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Chapter 6: Sensations

"Oh Goku" Chichi cried against his chest in relief as Nimbus continued to create more and more space between them and the Ostrich Fortress.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, as they continued to glide over the clouds on their magic one.

"I'm fine…just…" she sniveled, the wind making the tears falling down her face slant at an angle

"It was scary there for a while huh?" he coaxed her, truth be told, it was scary for him too

"They drugged me, with this gas, I couldn't breathe…I…" for some reason she felt she had to justify why she was captured, why she couldn't defend herself when she was supposed to be the strongest woman in the world

"I saw, it was a dirty trick, you did kick some ass though, before they gassed you, Chichi, it was GREAT!" he beamed at her, his hair swaying ever so slightly with the wind

"Goku! how would you even know?" she wondered out loud

"I told ya, I saw, on Baba's ball, we all saw, your dad, Baba, some people from your village, they were still watching when I came to get you" he said cheerfully

Chichi paled. They had been watching this entire time!

"What's the matter Chi? Are you in pain? We should be at Korin's soon, we'll get you a sensu, just hold on okay" he said concerned, his anger returning, at the memory of the Ostrich Prince and his damn blade.

"GOKU!" she shrieked "…don't you know what this means?..." she asked him incredulously, how could he not care that her father, her father of all people and by the sounds of it, the whole damn village as well, had been watching whilst they were in the throes of passion!

"Um…" he stared at her, trying to figure out what he'd missed

"Have you forgotten what we were doing on that bed before we left?" she tried a different approach

Immediately, he averted his eyes. Oh no! What will Ox King think of me now? I promised to take care of Chichi, and now he's seen me doing some…urgh…that…to her. He was already furious that I let her get kidnapped, he'll take her away from me for sure!

Chichi knew it was a bit embarrassing, but she didn't think he'd take it that bad, he looked like he had a case of bad seafood.

"It's not the end of the world Goku, I mean, we're married, so…my dad will understand" she said, flushing at the memory of their passion

"But I promised to take care of you, I promised to make you happy…and what I did to you in that bed, I'm really sorry Chi, I was just so…cold" he tried to explain himself

A slap across the face would have hurt her less. She had known that it was the only reason that he'd touched her, but…to have him admit it so easily, it hurt, it really hurt her.

"Aw Chichi, don't cry, I'll be good, I promise, just…please don't cry" he tried to sooth her, cupping her face in his large calloused hands and bringing it up to meet his searching eyes

"How can I not cry, when my own husband won't even lay a finger on me?"

"What do you mean Chi, of course I wouldn't lay a finger on you, that would just be…wrong…I mean it's different when we're sparring, and even then I try to be careful"

"I don't mean that kind of finger Goku, I mean…like earlier in that bed, do you want me to die a virgin?" she cried heatedly

Goku had no idea what a virgin was, but…the way Chichi said it, it sounded like a bad thing, maybe even a painful thing. And he definitely didn't want her to die in a painful way, but urgh, why would she even bring up dying in the first place?

"Chichi…" he started, but Nimbus made a quick vertical shoot up into the air in a sharp ninety degree angle, and a few seconds later, it came to a halt, floating outside Korins Tower

"KORIN!" Goku yelled, grabbing Chichi's hand and jumping off of Nimbus! "KORIN! Are you here?" he rushed the little dwelling

"Don't blow out my ears Goku, jeesh, I'm here, I'm here" Korin walked out with his stick in toe

"Korin, Korin" Goku practically hopped about on the spot "Chichi needs a sensu, quick, she needs a sensu"

"Well, well, well, if it isint Mrs Son" Korin commented dryly "I don't understand Goku, she looks perfectly fine to me" Korin observed the female

"WHAT? Are you crazy Korin? She's hurt!" Goku declared, despite the fact that Chichi's clothes covered up the surface of her skin in it's entirety, making it impossible for an observer to see that she was covered in painful incisions all over her body.

"Goku, it's not that serious" Chichi mumbled, embarrassed, especially since it occurred to her that Korin might want to see just where she was hurt, and she didn't feel like pulling her skirts up for the strange cat, revealing her inner thighs.

