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For as long as she could remember, Alice's town had feared a man known as the Mad Hatter or as everyone in her town liked to called him, the Murdering Mad Hatter.

He would terrorize her town with malicious glee, murdering the innocent people of her town in the most horrid of ways. He would skin them and sent their skin back to their families, he would chop them up and scatter their body parts around the town for everyone to find, or he'd slice them in half and stick both parts on a pike in the town square.

Alice had only seen him once and he didn't really look very frightening. Don't judge a book by its cover. That's what Alice's father used to say. The Mad Hatter had electric orange hair that stuck out every which way, all messy and curly and his eyebrows seemed as though they were joined to his hair. His eyes were a greenish yellow color and they dazzled and shined when he killed or had someone cowering before him. He wore a huge hat upon his head with a pink ribbon like scarf round it and a large colorful bow around his neck that had odd patterns on it. His coat was purple and so was his vest while his shirt was a bright blue color. He was… a very impressive sight.

Especially to Alice.

She first saw him when she was just a little girl. He appeared in the town square to meet with the mayor, Charles Kingsley. Her father. Alice's mother had died giving birth to her so her Aunt Imogene had her by her side to keep her as far away as possible from the Hatter. Alice was hidden behind her aunt while her father spoke to the madman. She wasn't supposed to look at him, her father told her not to but she couldn't help herself. She was a very, very curious little girl.

Little Alice took a little peek at the madman from behind her Aunt Imogene. He stood in front of her father with a sinister smile on his alabaster face. When he spoke his voice was so soft and velvety that Alice could have listened to it all day. The little girl thought the madman was so handsome that she couldn't help but stare at him.

Then he saw her.

His dark lips curled into a small smile that made her heart flutter in her chest. Little Alice shyly returned his smile and gave him a small wave. Her aunt saw that Alice was waving and smiling at the murderer so she pushed Alice back into her hiding place so the Hatter could no longer see her. Hatter's smile disappeared and a scowl formed on his handsome face. He rather enjoyed looking at the sweet little girl.

"You have a very pretty daughter." Said Hatter.

His voice caused butterflies to form in Alice's stomach. He thought she was pretty and that made her little heart beat faster.

"T-Thank you." Her father stammered, obviously not pleased that he had seen Alice. Though the Mad Hatter didn't kill children, he still didn't want the madman to see his precious little daughter.

"What's her name?"

She peeked from behind her aunt again and smiled at the Hatter. "Her name is none of your business. We aren't here to discuss my daughter's name. Leave her alone. " Her father exclaimed, angrily. The Mad Hatter narrowed his eyes at her father, taking a threatening step toward him.

"Don't tell me what to do, Kingsley." He said in a low, angry voice. His accent was Scottish and very mad. His green eyes glowed with anger and his lips curled up into a sneer.

Alice should have been afraid of him but she just wasn't. She was odd like that; she didn't scare easily like everyone. Instead she did something that would no doubt get her into big, big trouble.

She ran out from her aunt and stopped right in front of him. Her aunt let out a frightened gasp while her father tried to pull her away. She stared up at the madman that caused so much death in her town with curiosity. He smiled and crouched down in front her.

"What's your name, cricket?" He asked, softly.


His smile widened. "Well, Alice, how old are you?"

"I'm seven years old." She replied with a smile.

The Hatter brought his hand up to the top of her head and stroked her golden blond hair. It was soft and silky against his rough fingers. Her big cerulean eyes stared up at him as she reached over and twirled a piece of his messy, curly orange hair round her tiny finger; it wasn't rough, it was as soft and silky as her own.

"You're a very pretty little girl, Alice." He whispered softly, so only she could hear him. He placed a kiss on her cheek and stood up. Her father glared at the Hatter as the madman gently took Alice by the arm and placed her by her father's side. Charles immediately grabbed Alice by the hand and pulled her behind him.

"You have a very charming daughter, Kingsley." Hatter said, grinning madly.

"Thank you."

"So you want me to stop murdering the people in this town." Hatter said.

"Yes." Charles said, straightening his shoulders.

"What do I get in return?" He asked, gazing down at Alice.

Charles saw this and immediately said, "Not her. She's my only daughter."

The Hatter glanced back up at Charles and growled. "Do you want me to continue to kill your precious townspeople?" He snarled.

Charles looked down at his sweet child, who smiled up at him, totally unafraid of the man in front of them. He looked back up at the Hatter. "Not now. She's too young. Wait till she's older, please." He pleaded, helplessly.

Hatter nodded, much to Charles relief. "When she's nineteen, I'll come for her."

The Mad Hatter beckoned the little girl with his long, pale finger. She ran over to him again and he again crouched down in front of her. "I'll see you in twelve years, cricket."

Little Alice nodded. "Okay, Mr. Hatter." She wrapped her tiny arms around his neck and hugged him.

"Alice!" Her father exclaimed.

Hatter's grin widened as he wrapped his large arms around the tiny girl and gave her a gentle squeeze. He let her go, quite reluctantly. "Good-bye, Alice."

"Good-bye, Mr. Hatter."

He stood up and looked up at Charles. "Remember our bargain, Kingsley." He said, quietly. Then he walked away from them, disappearing into the forest that surrounded the little town. Alice watched him go, sadly. She rather liked him; he was sweet and handsome.

She knew that she'd see him again, all she had to do…was wait twelve years.

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