Epilogue Ron/Severus

Nine years later

Severus woke up too early. He had been in his potion room, making potions to St Mungo's all night. It wasn't until four in the morning that he was done and could crawl into bed. He slowly sat up and looked around his room. Needed to be cleaned up. He sighed and waved his hand. Clothes started to fold themselves and fly into the closet. Things like vials and books flew up into shelves. While the room cleaned itself Severus went into the bathroom and started to shower. He was quickly done and put some clothes on and went out from his room. He walked outside the school and as soon as he had left the ground apparated. He landed outside a house lot. The house was big, with two floors and white. He stepped through the wands and had barely approached the house until the door flew open and two kids ran outside.



He smiled when Haruka and Septimus came running towards him. He lifted the youngest, Septimus, up and swirled him around, enjoying his laughs.

"Father! Me too!" Severus looked down at his daughter and then did the same with her.

"Is Mom inside?"

"Yeah, making dinner. It's your favorite, steak."

Severus smiled and then lifted Septimus up and started to walk up to the house while looking at Haruka. She was 10 years old and half Japanese and had inherited black hair that reach down to her waist and pale skin. But her eyes were the darkest blue he had ever seen. She was a smart girl but she also liked to play pranks on her brother and others. Septimus was totally different from his sister. His hair was a brown mop and he had big blue eyes. He had tanned skin, making him stand out in the family. He was 6 years old and a little monster. He loved to play and experiment with potions, which made Severus proud. But more than once they had to put out fires and clean his room.

"Mom! Dad's here!"

"Good, tell the bastard that he can stay there. I don't want him near me right now." Severus winced when he heard that. He knew there would be trouble if he stayed away all night.

"Haruka, why don't you take Septimus to his room?" Haruka nodded and then gave her father a knowing look before she left with her brother. They knew that their mother had a temper that you should never test…

Severus walked into the kitchen and saw the mother of his children stand there. Tall and slim with a blue and white apron on. Moving with grace around the kitchen, slicing salad and watching the steaks.

"Even though you're mad you still cook my favorite?

The person froze and turned around with a frown.

"So? I thought that it would be a perfect punishment. You didn't eat with us yesterday night so you'll probably not eat now either."

Severus sighed and then walked up to his wife and hugged him. Ron huffed and tried weakly to break out from the hold.

"I'm sorry. There were a lot of potions and when I was done it was four in the morning and I didn't want to wake you up when I came home."

Ron snorted and looked up at Severus.

"You always wake me up when you get home anyway." Severus smiled and kissed him.

All this felt so unreal. They had dated for about four years until they got married. Because they were both men they couldn't have children, but Severus had come up with the best solution; adoption. They had adopted Haruka six years ago, when she was 4. Her parents had died in an accident and she had been left on an orphan. Just a year after that they adopted Septimus. His mother had come to St Mungo's while Ron worked and had had Septimus with her. She had died of an illness and they never found any relatives that could take care of the boy. When Ron came home with the boy two days later Severus was a little unsure about it but Ron convinced him with some pleading and lots of sex.

"Mom, Dad! Is it time to eat yet?"

"Yes Haruka, will you get Sep?"

The girl nodded and then left. Severus sat down and the family started to eat. After dinner Severus went upstairs and packed some things for his kids and then quietly sent them through the floo. He then walked downstairs and found Ron standing in the kitchen, doing the dishes.

"You do know that you can do that with magic?"

"Yes I know, but I like to do it like this too."

Severus walked up to him and slid his arms around Ron's waist. He leaned in and planted a kiss on his head and then started to suck on his neck.

"Sev…Stop it." Ron tried to squirm away, but Severus tightened his hold on him and refused to let go.


"What?" Severus let his hands slowly glide in under the apron and tweak a nipple. Ron moaned and leaned back against Severus.

"The children-"

"Are with your parents. They are fine."

Severus waved his hand and Ron's clothes disappeared. But the apron stayed on. Ron blushed and glared at Severus who only smirked. He then put his hands in under the apron again and started to massage his chest and pinch his nipples. Ron groaned and then quickly batted his hands away. He then turned and jumped up on the counter and pulled Severus close to his body. Severus smirked and spread Ron's legs so he could fit between them. He pushed slowly against Ron, both moaning at the friction. Severus started to rock against Ron while Ron started to help his husband undress. Severus stopped him though and then unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Ron looked at him with a confused expression.

"I have always wanted to do this. It's like those yaoi books we found under Haruka's bed, remember?"

Ron blushed and then squeaked when Severus pushed a finger inside him. He arched his chest into Severus.

"What Ronald? Do you want it that bad?" Ron glared at his husband and then squeezed Severus cock a little, making him grunt and thrust up.

He regretted it when Severus looked him straight in the eyes and had THAT gleam in them…


Severus smirked and thrust harder. He had Ron laid out on his stomach on the kitchen counter, still in his apron. Severus was gripping the counter with his hands and was ramming inside his smaller husband the hardest he could. Ron moaned and reached down to stroke his own cock but Severus batted the hand away. He started to stroke it in times with his thrusts, making Ron wail in pleasure and come. Severus grunted when he came just seconds after. They lay there on the counter, panting for breathe.

"You know. This isn't how I thought my life would be like 10 years ago."

Severus chuckled and lifted his husband up and started to walk upstairs towards the bathroom.

"Believe me when I say that no one would have thought that it would turn out like this."

Ron snickered while Severus carried him up the stairs for some more mind blowing sex in the bathtub…