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Chapter 16

"That went well – right? Oh God, it did didn't it?" Arthur bit his lower lip and looked at Merlin expectantly, his blue eyes exhilarated. They had just returned from filming an interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross; Merlin had been on once before but this was Arthur's first 'official' TV interview.

Merlin had to laugh at Arthur's uncharacteristic uncertainty, watching with amused eyes as the blonde paced a hole in the hotel room carpet. "Arthur, you were perfect, relax." He snaked out a hand and grabbed his boyfriend's wrist to still him, using his other hand to cup Arthur's chin, running his thumb gently over his lips. "You looked perfect, you sounded perfect and, well, you're just damned perfect all over really...they loved you." He pressed a kiss into Arthur's palm.

Arthur visibly relaxed and pulled Merlin in for a deep kiss. "I think they loved you more," he murmured as he came up for air.

"I've been doing this for longer that's all. It comes with the job." Not liking the broken contact he leant in to continue the kiss, exploring Arthur's mouth with his tongue, knowing this was something he would never get tired of.

"Break it up now boys; we've got to get down to the junket."

Merlin sighed and reluctantly stepped away from Arthur, "Remind me again why I gave you this job?"

Morgana grinned, "Because I'm unbelievably efficient and a just little scary and you need me to keep you in line."

"More like because Arthur likes having you around so much," he rubbed his jaw and glared at her. "I still haven't forgiven you for lamping me."

Morgana shrugged, "You deserved it."

Merlin rolled his eyes, knowing she was right about all of it. He had taken her on as his PA because Arthur convinced him there could be no one better, and because it pissed off Uther; and he had deserved it that time she had punched him, and he would never tell her but he admired the way she had waded in to protect Arthur. Anyone who loved Arthur that much was OK with him.

"Now," she began. "Everything is set up downstairs; each interviewer gets five minutes. They've been primed not to ask about personal stuff, it's all about the movie. If they try anything untoward they will be asked to leave."

Merlin heard Arthur groan. He was hating being in the spotlight. He hadn't minded it so much when it was Merlin in the spotlight and Arthur was on the sidelines as his boyfriend; sure the press had a field day with their relationship and stalked the pair of them everywhere, calling them 'Merthur'. Everyone wanted a piece of them, and even after two years the fascination had not died.

Now Arthur was a celebrity in his own right, having won the Orange Award for New Writers last week for his first book. He had also appeared with Merlin in his latest film, 'Elusive', in a non speaking role as the distant object of Merlin's character's obsession. Merlin had talked him and the director into using Arthur for the role because Arthur would be on set with Merlin the whole time anyway, and because the film was a low budget indie flick that Merlin had desperately wanted to do the moment the script had landed in his lap.

"Do I have to?" whined Arthur. "This was a one off. I'm not going to do any 'acting' again – not that you could call it that this time!"

Morgana adopted her stern no nonsense face, "Arthur if you're not out that door in thirty seconds I'll..."

Arthur was out the door in ten. He knew better than to try to argue with Morgana and the stern look. Merlin followed, a huge grin plastered on his face, seeking out Arthur's hand and giving is a reassuring squeeze.

Merlin kept his hand entwined with Arthur's for the whole junket.


"I look fat," complained Arthur with a groan as he and Merlin snuggled together on the sofa in their Welsh cottage watching their appearance on Jonathan Ross.

Merlin smothered a smirk, "Yeah you do a bit," he agreed, waiting for the backlash. "It must be all that chocolate you've been eating."

"What? I have not. Really?" he lifted up his t-shirt and looked down at his perfectly toned stomach with a frown.

"Yeah. I think you need to work out more," Merlin teased, trying to suppress a giggle at the serious look on Arthur's face. He reached over and smoothed a hand over Arthur's abdomen, sliding a finger just under the waistband and round to where the curve of his buttocks began, and pinched gently. "Hmm, definitely more than an inch there..." The giggle slipped out.

