Chapter 2: X-Digivolve, Dorugamon Appears

Millie and Edi and their Digimon were walking discretely around the neighborhoods, since there were a lot of people at that time they had to be careful they didn't saw the Digimon. Edi couldn't help but turn to look at both Dorumon and Guilmon X one more time as he turned to Millie. "So, exactly what kind of Digimon is Guilmon X, I've never seen him before."

"I could say the same thing about dragon brain over there." Millie looked over at Dorumon who was staring at a light post with clueless eyes. Millie just sighed and facepalmed as she kept walking leaving Edi behind.

"I'm just saying, I've never seen them before, so maybe their rare or something." Edi cleared his question up, he could notice Millie wasn't exactly happy as the tension just got heavier around them. "You know what, you need to lighten up."

"I told you I'll give you answers, but when we get to my house, for now, just shut your piehole and follow me!" she yelled after turning around glaring harshly at Edi. Guilmon X walked next to her and tried to calm her down.

"Be careful Millie, you could blow a blood vessel." Guilmon X said with a worried tone as he patted Millie's back. "When we get to Miss Millie's house I'll explain it to you." He said to Edi and Dorumon who nodded in agreement.

"Miss Millie?" Dorumon asked as he turned to Edi with a confused look; in a way he resembled a dog in the sense that he was really curious, and he acted like one. "What should I call you?"

"Me," Edi pointed at himself. "Maybe your all mighty king." He started laughing getting Millie and Guilmon X to sweatdrop at Edi's stupidity.

"The only mighty thing about you is that you need to take a shower." She just turned around and kept walking.

They got to her apartment when Edi noticed something; she had a lot more space, almost half the floor. "Wow, must be big." Edi said as he stared at the door. Millie just took out a key and started to open the door.

"We had a bigger one back in America it's nothing." Millie answer as they went in, Edi looked back outside, the floor was really long and her apartment covered half of it, in a way it was big. He just shrugged and followed along with Dorumon. Millie walked over to a lamp and turned it on. "Okay, let's go to my room."

"Where are your parents?" Edi asked trying to get Dorumon not to chew on the shelf the lamp was on.

"My dad works till late, and my mom's in Kyoto on a business trip." Millie answered and open the door to her room. Guilmon X followed. It was really different to what he expected, her room was not small obviously, but it was plain, one bed on the corner of the wall, a computer set, one closet and a TV, although a flat screen TV sure isn't normal. "Sit." She told them.

"We better sit or she'll bite our heads off." Edi sat down and made Dorumon sit down as well. "Okay, time to explain." Millie took out a chair as she sat with her legs crossed right in front of Edi getting him to blush a bit.

"Don't stare, Guilmon X, should we tell them?" she asked as she saw her Digimon nodding. "Okay, to explain things briefly, I don't know why we have Digimon, or what kind of Digimon they are." She started explaining. "These things are called Digi-X though.' She took out the Digi-X and showed it to Edi. "It's got a lot of features, as you seem, it can tell you when a Digimon's gonna appear, what kind it is and it can also save the Data Spheres you gather."

"You mean the thing that Dorumon absorbed after he defeated Tapirmon?" Edi asked as he got a nod from Millie.

"It wasn't tasty," Dorumon stuck his tongue out.

"You didn't eat it you absorbed it." Guilmon X told him as he took over. "For some reason Digimon have been appearing in this world, me and Miss Millie try to do the best we can to stop them, which is why you guys picked a good time to come in." Guilmon X turned to Millie who just frowned. "We don't know why they're doing it, but I can tell you this…" he stopped for a second. "Dorumon and I, aren't normal, we have been given a special power known as the X-Antibody."

"The X-Antibody?" Edi asked with a confused look, since he had never heard the term before and in a way he could be considered a Digimon expert.

"Yes, it's a special feature that changes our appearances, making us different to normal Digimon and stronger." Guilmon-X answered while nodding his head. "This is why I think you've been chosen, I think that Digimon with this antibody are chosen to be partnered with humans and defeat whatever's causing all of this."

"That seems to make sense." Edi nodded his head while scratching his chin. He noticed Dorumon was looking around Millie's closet.

"I smell something." Dorumon said as he practically tackled the closet much to Millie's pleas. She covered her eyes in embarrassment of magazines came out. Edi grabbed one of them.

"A male model magazine?" she asked as he looked at Millie. "There are only two reasons why you would have this, and both of those are as funny as hell." He started laughing hysterically.

"Give that to me," she tried to grab it but every time she did Edi just moved it aside.

"Don't worry, it's natural, guys have these kinds of magazine all the time, of course, they have woman in them." Edi said while chuckling.

