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A birthday smile for the dark prince...

Mika was the last vampire in the Hall of Princes. The other vampires had retired to their coffins for the day, leaving him sitting on his throne, in a silence so absolute, he could almost feel it pressing down on him. He sighed, the sound echoing throughout the hall. Today was his 271st birthday but that didn't mean much to him, vampires didn't celebrate things like birthdays after all. He hadn't celebrated a birthday for...well...come to think of it he hadn't celebrated anything much in at least 200 years, apart from the Festival of the Undead, of course.

His reverie was broken suddenly by the sound of the door to the Hall of Princes swinging open. Mika looked over to see who it was. Vancha March stood in the open doorway, smiling lightly. Mika stretched like a cat and stood, walking over to his fellow prince.

'What are you still doing up Vancha, did you want something?' Mika enquired.

'Yes Mika...I was wondering if you'd accompany me to the Halls of sport, I fancy a game of wrestling.'

' this time of day? You must be joking!' Mika snorted.

'Aw...come on Mika! Please? For me?'

'Why would I do anything for you? You smell funny.' Mika replied, trying to hold back his teasing smirk.

Vancha scowled, 'You're just afraid I'll beat you.'

'Oh that does it,' Mika replied, striding towards the door,'I am so going to beat you!'

Vancha smirked and followed the raven-haired prince to the Halls of Sport.

Mika was just about to open the door to one of the halls of sport, when he felt a pair of rough hands cover his eyes.

'Vancha! What on earth...'

'Just humour me for a sec.' Vancha muttered, opening the door, he then took his hands away.

A group party hat clad vampires stood in front of Mika, holding party poppers.

'Surprise!' they exclaimed, setting the poppers off, covering Mika in strings of multicoloured paper.

Mika stood there blinking for several minutes before choking out, 'W...what?'

'Paris let slip that it was your birthday and we all thought you could do with a laugh!' Darren explained.

'Yeah, you're always such a moody whatsit!' agreed a young general.

'Um...thanks?' Mika was astounded, he hadn't been to a party in two century's, he wasn't sure what to do or say. Luckily the other vampires seemed to understand Mika's hesitation and one of them pushed a small button on a box-thing and it started playing 'Dance dance' by Fall out boy.

A few hours and many songs later, Mika got into the party mood. He spent the night laughing and catching up with old acquaintances. When 'Caramelldansen' came on, Mika even joined in and did the dance along with everyone else. Now, a large group of smelly, unwashed vampires doing the 'Caramelldansen' is probably the most disturbing sight you could ever have the misfourtune to witness but nevertheless they all did it regardless of the possibility of mentally scarring any uninvited vampire that popped his head through the door to see what the noise was about.

The party finally ended at dawn. Vampires normally, as a rule didn't sleep at night but they were so tired out from dancing all day, that they stumbled off towards their coffins and instantly fell asleep. Some didn't even make it to their coffins and past out at various points along the tunnels, Mika had to step over quite a few of them before reaching his room. Once he got to his chamber, he hurriedly undressed and lay down in his coffin. He closed the lid and enjoyed the feeling of the all encompassing darkness.

He closed his eyes and remembered his party, all the fun, laughter and enjoyment and his mouth curled up into one of his rare smiles. It wasn't just any smile, however, it was a birthday smile. A birthday smile for the dark prince.