"You idiot Merlin!" Arthur flipped Merlin then, managing to pin him to the sofa and capture both of his hands above his head. "Perhaps I'd better have a workout now then huh?" He smashed his lips with Merlin's and plunged his tongue inside to commence the usual battle for dominance which Arthur knew he would win today.

Merlin's hips bucked up, his instant erection grinding against Arthur's, his blue eyes no longer amused but filled with lust. "I think that's an excellent idea," he groaned as Arthur released his lips and started nibbling his ears which Arthur had long since decided were so prominent simply because Merlin turned to jelly if Arthur swirled his tongue behind them. He did so now and Merlin bit back a moan and broke one of his hands free so that he could divest Arthur of his t-shirt.

Together they slowly rid each other of their clothing, Arthur planting kisses on each newly exposed part of Merlin, totally ignoring his straining cock as he kissed his inner thigh, causing Merlin to thread his fingers into Arthur's hair and tug him back for another kiss, wrapping his legs around Arthur's waist and finding friction as their cocks rubbed together.

Merlin slid a hand between their bodies and pumped himself and Arthur, grateful for his long fingers. "Fuck me Arthur," moaned Merlin, guiding Arthur's hand to his mouth so he could suck his fingers.

"Are you sure you want to fuck the fat guy?" teased Arthur as he grabbed a cushion and eased it under Merlin's arse, Merlin obligingly shifting to accommodate.

"I'll still want you to fuck me when you're old, bald and fat."

"You're so romantic Merlin."

"Just get on with it; I want you inside me whilst we're still on the telly so I can watch two of you."

"Mmm, kinky!"

Merlin took Arthur's fingers into his mouth and proceeded to lavish attention upon them as if they were Arthur's cock. After a minute Arthur moved his laved digits to Merlin's opening. Merlin sighed in pleasure as Arthur started with two fingers, his eyes fixed on Arthur's face the whole time, loving his concentration as he stretched him. It wasn't long before Merlin was ready for more. Arthur leaned in to kiss Merlin, tongue fucking his mouth for a minute before sitting back on his haunches and manoeuvring Merlin's legs onto his shoulders, bending him in half as he aligned his cock and began to penetrate the tiny hole.

"Fuck yes!" Merlin cried longingly. "I want all of you Arthur – now!"

Without taking his eyes from Merlin's Arthur thrust his member into Merlin in one urgent motion, causing Merlin to scream at the suddenness he had just invited. He began to move immediately, pulling back out before pummelling back in again swiftly, repeating the motion, leaning in and flicking his tongue over Merlin's lips, licking the sweat that was beading on his upper lip. He kept his hands at the sides of Merlin's head, his fingers gently running through his raven locks.

"I can't...mmmngg...see the telly!" gasped Merlin between thrusts, realising he was facing the wrong direction.

"Idiot," breathed Arthur, pulling out of Merlin and twisting so that his legs were over the back of the sofa and, leaning back, he placed his hands on the floor, his head falling back with its own weight. "Ride me."

Merlin grinned and straddled Arthur, lowering himself onto his cock slowly. "I can see two of you," he smirked. "So hot." He began to move up and down Arthur's cock as Arthur pumped upwards to meet him, lifting his head so he could watch as Merlin began to fist himself; Merlin's eyes flicking between the Arthur beneath him, the one slowly coming undone inside of him, and the other perfectly groomed version exuding sex appeal over the airwaves as he sat beside an almost as well groomed TV Merlin; his hair never behaved.

"Faster Arthur! Mm, fuck me harder."

Arthur obliged. "You like that?" he asked, shifting himself slightly and angling his hips so that he could be sure to hit Merlin's prostate, feeling mildly smug when Merlin threw his head back and screamed in pleasure.

"Aaaagh," Merlin cried, his hand tightening around his cock, knowing he was about to come and wanting to prolong it as long as possible. "Arthur, Arthur, Arthur..." he began to chant, flicking a quick glance at TV Arthur before returning his attention to real, sweaty, dishevelled Arthur, hoping to see his face as he came.

"Let go Merlin," rasped Arthur. "Come all over me."

