"So you not only closed the case of the attack this morning but also the old theft. Not bad for one day." Gail smiles at me.

"Which turned out not to be a theft at all."

"No, insurance fraud. Did Mr. Peters admit to it?"

"Yes. In the end. I felt a bit like a go-between for the two. With bits and pieces surfacing by and by. One accusing the other of something, so I go and confront him with it only to hear more accusations of the first one."

"Well, at least you know why Mr. Gills absolutely couldn't remember anything about the assault in the morning. He didn't want to because he was a bad boy himself."

"Yes. In the end I'm not sure who of the two was worse. They both won't get away without sentence. Davies went over to Mr. Peters house and collected the umbrella. We found traces of blood on it and I'm sure the lab will confirm that it's Mr. Gills'. Though we have full confessions by both men, I rather have evidence to back it up."

"Right, people withdraw their confessions too often."

"Exactly. Once they've spoken to a lawyer suddenly everything they said before is no longer true. Well, I think we should be safe with this. I believe that Mr. Gills has never been around Mr. Peters' place before he was there on business. And that date is correct, confirmed by both men and it's also in Mr. Gills' calendar and on the bill. So he couldn't have stolen the coins before. And apparently no one really knew Mr. Gills was a collector until word got around about the theft. But with the insurance-claim, Mr. Gill's calendar, the coins and the umbrella I feel on the safe side for when it goes to court."

"You have all that evidence in the end? Wow, seeing as you had nothing at all in the morning."

"Yes, Davies didn't only make the additional drive for the umbrella. In fact we both went. I went through Mr. Gills' place, Davies through Mr. Peters'. I think we found everything we'll need."

"The insurance company will certainly be glad they don't have to pay out."

"Oh yes, I phoned them and they were very happy indeed."

Gail grins. "I bet."

I yawn again. "Gosh, I really should get going, Gail. It's been such a long day at work for me." I pull my mobile from my pocket.

"Oh, and now you have to get a cab. Sorry. I should have offered you non-alcoholic drinks instead of beer from the start, seeing as you're here by car."

"No problem. I could have refused." I scroll through my phone-book until I find the number for the cab company. They promise to have a cab round in 10 minutes. "I'll pick up the car tomorrow, OK?"

"Sure, it's not disturbing anyone outside on the curb."

"You know, before I go, I think I could do with a visit to your bathroom, too."

"Just down the hall on the right."

I nod and get up. When I return, Gail has cleared away the plates and glasses. "Well, thanks for dinner, Gail."

"Thanks for sticking 'round this long though you're so tired, Ben. I really enjoyed the evening."

"Yeah, me too."

A car horn honks outside. "That must be my cab." I grab my jacket and Gail walks me to the door. "I'll see you in the morning then."

"Right. Good night, Gail."

"Good night, Ben. Sleep tight."

"Shouldn't be a problem, tired as I am." I wink and her and wave as I walk to the waiting cab.

Sleeping really won't be a problem. Once home, I crawl straight into bed. It's been a very long day, but I feel good. The day was successful and on top of it I had a nice evening. Who wouldn't sleep well afterwards?