Okay, so this is an add-on for the Mediator Series. Add extra mediators, extra humour, extra ghosts and lots of kick-ass action, aaaaaand...

...who's fanfic are you looking at, again? =P


Pretty much the last time we saw Suze Simon, she was wiling away the time with Jesse, who is now alive, well and ticking. With both her social and love lives are picking up considerably, she's feeling good about the world.

The ghosts, however, aren't.

Romance, friendship and trust has its place in adventure; however time will reveal secrets, lies, and a path that's almost too dangerous to be true.

The one question you gotta ask is... do you believe in ghosts?

- - -

Prologue: Waking The Dead

The small room was lit by the eerie bluish glow of a computer screen and the feeble light of a desk lamp. Apart from the gentle, rhythmic whirring of the electrical equipment that buzzed perpetually, it was all quiet and peaceful, which was partially the point.

However, she wasn't supposed to have fallen asleep. It just wasn't professional, you know?

In a corner of the room not lit by the computer monitor, the shadows moved and the air made a swift, almost imperceptible noise as if an object was moving through it at speed. A woman stepped forwards with her arms folded, looking none too impressed, glowing faintly in the darkness. Before she'd had the chance to say or do anything, an almighty noise sounded from behind the PC and accompanying pieces of gadgetry.

Um, the woman thought. She snores?

Without warning, the desk lamp zoomed across the tabletop and crashed to the floor, where its bulb smashed and tiny fragments of glass were scattered across the thin, dark carpet.

The head and shoulders of a teeenage girl appeared instantaneously above the monitor, only to duck down again, muttering profanities, as she'd forgotten to mind that inconveniently placed cupboard that had an ongoing disagreement with where she placed her head.

"Jesus," she shouted in a loud, indignant voice. "Are you trying to give me some sort of brain haemorrhage?"

The ghost had to try not to smile, although her reluctant friend's question was amusing, even if it was unintentionally.

"No, I don't need to. You're doing a parfectly good job yourself."

Massaging the back of her head and shooting a glare in the ghost's direction, the teen stood - overly cautious, because cupboards and shelving units are such violent things - and picked up a leaf of paper that stuck out of a printer.

"You were asleep."

"Uh, yes. I'd noticed."


She muttered something the ghost didn't quite catch. "No kidding. I've been screwing up my sleep pattern for you for weeks. Just 'cause it's something you don't do anymore..."

"Hey, watch it."

The teen mumbled a fractured sentence that could've been "you wanted me". Only vaguely annoyed, the ghostly apparition took the paper from the girl and scanned it quickly.

The ghost's "Guess what?" broke the silence several minutes later, after her friend had sat down again and begun throwing irritated looks at her coffee cup, which had the nerve to be empty. Life's unfair at... what time was it?

Oh. 3:57a.m.

"So, you gonna let me sleep in peace?"

"Nope. You're going to California."


- - -

A/N :: I'm not sure how long this is gonna continue exactly, but it should be fun while it lasts. Next chapter is already in the works, so stay tuned, etc. xD