arms stopping at her nails. Long smooth legs that seems to go on forever marked with lines like a fishnet stockings with the same flames twirling around them with a normal set of feet.

The monster of Gluttony, truly a monstrous sight. Having obsidian hair that burns with black flames, purple eyes that gleam with hunger with a crazed grin. Parts of its body seems to be distorted like a vortex, spikes jutted out on its shoulders and the palms having small black holes sucking in air. Legs with scales covering it on some parts around the knee caps and around the ankles. Instead of having five toes, it have three clawed toes.

Kikyo, Hikari, Hana, Meira, Shinya were beyond shocked. They were downright shocked with overwhelming dread creeping onto their faces.

'Out of all things, he summoned them!'Kikyo thought.

'We're dead, we're dead we're soooo DEAD!' Hikari thought.

'I rather fight the entire realm of hell than face them!' Hana thought.

'Why oh why must we face them?' Meira thought.

'I rather fight the Juubi than face this aspects!' Shinya thought.

The seven creatures of sin looked around before the Aspect of Wrath spotted them and growled, knowing the reason of why they're here now.

Hearing Wrath growling, they saw him facing forward and spotted the group of ladies.

The Aspect of Lust, with a lusty smile and flirtatious voice said, "My we meet again. How long has it been since we were called for a mock battle against you beautiful ladies?"

"Heh I don't care as I long can punch or hit something to be an outlet of my wrath!" The gruff voice of the Aspect of Wrath said.

"So we are here again to fight you plebeians. Hmph very well, I shall teach you a lesson then." Came the proud, noble, prideful and arrogant voice of the Aspect of Pride.

"I hope this time i'll be able to eat them!" The hungry voice of the Aspect of Gluttony said.

"All you ever think about is eating! This time my desire and want for you will come true as I claim you as my collections!" The greedy and possessive voice of the Aspect of Greed said.

"Hmph so here we are again. I see that your form, appearance and beauty still does not match mine. I bet your powers are the same as well." The boastful voice of the Aspect of Envy said.

"What a drag. Lets just do it quickly so I can go back to my nap." Said the Aspect of Sloth in a lazy and yawning tone.

Before the seven sins of humanity, Team Legend and Team Tenkai couldn't help but tremble and shiver in their presence. Each radiating their own sins strongly and powerfully that they were able to see themselves in a vision of succumbing to one of the sins and doing or experience something that'll make them have nightmares for many moons to come.

But despite this development, before any could make a move, an overwhelming pressure suddenly smashed on all of them making them, all powerful in their own right that could do more than simply destroy a village, struggle to even stand and not buckle under the sheer pressure.

"That's enough from you lot. I have summoned you seven here to have a mock battle with them, not taunt them or making unnecessary comments. Listen to me and you won't be hurt severely later. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!" A powerful and booming voice shouted out.

Turning towards the source of it, they saw Naruto, a verychanged Naruto.

Hair didn't change much other than the fact that it seems to be glittering red, icy blue and black. Like his hair burned with the three colors melding into one. His ears shifting to the top of his head, an orange red color. His eyes glowed with immeasurable power and a black slit with his whisker marks becoming darker giving him a feral look. His nails painted crimson becoming pointed like a claw while orange/red flames with streams of icy blue and black floated beside it in an intricate symbol(think Negi's Magia Erebia the flames beside his arms from Negima but with this colors instead of black). A pair of wings with ice on the scapulars where the wing joined the back and the alula with pale blue feathers that permeated an icy aura and blue glow to them. Having another pair of draconic wings right between and slightly above the first pair that is black as the void with even an even deeper black aura on the scapulars and alula. Nine bushy fox tails made out of crimson flames, five phoenix tails with parts of it ice and glowing a freezing aura and one long scaly black dragon tail with the scales being a dark silver. His toes changing to claws with crimson polish.

Oh and he's radiating killer intent, Ki, Reiatsu, Chakra, Youki, and an aura of extreme malice, making the temperature become sub-zero and the air distorted and contorted.

His very presence now makes them feel extremely scared and terrified, even the Sins, an extreme cold that they were shivering, and completely feeling empty of their feelings, senses or emotion.

Naruto blinked and looked at them feeling the side effects of his youki, blinked one time before gaining a sheepish look.

"Ehehehehe gomen gomen. Forgotten about this." Naruto said sheepishly.

He then recede the youki he was subconsciously releasing and the effects lessen to be bearable enough.

They all breathed in relief and for the need of air. Gaining their bearings, they looked at him and couldn't help but marveled at his transformed state.

