Well after reading as many stories as I could find on my favourite couple, Goku and Chichi, I decided to try and write something of my own. This is my first fic, so I am nervous as to what people will say, but please feel free to be as critical as possible, I can take it, and if I'm going to continue, I will need help along the way.

Oh well, here goes nothing….

Chapter 1: Endurance

She sat on her dressing table, leisurely brushing her long dark hair. Today was their three month wedding anniversary. Not that they were celebrating or anything, she had no doubt that Goku didn't even know what date it was let alone the significance of it. Yes, it had been three months. Three very beautiful months. She was finally living her dream, she was spending her days and nights with the man she loved. The most perfect human being on the face of the planet - she was confident of that. They were having so much fun, Goku was like a never ending supply of energy. A full time storage of cheerfulness, and everyday she was amazed at how much more capacity she had to love him. They would spar, go swimming in the lake, explore the forest, travel the world on Nimbus and discover all the wonders of the world Chichi had only ever read about in books. They camped out a lot. Many a night Goku would catch something to grill on the fire outside and they would sit for hours just talking and laughing with the sky and the stars as their shelter. She had come to know so much more about him, his childhood, his first encounter with Bulma and all the adventures that had followed since. Yes, her husband was certainly unique and she wouldn't have it any other way.

It was easy to forget the rest of the world and it's problems, its social constrictions and its expectations when she was around him. Half the time she felt like she was getting an opportunity to be a child again. Goku was so playful, he was always tickling her, teasing her with little creepy crawlies that he knew would freak her out, but he had also grown to be very affectionate. He always grabbed her hand when they took a walk. He would kiss her on the cheek or on the lips, hug her, snuggle up to her on the couch and had never failed to hold and spoon her at bedtime. Yes, they had grown very close in these three months, just like brother and sister. Sob! She put her brush aside and flung herself on their bed and let the sobs wreak through her little body.

Oh, it was awful, just awful how much she had to endure! Three whole months, living with a physique that would make even the Gods jealous, and…nothing. No sign that he found her attractive. Not one damn sign. How much longer was she expected to suffer this proximity! It was easier when she first hit puberty and started having desires towards her fiancé, she must have been fifteen when she started fantasizing about him in that way. She would curl up on her bed and play with the nub between her legs until she felt the spasms rock her body. Sometimes she'd shut her eyes and hug herself while she pressed her thighs tightly together until that sweet sensation had dissipated. But in all her girlish fantasies, in all the ways she had imagined her Goku would turn out, she had never come even close to conjuring the sheer perfection that was her husband in the flesh. He was a work of art, perfectly proportioned, each part of him like an exquisitely chiselled sculpture that was made to be admired, made to be touched, explored and just…More sobs wreaked her tiny little frame as she once more found herself aroused by just the thought of him. Yes, she was a newly wed alright, a very sexually frustrated newly wed. And she had come to the sad realization that as much fun as they had together, as much as he had come to like and admire her, he just didn't find her attractive.

A man his age had urges, just like she did. It was a matter of biology, and urges had to be satisfied, and if he wasn't satisfying these urges with her then…then he was either taking care of it himself or…Sob! Could it be possible? Could her sweet, boyish Goku be capable of such deceit? Did he even understand that it would be a betrayal to be intimate with someone other than his wife? She didn't know, all she knew was that he didn't even know what a marriage was, in many of their long conversations, he had confided how he only found out that it meant living with someone just before he had proposed at the tournament. Could he really be that naïve? To think that sharing a roof, a bed and meals with her was all it entailed? And that for everything else? Well, that any other woman would do? She didn't know, but then again, wasn't he always taking off for long periods of time to go training. It wasn't everyday, but sometimes he said he needed to work on his ki attacks and needed to find a secluded place with things to blow up. Most days, he would train at home, if she wasn't busy with a few chores, she would even take the time to sit out with a novel and watch his magnificent body as it…Arg! Damnit she was doing it again…thinking about him in that way again. She didn't know what she aught to do, but it was painfully obvious that she couldn't remain in a one sided marriage. No matter how much she loved him, if she stayed married to him under these conditions, she would ruin both their lives. Yes, she decided, she would have to make a change, it would be easy to get an annulment she supposed, after all, nothing had been consummated. Goku would probably be relieved, and she…sob!…she would be, well simply devastated. Turning over on her side, she looked towards the dresser and felt sorry for the oh so happy and clueless bride that was clutching ever so tightly at her handsome groom. Yes, they looked happy alright, if she had only known then what was not to come, she might have done things differently. With a heavy sigh, she grabbed Goku's pillow and burried her face in it, as she slipped her fingers expertly between her thighs, and started to slowly rub herself like she had grown accustomed to every time Goku had gone out to train alone.