Korin flushed as Chichi's thoughts reached him. He really should learn to only look in on people's thoughts when it was necessary.

"Just a minute Goku, I'll get you a bean, though I must caution you, the beans are meant to be used for life and death situations" he said, disappearing

"He's right Goku, we shouldn't abuse the magic beans like this" Chichi said awkwardly, she was in pain, practically every movement she made touched on the tiny cuts, but…it was hardly life and death, she would heal, eventually…

"No, you need it" he said stubbornly, his eyes slanting. If they didn't use the sensu bean, her skin would scar, permanent reminders of this horrible experience, of his delay in getting to her, of the Ostrich Prince and his blade against her skin, he didn't want that kind of reminder for Chichi, and he definitely didn't want that for his own sanity's sake either

"Here Goku" Korin emerged, flicking a bean in Goku's direction. Goku caught it, and immediately pushed it between Chichi's lips, making her blush at the brief contact, though it really wasn't meant to be intimate

The magic of the bean washed over her, not only closing up her wounds and taking away the painful stinging, but giving her bouts of energy to spare. She felt great, physically, but…

"Thanks Korin!" Goku grabbed her hand in haste as he practically dragged her back to Nimbus

Korin just huffed, Goku was so rude, he wasn't even going to engage in small chit-chat now that he had what he wanted. 'Some people!'

As Nimbus soared through the air, Goku kept inching closer and closer to his wife, drawn by her heat. Now that Chichi was safe, and healed, his adrenalin wasn't pumping as strongly as before, he began to relax and the effects of the cold spell could no longer be held at bay. The ice-cold trail began to work it's dark magic from his insides, spreading outward.

Teeth chattering, he buried his chin in the crook of Chichi's neck, secured his arms and legs around her and closed his eyes, willing his body to bring out enough ki to keep the cold effects to a minimum

Cheers erupted from the congregation outside the incomplete palace as Nimbus began its descend to the ground. Chichi flushed when she saw the number of people that had come out to greet her, thinking only one thing they all saw me in my underwear, damn it, they all saw me making out with GOKU!

"Goku, we're here" she said, pulling her head away from his chest, where she had fallen asleep on the way from Korin's tower.

"Goku, you can let go now" she said, trying to pull out of his embrace as well. But Goku didn't respond, his grip on her mid-section remained firm.

"Uh…Goku?" she tried to wiggle, but quickly stopped when she felt it. It was like being encased in ice. The arms around her were spot on her neck where his chin had been buried, numb, the top of her thighs were his legs were wrapped around her, tingling from the stinging effects of the cold.

"Papa! Help, it's Goku!" she shrieked, prying his hands from around her, and removing his legs in a panic.

"Goku!" she grabbed his chest and shook him, but the bulky mass of her husband just slumped face first on to Nimbus, now that her body was no longer supporting him. She lifted up his face and her heart stopped when she came face to face with the pale face with blue lips.

With a frantic heart, Chichi jumped off the cloud and slipped her hands under him, turning him over and picking him up bridal style, he was heavy, but she was strong, his weight didn't faze her at all.

"Chichi! Is he alright?" Ox King's voice boomed

"Mogi, hurry, prepare Papa's bath chamber, and make it hot, HURRY!" she commanded, seeing the familiar face of the old woman Mogi in the crowd

"But Princess, the King's…" the elderly woman began to protest

"NOW!" Chichi yelled, causing Mogi to bow and make a hasty retreat

"Let us help you Princess" one of the gathered men advanced towards her, to help her with her burden, but Chichi just shoved him aside "Don't touch him!" she yelled angrily, storming after Mogi with the dangling burden held firmly to her chest.

The fear at seeing Goku's pale face, his blue lips, the fear of feeling the coldness from his limbs seeping through his clothes, through her clothes…was just too much to bare.

The King's bathing chamber was huge, constructed specifically to house the gigantic form that was the Ox King. The bath tub was pure granite, big enough to fit four adults comfortably. Mogi and some other women from the village were busy fussing about, adding salts and oils and other such additives for a bath fit for a king.