"Shouldn't you be leaving!?" Millie yelled as she blushed even more.

Edi came out of Millie's apartment with Dorumon as he turned to look at her. "My dad should be working till late today, so it'll be easy to sneak Dorumon in," he turned to Millie just just looked away.

"I didn't ask you, I don't care how you sneak him in." she frowned and shrugged.

"Like it or not," Dorumon took a step forward. "We're all a team now," he nodded his head.

"He's got a point," Edi and Millie exchanged looks, even though Millie was still frowning, Edi was giving her a warm smile as he stretched out his hand. "I know we can be a bit reckless, but Dorumon and I could really help out if you give us the chance." She smiled at her.

She sighed and nodded. "Okay, we're a team," she shook his hand as Edi turned to leave. "Wait," she stopped him. "Your Digi-X has a feature that allows it to give food to your Digimon, is a special kind of food, if you give him normal one it'll be like feeding a bottomless pit." She explained as Edi smiled, she couldn't see it because he hadn't turned around.

"Thanks," he waved. "See you at school tomorrow," he turned his neck half way around so she could see his smile, causing her to blush a bit.

"Miss Millie, you're red." Guilmon X pointed out getting Millie to jump from nervousness.

"No, it's nothing, maybe I'm just coming down with a cold," she started laughing innocently as she got back into the apartment with Guilmon X.

Edi looked around his apartment as he snuck Dorumon in carefully. "Ohh, it smells funny." Dorumon giggled getting Edi to shush him. He went to the kitchen as he opened the fridge to find a can of beer. "What's this," he grabbed it and started gulping it down.

"Hey leave that," Edi grabbed the can and got it away from him getting Dorumon angry. "I don't need another addict in this house, now let's go." He got him and out of the kitchen as he opened the door to his room and turned the lights on. "Now, just sit there or sleep or whatever, just don't cause trouble while I find that food feature Millie was talking about."

Edi heard the door to the apartment open up as his dad went inside, he closed the door hitting Dorumon on the head. 'Oh Edi, you're here, I thought you'll be out again." His dad said as he saw Edi trying to stop Dorumon from getting out. "What is it?"

"Oh, nothing, just minding my own business," Edi chuckled innocently as he tried to trick his dad into leaving him alone.

"Oh, about this morning, I'm sorry, I mean yesterday I had a really tough day and." His father ruffled his head as he looked away with an embarrass smile.

"Don't worry dad," Edi sighed.

"Really?" his dad asked with a more calm face on.

"Yeah, now good night," Edi opened the door as he got in and closed it. "Dorumon what part of be quiet and don't get in trouble didn't you get." He whined at Dorumon.

"Sorry, but you hit me hard," Dorumon patted its nose from the pain.

Edi just sighed as he walked deeper into his room. "Let's just feed you and go to bed."


The next day at school Edi was trying to convince Tegu that Digimon were real, and that he wasn't crazy. "I'm serious man, Dorumon and Guilmon X, they're real, not just that but I fought against a Tapirmon too." Edi reassured as he looked at Tegu.

"First, two of those three Digimon don't even exist, second they don't exist at all and third did you really expect me to believe that?" Tegu asked as he held three fingers out counting each one with each point he stated. "You're acting like a maniac."

"I'm trying to tell you the truth, and if you were a real friend, you'll believe me," Edi frowned as he turned away since the bell rang.

After school was done Edi met up with Millie outside of school. "I saw you, you should just keep it a secret," she told him, referring to Edi trying to explain things to Tegu. "It'll save us a lot of trouble."

"Tegu's my best friend; I just didn't wanna leave him out of it." Edi ruffled the back of his head. "So, what should we do?"

"Just go home, if a Digimon appears our Digi-X will tell us and we'll just meet up there." She shrugged and started walking away.

"Hey, can you give me a map of those shortcuts Guilmon X takes when he runs towards the place a Digimon appears?" Edi asked getting Millie to turn back around.

"Sure, I'll give it to you tomorrow." She nodded her head and just kept walking. Edi turned around and turned to walk off.

Edi was at home with Dorumon giving him some of the food the Digi-X materialized. "You really like it don't you,"

"It's great," Dorumon answered while chewing. Edi just smiled as he looked at his Digimon. "What is it?"

"Nothing, it's just that I wonder, if you do come from another world, how is it?" Edi asked him. Dorumon just gave him a confused look.

"Actually, I don't know." Dorumon laughed after he answered.

"You're from the Digital World, but you don't know how it is?" Edi had a weird look, how could a Digimon don't know where it came from.

'Really, it's like I was born when I met you, I can't remember anything else." Dorumon nodded.

