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My First Love's Children

Chapter 1- The Return

Sakura Haruno was awakened by her alarm, she smashed it and broke to a million pieces 'Another day' she groaned and started her daily routine she baked eggs for 3 people, why 3? It's because of the last Uchiha


Sakura was awoken by a bright light, she groaned, she was never a morning person. She suddenly remembered something; she did 'it' with Sasuke Uchiha.

She looked at the space behind her where Sasuke was, but he wasn't. She looked around, nothing, no water coming from the showers, no smell of breakfast, nothing…

Suddenly, a question struck Sakura, 'did we use protection?' Sakura panicked, what if she is pregnant what will her friends say? What will Sasuke say?

She quickly got up from bed and changed her clothes; she wore a simple white tank top and shorts that was an inch above her knee.

Sakura practically ran to the hospital, she demanded to see Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama, I need a pregnancy test" Sakura told Tsunade, not giving eye contacts.

Tsunade was shocked, Sakura was only 16 and she's… PREGNANT!

Tsunade was looking at the pink paper, examining it, she can't believe it.

"S-sakura, you're p-pregnant" Tsunade stuttered, Sakura's eyes widen, she dropped to her knees and cried, millions of questions flooded Sakura's mind.

"Sakura, who is the father?" Tsunade asked bending down and patting her back.

"…..S-sasuke…." Sakura answered

"Sakura…. I have to tell you something…. Sasuke Uchiha was caught leaving Konoha last night but people thought that it was nothing. Today, we went to the Uchiha Compound and he was gone" Tsunade explained, the sentence made Sakura cry even more.

End of flashback

Now Sakura is a single mom with 5 year old twins, even now Sakura would have at least a tear roll down her face when she see a family.

Sakura heard a door open and revealed a little girl that has a hair just like Sakura's but it reached to her hips with dark pink pyjamas, rubbing her eyes and a teddy bear in her hand (A/N: I'll try and put her pic in my profile), "Mommy?" the little girl said, Sakura smiled and bend down so that the little girl was at her height "what are you doing up Akemi?" she picked Akemi up and went to the living room, "I heard your awake mommy so I check on you" Akemi was still rubbing her eyes with her little hands "Well Mommy is okay so you can go back to sleep with you brother, Okay?" Sakura put Akemi on her feet and Akemi went back to her bed.

Sakura smiled, she loved her kids with all her heart, even though her children doesn't have a dad they have, Naruto and Kakashi with them, oh is she wrong, this day will defiantly change her and her children's life

After an hour of cooking, she woke up her little princess, Akemi and her little ninja, Hyosuke, Hyosuke has black hair like Sasuke but has a lighter eye color(A/N: I'll try to put his pics on my profile too), they went to the dining room to eat.

"Mommy, can we start going to the Academy? Isamu (Naruto and Hinata's son, pic of him on my profile) has already enrolled" asked Hyosuke asked Sakura smiled "We're going today" Hyosuke is mature than his age but Akemi is Mommy's little princess so she is childish

After breakfast, they head out to go to the academy; Hyosuke is REALLY excited but keeps his 'cool' face while Akemi is pouting because she doesn't want to go to the academy yet, the principal made Sakura sign papers:

Name: Haruno Hyosuke

Age: 5 years oldM/F Birthday: January 5, 2005

Allergies: None

Grade: Kindergarten

Special Skills: Hyosuke is great at aiming

Mother: Haruno Sakura Father: Phone: xxx-xxx-xx

Siblings: Haruno Akemi

Name: Haruno Akemi

Age: 5 years old M/F Birthday: January 5, 2005

Allergies: None

Grade: Kindergarten

Special Skills: Can heal small wounds

Mother: Haruno Sakura Father: Phone: xxx-xxx-xx

Siblings: Haruno Hyosuke

After she enrolled the children on the Academy, the kids wants to train in the forest, they went outside Konoha and the kids started hitting the tree, while Sakura chats with the gate people (A/N: sorry I forgot their names) while Hyosuke was throwing a kunai he accidentally cuts himself, he screamed "Ouch!" Sakura and Akemi ran over and saw he had a cut in his finger, Sakura used her chakra so the wound would stop bleeding and then put a band aid on the finger, she always carry a band aid.

After 30 minutes, the kids got tired of training and started playing tag, Sakura was smiling at them when she saw something, a black haired man and a red haired woman, one thing came into her mind 'Sasuke' she told her kids to go back to Konoha, when they reached the gates, Sakura told them about the sighting of Uchiha Sasuke and an unknown woman, in seconds the rumour started.

Sasuke's POV

I saw pink as I head to Konoha, I quickly felt guilty on what I did to Sakura, I left her and now, I'm with a new girlfriend, I just wish that I didn't get her pregnant the day I left or she'll be broken.

Uchiha Sasuke reached Konoha and people were already there on the streets waiting for him, 'Konoha had changed a lot since I left' Sasuke thought to himself, ANBUs appeared and put handcuffs on Sasuke and her new 'girlfriend', they made their way to the Hokage Tower expecting Tsunade but Sasuke was surprised, it wasn't Tsunade but his so called 'best friend', Uzumaki Naruto with a kid who looks like Naruto but as his expression looks like Hinata's and a pregnant Hinata by his side

"Sasuke! Your back!" the ramen obsessed man shouted happily, Hinata on the other hand just smiled. He examined the room, when he turned to the side made his heart leap a little, Sakura and 2 kids sitting, in the red leather couch, Sakura was looking down the floor while the kids beside her was comforting her. Sasuke observed the kids beside Sakura, one was a girl with pink hair but a little darker than Sakura, the other one was a boy with blue-ish black hair, but Sasuke can't see the kid's eyes.

The kid on Naruto's side went to Sakura and heard "Is Aunty Sakura okay?" the two kids shook their head no, the girl with pink hair started to cry to, Sasuke looked up to Naruto who was looking at Sakura with sad eyes.

"AHEM" Sasuke's girlfriend said annoyed, Naruto's gaze were now on them, "Who are you?" Naruto asked "Sasuke's Girlfriend, Karin"

Sakura heard it 'sasuke's girlfriend' she heard her heart shatter, she flinched when she heard this. Naruto turned his gaze back to Sasuke and his 'girlfriend', Karin. "Sasuke, I'm sorry but I still have to punish you for being a missing nin for 4 years" Naruto said seriously. Hinata and Naruto discussed about his punishment. After 5 minutes, they called Sakura over, Sasuke saw Sakura sigh but nod

Naruto turned and said "Uchiha Sasuke and Karin your punishment will be..."

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