Chichi didn't even bother with the ceremony of undressing him. She gently laid him in the steaming tub of water, gi, boots and all, being careful to support his head against the granite head-rest of the giant tub.

"Leave US!" she commanded Mogi and the women, as she stepped into the tub herself, dress, boots and all, positioning herself behind him so his body and specifically his head would strategically rest on her bosom.

"Yes Princess" they bowed and made their hurried exit, highly embarrassed to witness the Princess and her husband in such an intimate position

The chamber was white and foggy from the sudden introduction of hot water into the previously chilly room, making the windows, mirrors; tiles and pipes cloud with steam.

"Oh Goku, what did that little beast do to you?" she murmured, as she struggled to rid him off his weighted over-shirt, coupled with the added weight from being soaked in water, the damn thing was just heavy.

"Finally!" she breathed, dropping it over the side of the tub, where it landed with a thick thud, as she began to remove the inner-one.

It started with the tips of his fingers, and began to work its way up his arms, before long, the warmth generated by the piping water seeped into him, his body welcoming and absorbing it like a thick sponge.

Goku groaned and fluttered his eyelids. He was immersed in something warm and wonderful, making him want to settle back and sleep. But just as quickly, he remembered Chichi, and that he was supposed to be taking her to safety…

"Chichi!" his eyes flew open, his voice panicked as he attempted to lift himself up out of the wonderful bliss of warmth

"Oh Goku" Chichi cried, holding him back down, creating a small splash, as her worried eyes meet his startled ones.

"Chi? What's…what's going on?" he said, stealing a glance at their peculiar situation

"You passed out on Nimbus Goku, your whole body was frozen, and you looked so blue and I…and I…" her voice cracked "…I thought you were dead…" she sniffed running her hands up and down his arms"…how do you feel now?" she asked him

"Like I'm having a nice, warm bath" he smiled weakly "…though, it would be better if my pants and boots were not weighing me down…" he chuckled, lifting one leg out of the water "…this stuff is heavy…" he concluded, dropping it back in with a loud thud and a splash as his foot connected with the bottom of the bath-tub

"Let me help you" Chichi said, maneuvering herself from behind him, her own wet clothes clinging to her body, making it impossible for him to look away

She positioned herself on the opposite end of the tub, brought his legs to her lap and began to work on his boots. She had to use up a lot of energy just to pull out the heavy contrapments, damn, how did he walk around with that stuff all day?

"That's nice…" Goku murmured, his eyes closed, his head resting on the edge of the tub, as his toes finally made direct contact with the water

Chichi sat, panting, from the arduous task of removing those weighted boots. She smoothed her frizzling hair away from her face and began to tug at his pants, careful to leave his boxers on.

"Damn it Goku, when are you gonna stop wearing such heavy clothes?" she panted, having to literally get on her knees in the water, in order to complete the task at hand

"Have to get stronger" he mumbled, and sighed as he inched lower into the water, his chin touching the rippling surface, making him look like a floating pineapple with his wild spikes.

The pants landed with an even louder thud, she couldn't be sure, but she suspected that they might have cracked the tiles.

"What are we going to do Goku?" she asked him breathlessly

"Huh?" he opened his eyes

"You can't exactly live in hot water, what are we going to do about this…this curse or spell or whatever it is that little bastard did to you?"

"I don't know Chi, maybe if we ask him nicely, he might…"

"Ask him nicely? ASK HIM NICELY? You just wait till I get my hands on that little freak, I'll…"

"Chi, take it easy, we'll…we'll think of something, why don't you take your clothes off?" he said lazily

"Wha…" her mouth hung open, her eyes wide

"It can't be comfortable with all those clothes, take them off, and relax, you deserve it after everything you've been through" he said, pulling himself up and out of the water, into a sitting position and reached for her.

"Here" he said, ripping off her dress "we might as well get rid of it now, I don't want us keeping anything that might remind you of that place" he said tossing it aside, as he submerged his hands inside the water, reaching for her foot.