"I guess that explains why you act like a little kid." Edi nodded his head while scratching his chin. "Must be it, but I have to see if Guilmon X is at the same spot." Edi wondered as his Digi-X started to beep.

He walked over to his computer desk as he looked at the Digi-X with wide eyes. "10:00, which means it's only ten minutes, Dorumon get up and let's get going." Edi started running out with the Digi-X while Dorumon followed him.

Edi and Dorumon got out of the apartment sneakily as he moved as fast as he could, thinking that if anyone saw them he could just say it was some guy in a costume. "I wonder what kind of Digimon is it."

"It's strong," Dorumon said after a while as Edi turned back to see his head glowing, the red triangle on its head was glowing slightly.

*What's with that?* he thought as he kept running.

Edi stopped at the place where the signal came from, with four minutes to go he looked as people walked by around the street the Digimon was going to appear on. "Not good, if all this people are around here."

"We have to be careful," Millie said getting Edi to turn around to see her and Guilmon X. "Yes I used the same excuse." She told him.

"How are we gonna fight with all these people?" Edi asked turning to look at her with a worried look.

"We'll just have to try or else things will be even worse." Guilmon X told him. He and Dorumon both turned to look at the sky.

Tegu was walking around the center as he saw Edi and Millie. "What are those two doing." He walked over and was surprised when he saw Guilmon X and Dorumon. "So they are real!" he yelled getting Edi and Millie to turn around.

"Tegu." Edi said surprised when he saw his best friend.

"Dude, I'm sorry I didn't believe you, but this is awesome." Tegu ran over as he started to look at Guilmon X and Dorumon over and over.

"Oh great, now we have even more baggage to carry around," Millie facepalmed.

'It's coming." Dorumon turned to the sky with an aggressive look on its face.

"What's coming?" Tegu asked him. "Guys?"

"A Digimon Tegu, it could get dangerous so go." Edi got in front of Tegu as he held out his Digi-X.

"What, no, I want to stay and help out." Tegu whined.

"If you don't wanna die, then you better leave." Millie advised as she got alongside Edi. "Guilmon X, what do you think."

"This is bad, it isn't a rookie," Guilmon X said getting Millie to gulp.

'Not good," she said with an alarmed tone.

"Wait, I thought you fought Champions before." Edi said with a surprised look as he turned to her his tone was also a surprised one.

"I thought Champion's had too much data which is why they can't appear, but this is the first time I'll ever have to fight one." Millie answered to him in a honest way, she still had her scare look on as a blinding light fell from the sky and into the floor scaring all the people that were around and sent them running.

"At least we won't have to worry about getting them away," Edi shrugged as Dorumon and GUilmon X stepped up front. When the light faded a Digimon was standing in the floor, it resembled a boar, having four paws and brown fur, except for its head, where it had red fiery fur, two horns and a long snout.

"What's it say?" Edi asked Millie as he and Tegu looked at the screen of her Digi-X.

"Is it a champion?" Tegu asked her.

"Boarmon, Armor/Champion level Digimon, Digivolved form of Armadillomon through the Digi Egg of Courage." Millie started reading, getting Edi and Tegu caught up on what she was saying. "It's a Vaccine and a Data attribute and also a mammal type Digimon, it's especial attack is Nose Blaster." Milli put the Digi-X down.

"So, you have to deal with a giant pig?" Tegu asked as Boarmon turned to them.

"Apparently, and he doesn't seem to happy about that either." Edi had a nervous look. "But I don't care, go Dorumon!" he yelled as Dorumon started charging towards Boarmon.

"A bit to reckless but we had to start off somewhere," Guilmon X followed him as the two Digimon charged towards Boarmon. "Ready, Dorumon, Fire Ball!" he yelled as he fired a ball of fire that landed in front of Boarmon stopping the boar Digimon from running away.

"Good, that'll keep him out of the way, use Dash Metal Dorumon, that outta give him a run for his money." Edi encouraged as Dorumon's speed increased and started firing balls of metal that hit all around Boarmon.

"Dino Tooth!" Dorumon yelled as he bit on Boarmon's leg.

"Fire Mitt!" Guilmon X's fist were covered with flames as it punched Boarmon hard almost getting it to topple down.

"Hey, you guys are doing pretty well." Tegu encouraged.

"True, I guess we do work well as a team." Millie smiled as she prepared to give her Digimon another command. "Oh no." Boarmon got out of its trance as it charged and ran through the wall of flames.

"Slamming Attack!" it yelled as it tackled Guilmon X hitting it with its fangs which sunk onto its body, and then it lifted him and threw him away. Dorumon started charging for a Metal Ball but before he fired it Boarmon turned around. "Nose Blaster!" he called out firing a jet of flames that stroke Dorumon and sent him crashing with the floor.