"Ka…me…ha…me…ha!" there was a loud rumble as the mountain top was completely incinerated. Happy with his progress for the day, Son Goku called out to his fluffy flying cloud and plopped his heaving and tired body down while he gazed up at the sky and smiled. Chichi. He was going home to his wife. He couldn't imagine a time when he was this happy. He had been worried that life would get a bit dull living with a girl. He didn't know many girls that well, there was Bulma, who was always complaining about this and that, and her idea of fun was sitting around and doing something as dumb as painting her toenails. He also knew Launch, but she was completely unstable, one minute she was as sweet as sugar, and the next she was shooting down at you for the littlest things. No, he didn't know many girls but from his two experiences, he had not known what to expect when he took off after the big wedding ceremony to go off and live with Chichi. Ah! Chichi. He smiled again. Chichi was just…just perfect to live with. She loved martial arts just as much as he did. And even though he was a lot stronger than she was, they enjoyed training and sparring together. She loved the outdoors just as much as he did, they would go out swimming or hiking or walking. It didn't really matter what they were doing, Chichi was great to be around. She seemed genuinely interested in him as a person, not just to get him to solve some problem or fight off some enemy. No, she took an interest in him, she wanted to know all about him. His childhood, his adventures, his likes, everything.

Of course, it wasn't all just roses and sunshine, there were many things that Goku didn't know that Chichi had had to teach him in their time together. Some were easier than others to remember, but Chichi sure had a temper, she would yell to the top of her voice when she was really frustrated with his forgetfulness. But she always said, the important thing is that he was willing to learn, and that it was a bit unrealistic to expect him to grasp what takes normal people all their lives and to learn in just a few days. Yep, she was the best person he knew, and in these few months that they'd been living together, he had thanked his lucky stars that out of all the men in the world she could have chosen, she had picked him, for life. Yes, life was good. And he was determined to keep it that way, especially since more and more these days, he was coming dangerously close to messing it all up. He was…sigh!…he was becoming more and more like Master Roshi. Just thinking about it made him feel so ashamed!

Chichi was trusting him, trusting him, letting him hold her hand and hug her and kiss her and hold her while they were sleeping…no one had allowed him such privileges since his grandpa died. Bulma had freaked when he had asked to sleep on her lap and Launch, well, Launch had shot him for it! As he had gotten older he had come to accept that the closeness and comfort that he had shared with his grandfather had been a once in a lifetime thing, and though he had missed it, more and more over the years he had grown used to doing without it. And then like a miracle, without even looking for it or asking for it, Chichi had given him back that sense of belonging. Yes, he should be ashamed, Chichi had given him so much, and already in his mind he was betraying her.

He knew first hand how upset women got when men tried to…tried to touch them there. He had witnessed it many times with his old master, and as a young martial arts student, he could never fathom why he would want to do such a thing. It didn't seem to make sense at all. Moreover, they would often catch him ogling at naked pictures of women, or watching women do exercises on the television. Bulma would get really, really angry, and Launch, well, Launch had shot the old man more than half a dozen times for his efforts. No, it had never made sense to him then why his master was willing to get into so much trouble over nothing. And now…sigh…now he was having these insane urges to touch Chichi there. Out of nowhere, he'd find himself watching them bounce up and down. Sometimes in the water they would peak out at him, as if daring him to touch them…or at night long after Chichi was asleep, he would press himself ever so close to her, breathing her in, grinding his…

"Ah!" he covered his face with his hands, trying to will himself not to think of that problem. People had always told him he was different but like everything else in his life, he had shrugged it off. He knew for a fact now that he was different. Maybe he was part animal or something, he had seen many animals licking and biting at each other at play. And he just knew, he just knew that he wanted to lick Chichi. To rid them both of their night clothes and feel her against him, skin to skin. Just last night, his blood had been pumping so hard he caught himself grinding his thing against Chichi's soft bottom while they were both asleep. And to his utter shame and humiliation, he had enjoyed it. He had wanted to press more into her, touch her… These urges where driving him crazy, his body was betraying him. One slip, one slip and Chichi would know just how twisted he really was inside and then…and then…she'd leave him. No, he decided, it was his body, and just as he'd trained all his life against physical weakness, he would train his body against this insanity. And he'd beat it too, just like any other enemy that threatened to hurt this world. And with that resolved, Goku looked once more to the stars to thank them for bringing Chichi in his life. He was surprised to realize that Nimbus was already hovering outside their house. Jumping off, he and headed into the house, elated at the prospect of seeing his beautiful wife.

Goku stepped happily through the threshold and was a bit surprised that Chichi wasn't in the kitchen. Ussually supper would be half way done by now and the house would be filled with delicious aromas. Oh well, he thought, perhaps Chichi wanted to sit out by the fire and grill some fish.

He was expecting to find her brushing her hair, or sewing in a button or fast asleep on the bed or something. What he wasn't expecting was an entirely empty room with just the bare furniture remaining. The bed was made, but the purple little throw, as Chichi had called it was not there. The dressing table was completely empty, no creams, and brushes and clips and all sorts of weird other things that he was accustomed to seeing. Their wedding picture was gone too. He didn't need to look through the shelves and the wardrobe to know that her clothes wouldn't be there. But he rummaged through them anyway. Hopelessness, that was the only emotion he could master at that moment, sheer and utter hopelessness. She was really gone, she had left him, just as he'd feared she would. Just as he'd known she would. And once again, like so many other times before in his life, he was completely alone.

He sat on the empty bed and stared at his reflection for a long time. What was he? Why was he so different? Why did he have a tail when no one else did? Why could he see in the dark? Hold his breathe for so long that Krillian could only call him freaky? Why did he have the strength of a hundred men? Why was he the only person he knew who could track another by their scent? Was he some kind of demon like Piccolo? All these questions raced through his mind as he remained motionless, staring at his reflection while trying to make sense of his identity. But the only question that really mattered, was why, why in Kami's name was he destined to always be alone?