CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Main paring will be Draco/Harry with others around, only slash though!

RATING: M, that means you have to be at least 16 to read this story!

WARNING: AU, beast(ish), malexmale, threesome

This is a mature, M, story meaning that you have been warned. It will contain some Draco/Harry action and others too, so if that's not your cup of tea then you've been warned. For you other people who actually want to read, enjoy!

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Chapter 1

The first of April is meant as a day of jokes. But George and Fred always took it a step too far. Some jokes just aren't that funny...

Harry felt that something was wrong as soon as he woke up. The wings on his back and four legs was some of it. And that he felt bigger than normal. But when Ron panicked and screamed when he pulled the curtains away Harry realized that something was very wrong.

It was the same for Draco. When Blaise just couldn't stop screaming about some hippogriff he forced himself to wake up. And found Blaise standing there, pointing at him and screaming. At first he thought that it was a hippogriff with him, but when he looked he was alone. Then a pair of wings caught his attention.

Professor Dumbledore was sitting in his office talking to McGonagall when he heard some upset voices and... A hippogriff? Suddenly a white hippogriff stumbled in and screamed. It was flapping it wings like mad and ran straight up to the desk. After it were Professor Snape and Zabini Blaise.

"What's the meaning of this?"

"Dumbledore, something is wrong with Draco."

"Ah, so this is Draco? I can see that something is wrong Severus. Could you fire call Mr. Malfoy and make sure to tell him that it is urgent."

Severus nodded and quickly went away to do so.

"Now Blaise why don't you tell me what you know?" Blaise nodded and started to explain what he had seen and knew.

Harry was panicking. He and Ron were running like crazy to get to Professor Dumbledore. The statue in front of the door was standing at the side so Harry burst in. He raced up the stairs, leaving Ron behind. He burst through the door and landed in a heap. He could make out Dumbledore, Snape and Mr. Malfoy. And a white hippogriff. Wait, a white hippogriff?

Draco heard something coming towards them while they, or rather, his dad and Professor Snape was talking to Dumbledore about him. Suddenly a black hippogriff came through the door and landed with a thud on the floor. When the other hippogriff looked up green eyes meet silver.

Suddenly Hagrid and Ron came into the room and Hagrid looked at the two hippogriffs before he paled.

"Oi! Everyone get-"

He didn't get further before the white hippogriff let out a roar and attacked the black one.

"HARRY!" Ron shouted and pulled out his wand, ready to defend his friend.

"DRACO MALFOY!" Lucius stood up and also pulled out his wand.

"Stop, you're going to kill each other!" Professor McGonagall

"Don't worry Professor; they aren't trying to kill each other. Draco just wants to mate."


Everyone turned to look at Hagrid, who was grinning like an idiot. They then turned towards the two hippogriffs. Harry was standing with his legs wide apart while Draco was gripping Harrys wings with his front legs perfectly pinning him. Now when they looked close they could see that Draco was bigger and more muscular and therefore holding Harry in place easily. He was humping Harry while purring. Harry on the other hand was chatting away furiously and tried to reach behind himself and bite Draco. He looked damn pissed off. Suddenly some unknown force pushed Draco away and he flew into a wall. Chains broke out and trapped the hippogriff against the wall. Everyone turned and looked at a flushed McGonagall.

"What? Don't tell me that you wanted to watch that?"

After sitting for hours, discussing what they were going to do they decided to let Hagrid take them to meet the other hippogriffs that lived at Hogwarts. In the meantime they were going to try and find a cure. Lucius wanted to take his sun to St. Mungo's but Dumbledore explained that it would be safer to have them here in case their instincts took over like it had before. A cough made them turn to Hagrid.

"What is it Hagrid?"

"Everyone, I'm sorry to say that… This won't work."

"And why, half-giant, won't it work?" Lucius looked rather upset and angry while glaring at Hagrid.

"Well, all the hippogriffs at Hogwarts are dominant males and so is Draco. But Harry… He's a submissive."

They all stared at him.

"All hippogriffs are males and there are dominant and submissive males. That's why Draco tried to mate with Harry. Submissive males are the one that carries the eggs. They can get pregnant."

Everyone turned and looked at Harry. He was staring at Hagrid and then shook his head and rolled his eyes as if to say 'That's sooo me.'

"Well… This makes it a little more complicated."

"Well, we could let them live in the forbidden forest by themselves."

"WHAT? There's no way my son is going to risk his life-"

"Mr. Malfoy, let Hagrid speak."

"If they are alone Draco won't feel the need to protect and mate with Harry because there won't be any other males around. Even we are a threat for him. If we let them meet and "get to know each other" Harry will be able to tell Draco that he doesn't want to mate with his behavior and Draco will back off. He won't try to mate with Harry if he doesn't want to."

Everyone nodded and thought about it. It was the only thing they could do for now.

"So, we're just going to let them out in the forest?" Ron looked sadly at his friend and then heard a growl and turned to look at Draco who was glaring at him.

Dumbledore nodded and then ordered Hagrid to take Draco outside. But first McGonagall and Ron took Harry with them so that Draco could calm down a little. Then Hagrid and Lucius followed both holding on to Draco tightly.

Soon they were at the edge of the Forbidden forest and they looked at Draco who was focusing on Harry. He was walking into the forest, not looking back at the school and the people. Hagrid quickly took the chains of and gave Draco a smack on his quarter making him turn and glare at him. But then he quickly turned around and started to run after Harry.

"Headmaster, do you really think this is the best?"

"Yes, unfortunately it's the only thing we can do right now."

They watched the two hippogriffs disappear and prayed that they would get along…