(A/N: This is a continuation of LOSTRocker's story about Henry and Natalie getting revenge on Gabe for Gabe not telling Natalie it was a snow day. [I don't remember the name and I'm too lazy to look it up.] I left the ending open so if anyone else wants to continue the series…go ahead. This is dedicated to Hannah because she gave me the idea of what the revenge should be. This is AU because Gabe is alive, he's alive, he is so alive. Enjoy!)


Gabe ran his hand through his now pink hair. He'd tried to get the pink out too many times to count, but it was still there. He needed revenge on his sister and her boyfriend, but what should it be?

Gabe was still pondering this when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi, Gabe. It's Dr. Madden. I just wanted to remind your mom that she has an appointment with me tomorrow."

"Right." Then he had a crazy idea. "Wait…what's a good way to get revenge on someone?"

"Hmmm…fill their backpack with dead fish," Dr. Madden answered.

"Sounds great. Thanks. Bye." He hung up, then realized he had a problem. Where was he going to get dead fish?

The fish market. Of course. Gabe hadn't been there in years—no one in their family could stand the smell, especially Natalie. Which made this prank even better.


Gabe had stuffed Henry and Natalie's backpacks with dead fish. He didn't want to wait to see what would happen, so he said "Hey, Natalie, don't you have homework you need to do?"

"I'll do it later," Natalie answered.

"No! Do it now, so you can enjoy the rest of your snow day!"

"I'm enjoying my snow day right now. I'll do my homework later."

Gabe saw that she was going to need some more convincing. He dragged Natalie's backpack over to her, and opened it over her head. Dead fish rained down.

"Eeew! Gabe! What was that for?"

"For this!" Gabe smirked and pointed at his head.

"Gabe, I can't control if you were born without any brains."

"No! My hair is pink! And all because of you and your boyfriend! His backpack is filled with fish, too!"

"So you filled our backpacks…with dead fish?"


"Who exactly gave you this idea?"

"Dr. Madden." Gabe ran out of the room before Natalie could throw something at him.

Natalie turned to Henry. "I think it's our turn for revenge now. And not just on Gabe. Dr. Madden is getting it, too."

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