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Chapter 3

Training came along well despite some problems with having a girl as a regular but that was predicted and the regulars openly declared themselves proud to have Jessica on the team and those problems stopped.

Furthermore Inui was irritated that he couldn't collect data on her style of playing though he outlined that the only thing you could see of her legs was that they were long and slim because of her fashion style – no matter the weather.

Ryoma grinned when Inui stood beside him watching her play, grumbling about no valid data.

"You'll never figure it out if you are looking for a specific style and predicting her with it in every match." he said still facing the court so that Inui at first didn't register that the prodigy was talking to him.

"What do you mean, Echizen?" he stared at him. But the seventeen year old only smirked. (1)

Later the young man and his girlfriend sat in the shadow of a tree just relaxing after training before going home.

Ryoma had a hand under her baggy trousers massaging her thigh, the fabric giving him enough room to do so while not revealing a single patch of skin.

"So what was it today?" he asked unaware of the watching eyes.

"Oh just a bit rock." she grinned while he pouted. "You never tell me more."

"Because you don't need to." she kissed him on the nose. "Besides you never got over the fact that I only started tennis at eleven."

"And you got so far in just a year."

"And shortly after I nearly had to stop again." she whispered and moved closer to him.

"And look at you,you proved them all wrong." with that they started kissing and the figure moved away.

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