Merlin loved it when Arthur asked for this, pumping his cock one final time he came over both of them, Arthur's name on his lips, resisting closing his eyes so that he could watch Arthur, knowing that he wouldn't last long now. Sure enough, Arthur reacted to Merlin's orgasm giving in to his own, his head falling back as he released his seed inside his boyfriend, "Merlin!"

Arthur's arms almost gave out on him and realising this Merlin leaned forward and pulled him into his arms, turning so that they collapsed in a heap on the sofa, Merlin on top of Arthur.

"Gods Arthur, I love you," Merlin sighed, snuggling into the blonde, totally sated, feeling sleepy. "Even if you are fat."

"Oi," laughed Arthur, wanting to hit Merlin with a cushion but finding his arms wouldn't move. "Love you too."


"It's not fair," complained Morgana with a pout. "Just because I'm a girl I don't get to play."

Merlin shot his PA a confused look, "What are you being so dramatic about now Morg?"

"The wedding, obviously," she said. Merlin thought she might as well have added 'duh' but her tone did it for her.

"What about the wedding?" Arthur had proposed to Merlin the previous week by writing 'Will you marry me?' on Rhossili Beach in pebbles, knowing it was cheesy enough to please Merlin without being too over the top. Merlin had launched himself at Arthur in glee and both men had ended up very wet and covered in seaweed.

Merlin had said yes without even bothering to pretend he was thinking about it.

The news had yet to hit the press, for which both Arthur and Merlin were grateful, they hoped to get married very quietly, and very soon.

"I should be Arthur's best man," Morgana elaborated and took a sip of her champagne. They were at a small gathering at Merlin and Arthur's London flat to celebrate.

Merlin laughed, "Right. Well you never know – it's not exactly going to be a conventional wedding anyway."

"Who's going to be yours?"

"Will of course."

Morgana frowned. "Are you going to invite Uther?"

"No we fecking well are not," said Arthur, joining the conversation after prying himself away from Lance and Gwen. Gwen had made contact with Lance off her own bat a couple of months after their first meeting, and their relationship was going strong.

"Are you sure?" Morgana asked, but even she was not on good terms with her step father after finding out what he had pulled on Merlin and Arthur.

Arthur had not spoken to his father since the day he left Camelot with Merlin. He hadn't even confronted him, merely making sure that he was aware that Arthur was leaving with Merlin. Merlin's Mum had ceased her animosity the moment she realised Merlin and Arthur were making a go of it. The men avoided Camelot, but made sure that Hunith visited them as much as she wanted to.

They had banked the £100,000 cheque and donated the money to Shelter before Uther had chance to realise what was going on.

"I'm sure," said Arthur sadly. "He tried to manipulate us both and he nearly kept Merlin and me apart forever. The best punishment for him is losing me – and you Morg. With me gone, all the expectations would have passed to you."

"OK," Morgana squeezed Arthur's hand; she knew he still hurt over his father's betrayal, but could understand why he wouldn't want anything to do with him. She knew that Uther had tried to make contact on numerous occasions, each time to be met with a brick wall. She was not too inclined to speak to him herself at the moment, but she did let him know how Arthur was doing, and she knew the separation was killing him.

"So, back to the wedding," she smiled coyly at her step-brother.

"Yes Morgana, you can be my 'best man'," sighed Arthur, almost losing his footing as she flung herself into his arms with a delighted squeal. "You do realise that as my best man you have to be wedding planner as well?" Another squeal; Morgana loved that shit.

As Morgana skipped away to tell anyone she could find Merlin turned to Arthur, "Are you certain you want to do this?"

"I'm certain that I never want to spend a day without you again, so yes Merlin, I want to do this. I love you."

"You make me so horny when you're like this," whispered Merlin leaning into Arthur's ear. "Do you think they'll notice if we sneak off for a while?"

"Who cares if they do?" Arthur grabbed Merlin by the wrist and dragged him into the nearest empty room, which happened to be his office where he did all his writing.

Pushing Merlin against the door he turned the key in the door and said, "I don't think we've christened that desk yet...." and with a glint in his eye he lifted up Merlin and proceeded to create a new memory.

The End


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