His very presence able to make any lesser man drop dead just by being there and by looking into his eyes, you will be forever trapped in them. Lost to reality, captivated by eyes full of incomprehensible power by any mortal being and the souls forever lost in them.

Naruto cleared his throat to stop them from starring too much. Snapping to their senses he began, "Now that I have your attention, how about we begin the real battle now eh," Naruto looked at the group of ladies infront of him. "ladies. How about a waltz with us devils hmm. It'll be interesting to say the least."

The ladies looked to each other before facing the Aspects and Naruto with amused expressions.

"I thought you won't ask Naruto." Kikyo smirked.

"Indeed how long do you think we're waiting for you to utter those words." Hikari rose a brow.

"You sure know how to make people wait." Hana chirped in.

"Especially ladies. Don't you know its rude." Meira grinned a teasing grin.

"Shame on you Naruto. Making us wait for the true event." Eyes glimmering with a gleam, Shinya said.

Naruto and the Sins looked at them with stumped expressions. Naruto suddenly laughed out loud. His voice deep and demonic, his laughter booming like thunder.

"Hahahaha you girls never fail to amuse me. If you're expecting this then, VERY WELL!" Naruto shouted.

The Aspect of Greed immediately raised both hands where darkness began to swirl in his palms. "Hehehe get suck in to the endless abyss! Meiton: Kyuko no Jutsu(Darkness Release: Inhaling Void Technique)!"

A huge void appeared from his palms sucking in the girls with great suction speed. But they were prepared and Kikyo gathered chakra and shouted, "Suiton: Daisuidan no Jutsu(Water Release: Great Water Bullet Technique)!"

Kikyo spat out a huge blob of water that flew towards the sucking darkness. It impacted and for some reason could not suck it in. Greed was wearing a confused and shocked expression as he tried to figure out what happened.

The girls were smirking when they were abruptly send flying in random directions. Turning back to see who it was, they saw Pride standing there with a proud look on his face.

Before they could adjust themselves, they were being knocked around into the ground forming craters. The one who did it was Wrath who was smirking in triumph. Greed finally managed to suck in the water bullet and release a huge Kyuko no Jutsu and beginning to suck in the fallen ladies.

Then the huge void suddenly shot forward in a drill-like manner. Greed was grinning crazily, "Hah! Take this ladies! Meiton: Kurofu Shinren(Darkness Release: Dark Terror Abyss Drill)!" The gigantic drill of darkness sped at incredible speed towards the earth.

The ladies quickly got up and scram. The drill hit the earth drilling through it and continuing through kicking up debris and dust. Meira launched a huge fireball at Pride who didn't moved from his previous position. Said Aspect saw it and merely smirked. "Hn. Futile."

He swatted away the fireball and launched back an even bigger black fireball. Dodging the fireball where it exploded in a huge explosion, Meira jetted towards him flames coming out of the soles of her feet. Channeling more chakra to her right leg, she attempt a roundhouse kick despite being so far away from Pride and released the chakra in her right leg forming an extremely long whip of flames swinging closer to Pride.

Pride seeing this released his demonic energy in a sphere around him. His youki was a deep purple color as the flame whip whipped the sphere cracking it like glass. Despite this, Pride reared back his arm and launched a punch that sends a blast towards Meira. Said person saw this and gathered the flames around her forming a protective sphere of flames around her.

The blast impacted the sphere causing a huge explosion to occur. Meira was sent flying straight into the ground forming a huge crater around her. Hana rushed to help her but had to back flip to dodge a punch from Wrath to avoid turning to paste. Rushing back in, she punched with chakra enhancing her and send Wrath skidding a few meters back.

Wrath grinned despite being pushed back and slammed the ground beneath him causing the earth to shake and shatter. Hana had to jump to avoid that before gathering water in her hands and throwing out a lance of water at him. Wrath dodged it and stretched out his hand, swiped it towards her. As it did trails of energy left his hand and formed waves.

Hana dodged the waves and palmed the ground with both hands and shouted, "Mokuton: Hyoujin Koukou(Wood Release: Sharp Pit)!"

The ground beneath Wrath tremble a bit before jutting out sharp wooden spikes. Wrath was quick enough to avoid it but not quick enough to avoid getting scrapped.

Wrath ignored the minor wounds as it was already healing and focus on Hana. Said person in turn focused back at him.

"Well lets begin. I still haven't settle our score back then." Wrath said flexing his claws.

Hana settled into a stance and made a 'come on' gesture. Wrath happily agreed.

To be continued...

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