Chichi was just stunned, she glanced at her torn and tossed dress and then at her chest, which was left in nothing but a bra, the tips of her breasts lightly making contact with his bare torso as light coils of steam rose from the surface of the water, disintegrating into nothing on their way up to the ceiling

She didn't dare breathe

Goku was trying to remain cool and collected, whilst being so close to her, those breasts of hers staring at him through her flimsy bra. He was trying to prove to himself that her bare flesh did not affect him, that he could and would control himself, that he could command his body to not go crazy at having her so near. After all, how did he hope to redeem himself in her eyes, if he didn't master control?

His heart thundering, he carefully tugged at her boot and slid it off her foot. Gently he lowered the foot back into the water, as he grabbed the other one.

Chichi's chest was rising and falling as she watched him bring out her other foot and begin to work on her boot. She was trying to remain calm and collected, but damn him, how could she when he looked like that? When his hands on her leg and foot felt like that? It was driving her crazy, and all she could think of doing was tackling him into the water

"Come here" he murmured, his voice coming out rather low and husky as he reclined himself back against the tub, bringing her down on him. Her head found a comfortable spot in the crook of his neck, her ears squashed against his cheeks

"I'm sorry" he mumbled, the vibration from his voice making her ears tingle, sending a hot current down her spine "…if I had gone looking for you sooner…"

"Goku, it's okay, I'm just glad you found me in time" she said, inching her body further into his, seeking this comfort in the face of the chilling memories from earlier that day, from being sliced one thin incision at a time by a mad Prince

"When I came home and found you and your things gone, I thought you'd discovered my secret and left me, it was the worst feeling in the world" he said, his hold on her tightening

"Goku…I…" she felt guilty because she had let the thought cross her mind just that very day, even if it was only for a fleeting moment, but, wait a minute, secret? What secret? she thought, her blood running cold "…secret?…" her voice came out as a barely discernable whisper

"…I wanted to keep it from you, but after what happened earlier…" he gulped, he didn't really know how to phrase it

"…I'm not sure I understand Goku, just…just tell me…please…" she said, her heart and hopes sinking.

Her mind was all over the place, the day she was abducted she had wondered if he was gay or sexually involved with someone else, those were the only two reasons she had been able to rationalize as a way to explain his lack of sexual interest in her

"…it's difficult to explain, and I don't want to scare you off Chichi, but…at times I feel, I don't know…hot around you…" he shifted his weight

Hot? Around me?

"…it's like there's this buzzing in my head, making my blood boil, making my heart race, like a shot of adrenalin before a fight, only…only I don't want to fight you I want…I don't know…" he trailed off, wondering if it was such a good idea to tell her about these things, what if she totally freaked out and ran from him, what would he do then?

Is he saying what I think he's saying? Oh please Kami, let him be saying what I think he's saying!

But Chichi didn't run, in fact, she was as still as a statue, barely breathing

"…I want to crush your body against mine and feel you pressed against me, I want to run my tongue against your skin and taste you…and it scares me because I get so hard you know, down there…" he pointed with his index finger, flushing, but grateful because she couldn't see his face

Oh goodness me, then why don't you Goku, I've been dying to have you run your tongue against my skin

"…and I try to make it stop you know, I try to relieve the pressure with my hands, and sometimes I can, but sometimes, I just have to…" he paused and licked his lips, gripped by fear and arousal, especially when the only sound she made was a whimpered strangled sound

Is it even normal to be so turned on without even being touched? I think I'm losing it

"…I just have to wait until you're asleep and rub myself against you from behind you know, until, the pressure subsides and this…hot and frantic explosion shoots out of me, hot and sticky and…I know it's wrong, I know, but if you promise not to leave me, I swear I'll control it Chi, I swear…"

But Chichi didn't let him finish his sentence, the pool of heat that had started with his hesitant confession had just about reached its limits, she couldn't handle one more word out of him or she would be the one exploding with something hot and sticky, and as soon as his fingers touched her, as soon as he turned her head to face him, she planted one on him, her mouth sucking on his, hot and demanding

"Oh Goku" she moaned against his mouth, her breath hot and inviting "…it's not wrong…" she murmured, tracing her tongue on his bottom lip for emphasis"…see…it's perfectly natural…" she whispered, turning her whole body to face his, her movements making a few small splashes as she wrapped her hands around his neck "…I feel it too Goku, it's not wrong, it's not wrong…" she assured him, as she planted hundreds of grateful hot kisses all over him, delirious and heavily aroused by the knowledge that he felt all those wonderful things around her

