She stares out the open window, closing her eyes as a cool breeze floats in. She's so incredibly happy she could cry. A few moments later she's joined by a fellow person but she doesn't open her eyes. Just by his presence she can tell who it is. Comfortable silence fills the air but she can't take it. Opening her eyes she stares now at the familiar purple-white hair and the fox like sneer. His eyes are closed too, but she knows that he can see her just fine. Suddenly he moves, catching her gently in his hands around the waist. She doesn't fight it. In fact she's been waiting for this.

The boy turns her around so they're facing each other. He's still grinning his snide, fox-like grin. Most would be scared of this, or wary of his every action. But she isn't. She knows that deep down inside he's gentle. Or at least that's what she hopes. Before she has time to think another thought he's leaning in, pressing his not so perfect lips against hers. Now she's lost all thought; all reason. As the kiss becomes more intense, the fox begins to fade; slowly at first but than more and more quickly. And then he's gone, and she's left kissing nothing but thin air. Tears flood her vision as once more she's left alone, without knowing where he's gone.

Matsumoto woke up to find her vision blurry due to the tears the flooded her eyes. She closed them again and let them run down her face, wishing nothing more than to be in that dream again. Every time that person left her without telling her where he was going. He left her in the dark. Gin, I don't know how much more I can take. I can't live without knowing where you've gone. I suppose I do know now though.... Gin, please come back.... Please.

Taking a deep steady breath she forced herself to sleep again, hoping upon hope that she wouldn't wake up to find herself alone once more.