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The team was being briefed for the latest job when there was a knock at the door. Hardison, being closest, answered it.

He swung the door open and there stood a little girl, her brown hair in pigtails. She wore red overalls, a back pack, and one of her pink Converse shoes were untied.

"We don't need any Girl Scout cookies, sweetie."

"I'm not selling any. I just need to find my daddy, Eliot Spencer."

Hardison laughed. "Okay…sure where are the cameras? I hope you got paid really good for this little girl."

The little girl made a face that was eerily similar to Eliot's pissed off face. Then she screamed "DADDY!" at the very top of her lungs.

Everyone in the room watched with varying degrees of shock as Eliot vaulted over the couch where he'd previously been seated and made it through the hall in three strides knocking Hardison out of the way.

"Katie Beth!"

"Hi Daddy." she said calmly.

"Jesus Katie Beth, why'd you yell? You scared me. What are you doing here?" he picked her up. She held tightly to his neck "Where's your Mama?"

"He didn't believe me and he called me a Girl Scout I got tired of waiting and just hollered to see if you was in there. Mama left already. Her Nonna died and she said she wasn't sticking me in that single-wide with her crazy Mama for a week when you could watch me."

"Oh really? Nice of her to warn me." He went to set her on the couch but she balked at being put down. "Let go, Monkey. We're a little clingy at first but it wears off," he told the team.

"Katie Beth, look at me sweet heart I'm not leavin' you okay? I'm just gonna go upstairs and call your mama and then come right back. I promise."

"Ok but hurry," she agreed and let go of his neck, allowing him to put her down. He kissed the top of her head.

"Don't teach her to steal while I'm gone," he tossed over his shoulder at the team.

Everyone stared at the little girl. Nate was the first to speak "Hi, I'm Nate."

"Hi, I'm Katherine Elizabeth Spencer but Daddy calls me Katie Beth. Mama just calls me Katie."

Parker inched closer to her, itching to touch the little female version of Eliot, if only to make sure she was real.

"How old are you?" Parker asked.

"Four almost five I know my addresses and both of Mama and Daddy's phone numbers."

"I bet you're a real smart cookie. I'm Parker." She pointed to Sophie and Hardison. "And that's Sophie And Hardison."

"Hi everybody. Do you do what my Daddy does, help people?"

"Yes," Sophie replied.

Eliot walked back down the stairs, still on the phone. "Yes, I know that Tana but I'm working .What I am I supposed to do with her then? Oh, come on don't be like that you know I want her I've just…" he looked over to make sure Katie was okay. "Been working… have you eaten anything?" he directed at Katie.

She shook her head no. "I have a snack in my backpack for when I get hungry. Can I play Barbies on the table?"

"Sure darlin'… no I was talking to Katie Beth." He headed back up stairs.

"How often do you see your daddy?" Sophie asked.

"Whenever he's not working. I have my own room at his house and everything. Its been a whole bunch a sleeps since I seen him though. You talk pretty," she told Sophie.

"Thank you Katie."

"You guys wanna play with me? I have lots of dolls even a Ken doll. He's Daddy's but he can share." Hardison laughed, the whole idea of Eliot playing Barbies was hysterical to him.

Parker shot him a dirty look. "I'll play with you sweetie."

A few minutes later Eliot came back down.

"You're gonna stay with me for awhile, Monkey." He told Katie. Her blue eyes sparkled.

"Okay, Daddy will you make sketty for dinner? Mama's new boyfriend is veggie whatever that word is so all the food is yucky now."

"You mean vegetarian but you bet I will. You still going to preschool?"

"Yes, from ten to two thirty."

"Okay, do you guys think you can help watch her while I do my parts of the job?"

Everyone nodded. He sat down on the couch, lifting Katie into his lap.

"Okay we can start again." Eliot said as he reached to tie Katie's shoes he heard Katie gasp when the bank of monitors came back on.

"Daddy can I watch Sponge Bob in here?" she asked, the awe evident in her voice.