"What to do? What to do?" asked a lounging Ashei.

"Who knows? At this point even the writer doesn't know what she's doing!" Star said, obviously exasperated.

Watch it! I can very easily take you out of this story in the next chapter. Who's up for a sudden seismic event that sends several rocks flying, one of which knocks Star trough a portal into an alternate universe? Isn't any one listening to me? Meanwhile…

"What to do? What to do?" asked a lounging Ashei.

"Who knows?" Star asked.

"Well, someone has got to think up something! We're not just going to sit here!" Althea yelled.


"Sorry Colin." Althea had apparently yelled into Colin's ear.

"I think we should get to the Twilight, crush Jegran like a bug, and then somehow get Althea back to where she came from," Thelma said.

"Not until we find out what happened to Layle, and I don't think that Jegran will be as easy to defeat as last time-"

"And from what Keiss told me, Jegran wasn't that easy to defeat in the first place."

"Precisely. Thank you Star for finishing my sentence," Althea said with an amused and slightly annoyed glance at Star.

"For now, since we don't have any other plan, I say we go to the Twilight like Thelma suggested," Queen Zelda said. Considering her best adventurer was currently in the dungeons of his own castle (or so she thought) she was taking all this rather well.

"Warp?" Star asked.

"If you want to…"

"Okay, there's a portal right in the Mirror Chamber, we can use that! Everyone into the circle!"

"Cid!" Layle called into the Lilty's workshop.

"Oh no, not again! What is it this time Layle?" the inventor asked franticly.

"I suppose you heard about what happened at the ball," the Clavat replied.

"The whole kingdom has heard about- WHO ARE THEY?"

"This is Amidetelion. Obviously, she is a Yuke. He is Link, Star's father. He's not from around here… to say the least."

"Hello," Amidetelion said, composed as usual.

"What is all this?" Link asked in wonder.

"This is a universal travel machine. I have absolutely no idea if it works," Cid replied. He seemed, if not confused, proud of himself for making such a breakthrough. This can be expected as something like has never ever been invented before.

"Well. That's convenient." Again, Amidetelion sounded like she was grinning.


And DROP! Just as Star thought this they all landed in a silent circle on the sandy sandstone summit of the Mirror Chamber. Try saying that five times fast. Anyway…

"What now?" Althea asked as the rather large group of Hylians and Star climbed the stone steps (ah! More s's!) toward an intricate mirror that was about twice as tall as Star. It looked like it had been broken one too many times.

"We go through." Suddenly a circle of light shot out of the mirror toward the rock in front of it and then expanded. After walking up to the platform in front of it, one by one the group was sucked inside the gigantic circle of light.

Beans-the-Monkey (known before as Macaronigirl7): The of !

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B-t-M: I know

"What the heck! Where are we?" Layle asked as Amidetelion, Link, and he landed very hard on black rock. Before he knew what was happening, he was tackled and on face down on the rock. To his left he saw the both Link and Amidetelion had the same thing happen to them. "Get off of me!" Attempting to blast off his attacker, he accidentally blasted a rock into his head!

"Layle?" Ashei's voice sounded worried. Is that really Ashei? Layle asked himself.

"Star! Get off of me," Link said. Star?

"Layle! Amidetelion! How did you get here?" Althea ran up to them and started to fuss over Layle, seeing if he was alright. Deciding he was, the Lilty promptly sat back on her heals and looked toward Star and her father.

"Sorry Dad… I didn't see it was you," Star apologized. Turning toward Amidetelion she gave a little yelp of surprise and terror. The Yuke was reassembling herself very quickly. "What… How… That's not possible!" she stammered.

"Hello, I don't think we've been properly introduced. I am Amidetelion, a friend of Layle's. Do you remember me from the Crystal Chamber?" Amidetelion's voice, calm as ever, wasn't able to be heard after the wailing sirens that suddenly filled the air.

"Uh… oh…"

"GRRRRR! We haven't heard anything from any of them!" Belle yelled as she paced back and forth down the Guild ship's length. "After what we heard from everyone at the ball, this isn't going to turn out well. Especially if Layle has anything to do with it!"

"We don't know that. The might be heading back here right now." Robert did not look anywhere near as worried as Belle was. Mimi just sat there, looking like she was concentrating a little too hard. The purple clip in her hair reflected the sunlight. Just then Mimi looked up sharply at an oddly colored lilac portal that hovered in the air in front of her.

"YIKES!" she shouted then fell backwards off the side of the ship into the water below. Just as Belle and Robert ran to see if she was alright snake-like tendrils of light exploded from the portal and dragged them through it.

Keiss just sat in the cell with Midna and Cody. He looked at the ceiling. Attempted to keep rats out of the cell. Talked with Cody. Talked with Midna… that is, until a gigantic purple portal appeared (half indie and half outside the cell) and dropped Belle into the prison and Robert into the hallway. Two rats were abruptly taken from the cell, and then the portal faded to nothingness. Lucky them, Jegran took just that moment to walk down the hallway and look into the cell.

"Lucky me. It seems that things are going better than planned. My old enemies and then some have been transported here." Jegran had the same old ugly sneer on his face that he usually did.

"We have rights! Let us out of here!" Midna apparently still couldn't grasp the concept that Jegran wasn't one to reason with.

"Those defeated in battle have no right." Jegran had the upper hand in this battle… unfortunately.

"Lucky us, we defeated you once, we can do it again!" Keiss retorted.

"We'll see," the former High Commander replied. Just then sirens and flashing lights went off through the castle. INTURDER ALERT! INTUREDER ALERT! reverberated through the prison block.

"When were those put in?" Midna asked no one in particular. Then Jegran, seeing Robert for the first time, took off after the Selkie who had brains enough to run!

Seeing the lights and sirens the group of Hylians, Ordonians, Twili, and Alfitarians ran back to where the Mirror of Twilight had dropped them, and then somehow instead of ending up in the Mirror Chamber, landed in the middle of Hyrule Castle's throne room!