Goku was undecided between stifling a moan and stopping her delicious ministrations. She was kissing him, more than kissing him actually, she was sucking on him, licking him, and it felt…oh god…it felt so good, he was already hard, again

"Chi…wait…" he panted, "…you're making me dizzy, you're making me hard" he proved his point by grabbing her hand and forcing it to touch him there

"Oh Goku" she gasped, as she closed her hand around it, clumsily swiping her thumb over the smooth and slippery head, making him gasp and slump back against the tub "…why would it be wrong to have those feelings about your own wife? Didn't anyone teach you about sex, about making-love?" her voice but a strangled whisper

Goku was trying to pay attention to her words but the sensations from the gentle rubbing of her thumb on the tip of his hardness were incredibly distracting. Still, he opened his eyes and tried to focus.

"Mnn" he moaned, though he was really trying to talk "I've heard the word sex before, but Bulma told me not to worry about it till I was older, and I'm…um…pretty sure I know what love is, but, to actually make it? No, no one taught me that" he concluded

"Oh Goku!" Chichi cried, flinging herself against him in relief "I thought you were gay, or having an affair, but all this time…you just…you just didn't understand your feelings" she began to kiss him all over again "…all those feelings, all those urges, all those things you wanted to do…" she cupped his face "…that's all part of sex Goku, and it's perfectly natural…" she told him in between tears and hot kisses

"Are you sure?" he asked her skeptically "…and you won't yell at me or run away from me?" his eyes were so innocent and expressive; one would think they were talking about baking

"Oh Goku, how can you be so innocent?" she smiled, kissing him again "I won't run, or yell, but I might, if you don't shut up and kiss me already" she said and fully immersed herself in the act of being kissed by her husband

It was clumsy at first, their noses touching as they tilted their faces in the wrong way, their teeth clashing noisily from time to time, but after a good few minutes, their movements began to gel, their breathing synchronizing and their moans growing in volume.

They pecked and sucked, nibbled and licked and as the heat between them grew, their hands sought and caressed, creating more friction, more heat, more urgency in their ministrations.

Goku tore his mouth away from hers, panting. He needed release, he needed it now! In one swift move, he flipped her on her stomach, her breasts clashing against the granite, as he kneeled behind her, his erection pressed against her back, as he began to hungrily lick and suck on her neck.

Chichi was surprised by how bold he was being, given the fact that he didn't even know what he was doing. But Goku was not shy by nature, it was simply not part of his personality, and now that Chichi had given him the green light, now that he was assured that he was no demon for having the desire to do all kinds of unspeakable things to her, the shyness had gone out the window.

Chichi moaned against these new sensations, and yelped when he suddenly lifted her up into the air, his erection pressing between the cheeks of her bum

"GOKU STOP!" she shrieked, pushing her body forward as much as possible, making a giant splash as she created as much space as she could between her bum and the hard protuberance between his legs, peeking out in the hole in his wet boxers

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked innocently, his voice hoarse

"Um…" Chichi blushed, how to explain this to him? "Well…Goku, there are places you can go, and well…places you can't go…" she flushed, lowering herself back into the water, turning around to face him

"Huh?" his face was the picture of confusion, "…go where?" he asked

"I think…" she took a deep calming breath "…I think this will go a lot better if we tried it on a bed first" she said, rising from the water to stand before him.

"But look…" he also stood, pointing at the bulge poking at her stomach from his underpants "…it's okay Chi, I know how to make it go away, just…" he swiveled her around "…just here, where it's nice and warm, if I just…"he inched himself closer, but Chichi turned right back around, pushing him back slightly

"There's a way to do this properly Goku, and you're not 'rubbing' yourself against anything until we do okay?" she sighed, stepping out of the tub, reaching for a towel

"Okay" he said, his voice a bit defeated, in his experience, anything 'proper' was code for boring. Hanging his head, he also stepped out of the tub, his foot making a wet footprint of the tile as he accepted the towel that Chichi offered to him

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