"Dorumon, are you okay?" Edi asked as he ran over to his wounded Digimon.

"Yeah, but he's stronger than I thought." Dorumon grunted as he struggled to get up again.

"We were doing fine a few seconds ago, what went wrong?" Millie asked as she tended to Guilmon X.

"Your theory about too much data was probably right in some ways." Tegu mentioned as he got his friends attention. "Maybe Digimon that aren't Rookies or below take longer time to adjust to the human world, so they just stay paralyze till they're done." He explained.

"He has a point." Guilmon X struggled but the pain was too much for it. "Even for a Digimon with an X Antibody an attack like that was still too hard on me."

"He pierced you, so I wouldn't blame you." Millie told him as she looked at Boarmon who was preparing to charge at them.

"Oh no, he's going to kill them if we don't do something, Dorumon you have to get up." Edi begged at his still down Dorumon.

"I'm trying, but it's too hard," Dorumon sighed in weakness as he fell back down; Edi grabbed it by one of his little arms as he started to push him up. "What?"

"I'm your Tamer Dorumon, I have to help you out whichever way I can." Edi grinned at him as he finished lifting him up. "You know, that Digimon food is really making you heavy." He laughed. He saw Boarmon as it started running. "Go Dorumon!"

"Yeah," Dorumon glared at Boarmon as he started running.

Edi's Digi-X started glowing as he took it out to see an X glowing. "Is that X again," the glow got bigger as it hit Dorumon. "What's going on?" he asked as everyone turned to see Dorumon being enveloped by a blinding light.

"Dorumon X-Digivolve to!" Dorumon's figure got bigger as well as every part of its body, its legs, it wings even its body changed texture. "Dorugamon!" he yelled spreading his fully grown black wings. He was different in many ways now, for starters his fur was a clash between black and blue, the triangle on its head was smaller, mostly because its head was bigger. His legs and arms were longer along with his tail, not just that but now he had red claws on both feet and hands; he resembled a dragon even more now. "Now the party begins." He growled.

"Amazing, he Digivolved." Tegu had an amazed expression as he saw Dorugamon step out of the light.

"Yeah, now he's a Champion." Millie nodded her head.

"Dorugamon eh," Edi tried to control himself as he looked at his partner. "Dorugamon, show him what you got buddy."

"You don't need to tell me twice." Dorugamon glared as it flapped its wings and lifted itself from the ground, getting Boarmon to shift to the sky.

"Nose Blaster!" Boarmon started firing more flames as it tried to hit Dorugamon, but its speed was unmatched and instead it ended up losing energy.

"He's fast," Tegu said amazed by how awesome the moment was a Digimon battle that had just turned tides so fast. "Real life or Digimon Minis, Edi always manages to come out on top."

"Yeah he does." Millie smiled as she looked up.

"All right Dorugamon, finish him off." Edi commanded.

"Cannonball!" it yelled as it fired a ball of Metal that hit Boarmon deleting half of its body. "I kind of miss, but no problem." It started diving down from the air.

"Nose Blaster!" Boarmon yelled in one last attempt to win.

"Sorry," Dorugamon got out of the way as he opened his mouth. "Power Metal!" he yelled firing a barrage of metal balls that hit Boarmon finally deleting him and turning him into a Data Sphere. The sphere went into Dorugamon's triangle as it was absorbed and then the data transferred to the Digi-X.

"Got him." Edi gave him a thumb up as Dorugamon smiled; its body glowed and then it De-Digivolved into a Dorumon.

"That was so cool!" Tegu cheered after they left downtown and started running away. "It was a great battle and Dorugamon was awesome."

"Thanks, it was nothing." Dorumon chuckled with happiness.

"At least now we have a champion on our side," Guilmon X said to the group; he was feeling better now so he was running by himself.

"Now if only you digivolved." Millie said while looking away for a sec.

"Well, whatever the case, we won another battle, Dorumon digivolved and now, we're on our way to another safe exit." Edi laughed from all the excitement he forgot that he needed to find a way to get Dorumon in without his dad finding out.


Meanwhile in an alley an orange Digi-X was glowing as a yellow reptile like Digimon got up from the floor, it had green eyes, a long nose, two long arms and two short legs and three claws in each. "What happened?" the Agumon asked himself as he turned to the Digi-X. "And what's this?"

So after another fearsome battle against a Digimon, Edi and his friends came out victorious all thanks to Dorumon's new Digievolution Dorugamon, but who's that mysterious Agumon who just appeared and who will be the Tamer destined for that Digi-X find out on the next Digimon X: The Resistance.