The characters of DCI Barnaby, DS Jones and DC Stevens are not mine. I merely borrow them so Jones can solve another crime. All other appearing characters are my creation and completely fictional. Similarities to any existent persons are not intended.

This story was written to 10 prompts I was given at the livejournal community 10_random for the fandom Midsomer Murders for the character of Ben Jones. I'm using the prompts as titles for the chapters.

"Thanks, Gail," I say tiredly when she sets a glass of beer down in front of me.

"You look tired," she states. "Hard day?"

"Ya." I pick up my beer and take a sip. "At least a quick closure on this morning's call out and an older case."

"Two crimes solved in one day? I knew you were good, Sarge." She winks at me and I grin.

"Only because they turned out to be connected, though." Gail looks at me expectantly. "What?" I ask.

"Do tell, Ben. Don't make me wait for the reports. Which I probably won't be able to get my hands on anyway."

I sigh and take another sip of my beer. "Only if you throw in some food to go along with the beer."

She cocks her head at me. "Will take-out do? In which case you're invited round to my place."

I raise an eyebrow at that, but the prospect of food is too tempting. I haven't had anything proper all day. "It will, as long as it's not Chinese."

"Italian OK?"

I nod. "Fine."

Forty minutes later I find myself in Gail's living room, realizing I've never been here before. Gail went straight through to the kitchen with our pizzas. I'm looking through her CDs when she re-emerges with two plates. "Anything you like?" She asks.

I pull out a CD and hold it up. "May I?" I point at her stereo.


I put on the music, keeping the volume down so we can talk.

"So, tell me about your cases."

"You really want to talk about work?"

"No, I want to hear about your work."

"Your own fault, don't complain if I bore you. It's really not that interesting."

"Let me be the judge of that."

"All right..." So, over pizza I start to recount my day.

It started with an early call around dawn, light was just beginning to filter into my bedroom and I had still been asleep when my mobile rang. I fear I groaned instead of a greeting when I answered the call. It was the desk, calling me out to a mugging up in Midsomer Deverell. The colleagues at the scene thought it might be connected to the 'Morning-Mugger' case I had been working on lately so they wanted me there.

Of course, by the time I made it to the address they had given me, there was nothing to be seen, just two uniformed colleagues waiting for me. They gave me a quick recount of what they knew:

The victim, Shaun Gills, had been attacked violently, knocked out actually, and mugged. A camera and some money missing. No witnesses of course. It was the paper-boy who found Gills lying in a hump on the ground when he was on his way home from his delivery round. He had called an ambulance and the police but couldn't say anything else, so the colleagues took his details and sent him home.

Mr. Gills had been taken to the hospital in Causton for a medical check-up. So that was my next destination. Before I left, I sent the colleagues on a door to door to see if anyone had heard or seen anything suspicious.


"They really could have told you to go straight to the hospital. Making you drive all the way out to Midsomer Deverell for nothing..."

"Mhm, would have saved me the drive. There really was nothing to see, not even any blood on the ground, just nothing."

Gail shakes her head slightly. "Anything to drink, Ben?"

I nod enthusiastically.