Author's Note: Due to the fact that my plot line is complicated, considering she goes back in time through a dream that story is gonna be updated slowly. I hope you all can understand, but on the other note, to keep you satisfied between updates, I'm starting another Hugo Stiglitz story about a woman that he knew before the war. His wife. Muahahaha! :DDDDDD


Title: Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Translation: When you want peace, prepare for war.

Summary: After the news of her husband's arrest, Mina searches hard and long for someone or something to get her husband out. When she catches wind of the Basterds looking for Hugo, she tracks them down and offers to take them to him. Once Hugo is released, he is beyond pissed! Not being able to return to society after his escape, Mina joins the Basterds, but, not in favor to her husband. Hugo Stiglitz/OC